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 Pvt Andrew Hutchinson Brown  
8th Arkansas Infantry - Co. G   
Andrew was born in Tenn. in 1838. He was mustered 1 Sept 1861 at Pocahontas in Capt Lindsey's Co. [McCarver's Regt. Ark. Infantry]. aka Co A 9th Battalion Arkansas Infantry [The Izard Volunteers] consolidated with the 14th Regt. Ark Inf. becoming New 2nd Co. G 8th Regiment Ark. Infantry. He has 3 cards in his archival file. He died during the war, location unknown. His last dated CMR March - April 1862 does not state if he is absent or present. Suspect he died during that period. His wife remarried in 1867 to a much older man.
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 2nd Sgt Cadmus C Wilburn  
5th Texas Infantry - Co. F   
Cadmus was born in Louisiana. He was 34 years old when he enlisted at Beaumont- Harrisburg Texas 10 August 1861. He enlisted in Capt K. Bryan's Co Texas Vols. This became Co F [ The Invincible's ] This became Co F 5th Texas Infantry. Appointed Corporal Nov. 1862 and promoted to 2nd Sergeant [ date unknown] The 5th was part of General Hood's Texas Brigade. His first action was at West Point, Virginia and his last was the Appomattox Campaign. He fought in most major battles including Gettysburg. His unit surrendered 12 Officers and 149 men. Paroled 9 April 1865 after [ Swallowing the Yellow Dog] . He did not marry until his late 40's and did not leave any children. He died 1907 in Proctor, Comanche Co Texas. God rest his soul.
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 1 Lt Young Lafayette Ridley  
1st Mississippi Infantry (State Troops) (King's) - Co.   
Young was about 24 years old. Born in Brownville, Haywood Tenn. He has 51 cards in his archival file. His first pay was on 1 July 1862. He entered as a Sergeant in Capt C.A. King's SIGNAL CORPS, 1ST DIVISION, ARMY OF MISSISSIPPI [ GENERAL STEVENS] I find him at Vicksburg on 30 April 1863. He is captured 4 July 1863 and paroled. His documentation takes him across the south including Dalton, Ga. Chickamanga & Ridgeville Tenn. The signal Corps also included an explicit espionage function. His cover CMR givers his rank as Sergeant in and out as Sergeant, however his surrender document dated 15 Sept 1865 at Galveston, Texas has him signing as 1st Lieut. He died 20 Dec 1886 and is buried at Peoria Cem. Peoria, Hill Co. Texas.
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 Pvt William H Wardlaw  
7th Tennessee Cavalry - Co. B   
William was born in 1827 in South Carolina and migrated west. He was 37 years old when he enlisted 1 May 1864 in 7th Regiment Tenn. Cavalry [Duckworth's] which had previously been Jackson's 1st Tenn, Cavalry. He has 2 cards in his archival file. Enlisted by Capt. James R Russell. He was at Fort Pillow 3-5 June 1862. Rode with Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. His unit surrendered with Forrest's forces at Gainsville, Alabama 12 May 1865. Place of death is not known and grave not yet found. He was alive in 1881. PS: William could have been in 1st Jackson's Tenn Vol Cavalry but no documentation has been found.
We are related on my mothers side by a very distant marriage.
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 Pvt John Fredrick Lusby  
6th Arkansas Infantry - Co. B   
John was born in Fayette Co. Tenn. 22 Feb 1844. Enlisted at West Memphis Ark. 1 Oct 1861 in Co B 6th Regiment Ark. Infantry [Yellow Jackets]. Mustered in at Little Rock. Detailed at a Wagoner on 3 March 1862 with the Division Wagon Train. He was capture during the Chattanooga Campaign / Missionary Ridge / Tynor's Rail Road Station. Sent to Louisville and on to Rock Island POW camp in Illinois. Records end and believe he remained A POW until end of the war. He died 4 Mar 1913 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co. Texas. Burial in Barbee Cem. Edna Hill, Erath Co. Texas. He is in my ancestry tree albeit way out on a limb.
