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The M1911 Pistol
Terror Floated from the Skies
The 1712-1736 Fox Wars
Battle of Omdurman
Korean War Part II
Search For America's Battlecruiser
Island Hopping
Sherman's March
French vs. German Strategy of Warfare 1871
South Africa in WWI
Imperialistic Wars
Book Review: Gallipoli
Operation Compass
Book Review: APc-48
Book Review: Fighting Blind
Book Review: The Secret State
Was the Civil War Modern?
Agent 110: An American Spymaster
MacArthur and Baseball
Movement around Pope's Army
The Battle of Tondibi
From Shell Shock to PTSD
Rudolf Hess/Tancred Borenius
Soviet Rifle Corps of WWII
The Morality of Okinawa
Origins of Counterinsurgency
U.S. Army Model 1913 Cavalry Saber
The Somme
Second Battle of Ypres
Operation Dragoon
Soviet Invasion of Manchuria
Battle of Buna-Gona
Timothy Webster, Pinkerton Man and Spy
Cuban Missile Crisis
Origins of WWI
Korean War Part I
Battle of Thatis River
From Small Causes, Great Events
Lt(jg) James A. Nist, USNR (1921-1945)
The Third Romano-Samnite War
War Nurses
The Silent Service and the Turkey Shoot
The New York Naval Militia - Part I
The New York Naval Militia - Part II
The New York Naval Militia - Part III
LtCol Adrian Grant-Duff, C.B. (1869-1914)
History of Al Asad Air Base, Iraq
Alfred Mahan: Advocate for Seapower
Into the Special Forces: Rudi Horvath
Airborne Units in WWII
Czechoslovak Exile Units of WWII
The Fulda Gap
WWII OOB for Land Forces
Flying Tigers in China
SAARF – Special Allied Airborne Recon Force
Force At La Difensa
The Battle of Megiddo
The Third Battle of Anchialus
Sabotaging Hitler’s Heavy Water
The Return of Rogers' Rangers
The Soviet Offensive in the Arctic
The Siege of Mazagan, 1562
T.E. Lawrence and Asymmetric Warfare
Borinqueneers: 65th Inf Regt
Americans in the Boer War
Logistics: Western Way Of War
Dutch Harbor
Third Day at Gettysburg
Ed Ramsey, 26th Cav Regt
Marching to Timbuktu
U.S. Army in Czechoslovakia
Battles Of Luneville
Lodge Act Soldier: Henryk Szarek
Sharif and the Sultan of Fishermen
Fate of the Kido Butai
Charge of the Polish Light Horse
Muslim Invasion of Iberia
The Failures at Spion Kop
Combatants in Black Hawk War
Hell Ship - Philippines to Japan
Was Hitler right to invade Russia?
Hitler, Germany's Worst General
Nomonhan and Okinawa
Japan's Monster Sub
WWI: Was Britain Justified?

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If you have written a piece on military history or are thinking about writing one, this site is for you. If it has to do with military history, please submit it. If you've written a book review or would like to write one, please e-mail me.

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Absolutely yes. As a writer, you retain 100% full copyright, ownership and credit for all of your writings. MHO purely hosts the articles, nothing else.

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Forever. They will stay online as long as exists (so far, since 1999 and counting). All articles will remain linked and categorized so readers can easily find all articles. They will only be removed if they are found to be incorrect or if the author requests it.

How long has MHO been online?
Since 1999. It started out with a focus on the American Civil War, but has branched out to include all other periods.

Why does MHO exist and why would MHO host my articles?
Military History Online is a privately-owned site which I created in order to bring together other like-minded military history enthusiasts. It is online in order to share articles/writings/ideas and learn from each other. Your articles will get exposure to readers, researchers and publishers. In fact, writers here have been contacted by publishers with book deals after reading their articles here.

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Take as long as you like on the battle. A battle might take a couple months or longer. As long as I know you are working on it, that is fine. You can send me each section as you finish it. That way, we can get the completed sections online and you can see what the articles will look like.

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