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 Pvt James Alva Lee  
2nd Mississippi Infantry "Quinn's" (State Troops) - Co. G   
James was born in Marion Co. Miss 5 June 1846. He was to young for active military service. He enlisted at Columbia, Marion Co. Miss. in Co G 2nd Regiment [Quinn's State Troops for 12 months on 21 July 1862. He has four cards in his archival file. This unit was an on call regiment. It saw duty at Vicksburg and fought in skirmishes in Mississippi as the invaders ran amuck in the area. He died 17 Oct 1921 and is buried in Oak Shade Baptist Cemetery, Cleveland, Liberty Co. Texas. He is in my ancestry tree and we are kin by a distant marriage.
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 Pvt John C Cole Byrd  
Consolidated Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry - Co. C   
John was born in Mississippi just north of Natchitoches Parish la. His parents were George P Byrd 1797 - 1850 & Priscilla Ann Jenkins b. 1805. Enlisted 7 May 1862 in Co C 11th Battalion La. Vols at Natchitoches, Natchitoches La. He was 18 years old. He has 4 cards in his archival file. He was in training [Camp of Instruction ] at Monroe, Ouachita Parish La. and died 3 July 1862 while in training at or near the camp. Cause of death is not given, but disease is suspect. This occurred before the consolidation into the Crescent Regiment. We are related by a distant marriage.
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 Pvt William Mumford Stokes  
37th Mississippi Infantry - Co. E   
William was born in 1829 in Alabama. He enlisted 5 May 1862 at DeSota, Miss. [DeSota Rifles] In Oct 1862 he is detailed as a Wagoner. He is captured and paroled at Vicksbug, Miss. He rejoined his unit and was captured again at Resca, Ga. and taken as POW to Louisville, Ky. and on to Camp Morton in Indiana. He was exchanged 4 March 1865.
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 Pvt John William Cole  
21st Texas Infantry - Co. A   
John was born in Linn Co Iowa 17 April 1836 and moved to Texas as apparently did other members of his family. He served in Co A 21st Regiment Texas Infantry. His brother in law as well as two other relatives are found in this Regiment. in Co I. This was a consolidated unit that served along the Texas coast at Montagorda Island, Sabine Pass and for a short time at Marshall, Texas. They were moved to Shreveport La. late in the war. Their situation is unique as their is no record of them ever being in combat. They served mostly as couriers and scouts. Surrendered June 1865. We are related by a distant marriage. He died 13 Jan 1917 and is buried in Mattox Cem. Diana, Upshar Co Texas
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 Pvt William Henry Redfield  
17th Louisiana Infantry - Co. A   
William was born in Washington Co. Illinois and his family moved to Louisiana when he was very young. He was listed as a mail carrier when the war began. He enlisted 29 Sept 1861 as Pvt. in Capt. J. B. Gibson Co. I 17th Regiment La. Inf. Enlisting at Camp Moore [ Training Camp [ Camp of Instruction] near Kentwood, Louisiana. This unit became Co A. He is also found in 2nd Co. K. The unit went thru numerous consolidations. The last being by special order 34 dated 3 Feb 1864 when it became 2nd Regiment Consolidated la. Inf. He saw action at Shiloh, Vicksburg where he was captured and paroled after taking the oath aka [Swallowing the Yellow Dog] he rejoined his Regiment and continued the fight at Port Gibson, and Pineville. Paroled May 1865. He moved to Texas to live with his son Albert and died 7 April 1902 in Sterling City, Sterling Co Texas. Believe he is buried in that city's cemetery in an unmarked grave.
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 Pvt William Manges  
215th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. C   
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 Pvt Samuel Ephrine Byrd  
25th Louisiana Infantry - Co. C   
Samuel was born in Amite Co. Mississippi and moved to Concordia Parish, La. He was married to Margaret Harriette A Clayton. They had 3 small children. He enlisted 18 Mar 1862 at Monterey, Concordia Parish, La. He saw action at Farmington and Perryville. His Regiment was sent to Tenn. He was severely wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn. and sent to Foard Hospital in Chattanooga. He died of his wounds there on 7 Jan 1863. His body was badly damaged. His estate was $1 found in his pocket which was accounted for by the Quartermaster. His is buried their in an unmarked grave. Much of his history was found in his Regimental records. Deo Vindice.. God rest his soul. We are related by a distant marriage on my mothers side.
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 Pvt George Washington Allbritton  
Consolidated Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry - Co. F   
George was born in East Felicana Parish, La. He was 25 years old when he enlisted at Harrisburg, Catahoula Parish La. on 5 May 1862 with the formation of the unit. Enlisted by Capt. William B Spencer for 3 years or the war in Co F 11th Battalion La, Inf. This unit was consolidated with 16th Battn: Confederate Guards: ect to form Consolidated Crescent Regt. on 2 Nov 1863 at Simmesport, La. This unit fought in the Red River Campaign, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill and Yellow Bayou. We are related by distant marriage.
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 Pvt Burrell Sylvester Pool  
31st Louisiana Infantry - Co. F   
Burrell was from Catahoula Parish, Louisiana. He was 25 when he enlisted in the newly formed Regiment at Jackson, in Capt S.F. Rouths Co. F 31st Infantry. Posted for duty around Vicksburg. Picket and patrol duty. Fought the invaders until they were driven into the siege trenches of Vicksburg. Surrendered and taken POW 4 July 1863. Exchanged 29 Mar 1864 at Vienna, Louisiana. Paroled at Alexander, La. 1 July 1865. Note to researchers, do not confuse this B.S. Pool with the CSA soldier B.S. Pool found in Co A 14th Regiment, La. Infantry
Burrell died 30 Sep 1919 and is buried at Squires Cem. Summerville, LaSalle Parish, La.
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 Pvt William Jefferson Matthews  
9th Mississippi Cavalry - Co. I   
William was about 43 years old when enlisted in Co I 9th Miss Cavalry.. He has two cards in his archival file. The cover card and the surrender card. No date of enlistment. His unit surrendered at Citronelle, Ala. and was pardoned at Meridian, Lauderdale Co. Miss. He served in S.W. Fergerson's Brigade , Iverson's Division, under General Wheeler's command. His regimental history has him engaged at Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta Campaign. Some of the 9th was part of the escort for President Jefferson Davis on his attempt to escape in Georgia. He married twice and moved to Louisiana. He died 20 Dec 1886 and is buried at Central Cem. Robeline, Natchitoches Parish, La.
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 Pvt John Daniel Porter  
4th North Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
John was from Beverley, Anson Co. NC. He was 19 years old when he enlisted at Wadesboro, North Carolina for 3 years in Co A. 4th Regiment NC Cavalry [ 59th Regiment North Carolina Troops] He saw action in numerous battles and had his horse killed from under him at Jack's Shop's on 22 Sep. 1863. He was paid $450 for the horse. He died 5 Oct 1904 and is buried in Eastside Cem. Rockingham, Richmond Co. NC. He is the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed..
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 Pvt Jeptha Dawkins Gibson  
33rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Jeptha was born in Scotland Co. NC 8 Nov 1837. He enlisted 1 July 1862 and served in Capt. Catlenn's Co B 33rd Regiment NC Inf. He served at Malvern Hill, Cedar Mountain, 2nd Mannasas, Chantilly, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, Shepardstown and Fredricksburg. He is given a disability certificate for Calculus in bladder and discharged at Gen Hosp. #2 at Lynchburg Va. He died 18 Mar 1894 and is buried in his native soil of North Carolina.
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 2nd Cpl Granville B Henderson  
13th Mississippi Infantry - Co. K   
Granville was 32 years old when he enlisted 30 March 1861 at Corinth, Miss. In Capt. S J Randell's Co. Miss. Vols. { Pettus Guards] which became Old Co H and then Co K of the 13th Regiment Infantry. He was detailed as Color Guard. Fought at Manassas on 21 July 1861 and Leesburg Va. 21 Oct 1861. He was wounded and detailed as hospital nurse. Sent to Lauderdale Springs as Ward Master at Hosp. He had been shot in the knee at the battle of the wilderness on 3 May 1863. Detailed as Hq clerk and then detailed in Commissary Dept at Enterprise, Miss. Discharged 20 Apr 1865. Married 1853 and buried at Rose Hill Cem. beside his wife at Meridian, Lauderdale Co. Miss.
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 Pvt George Washington Lafayette Belk  
48th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
George Washington Lafayette Belk (a.k.a. Wash)

Recorded in Muster Records as JWL Belk.

Was killed in action in the Battle of Bristoe Station, VA.
  Ancestor added by Reginald Wayne Belk, II on 8/30/2019
 2nd Sgt Daniel McInnis  
37th Mississippi Infantry - Co. A   
Daniel was 27 years old from Lauderdale Co. Miss. He enlisted 12 Mar at Marion, Miss for the war sworn in by William S Patton. Fought at Corinth, Farmington, Vicksburg, Atlanta Campaign, Resca x2, Peach Tree Creek, Ezra Church, Jonesboro, Franklin and the Carolina Campaign. He was captured at Vicksburg 4 July 1863 and paroled 9 July. He suffered a flesh wound to his right arm near Atlanta & was given a wounded furlough.

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 Pvt James Thomas Bailey  
33rd Mississippi Infantry - Co. G   
James was about 39 years old when he enlisted at Grenada Miss. on 15 Apr 1862 for 3 years or the war. July 1864 he is reported missing at the battle of Peach Tree near Atlanta, Ga. He is with Featherson's Brigade. Taken POW to Nashville. Tenn and on to Louisville, Ky. Then to Camp Douglas in Chicago. Illinois. He was released 17 June 1865 after "Swallowing the Yellow Dog" He is described as fair skin, light hair, blue eyes and 5ft 9 inches tall: Remarks Duck Hill, Mississippi
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 Pvt John B Covington  
52nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
John enlisted at age 16, however he lied and was closer to 15 years old. Enlisted 10 Mar 1862 in Richmond Co. NC after training at camp of instruction Camp Mangum near Raleigh he was mustered 28 April 1862. Inducted by J. P. Leak for 3 years or the war. His unit was engaged at Goldsboro, NC. them moved into Virginia. He was wounded and left on the battlefield at Gettysburg on the 3rd of July having been in Pickett's Charge. He was able to move south with Lee's retreating army and was captured shortly after on 14 July 1863 at Falling Waters. He was held as wounded POW at the Old Capitol Prison in Washington DC and moved to Point Lookout Md. He died their in the prison smallpox hospital on 28 Nov 1863 and is buried in an unmarked grave in that hellhole. He was about 16 years old.
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 Pvt William F Bonner( aka Boner)  
130th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. G   
Mustered in August 6, 1862, mustered out with company May 21, 1863. Joined 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry and later 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry. Wounded, and later mustered out in 1865. Died of natural causes 1894
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 Pvt William F Bonner( aka Boner)  
215th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. G   
Mustered in 130th Pennsylvania Infantry, August 6,1862 at age 18. Mustered out with company May 21, 1863. Later served in 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry and 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry. Wounded in 1864, mustered out in 1865. Died of natural causes, 1894 in Hagerstown Md.
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 1st Sgt Presley Edwin Mason  
23rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Presley was 21 years old from Black Jack Township, Richmond Co. NC. He enlisted 30 May 1861 at Rockingham, in aforesaid county. He was sick on and was sent home by surgeon to recover with instructions to return. He was captured twice 1st at Sharpsburg 17 Sep 1862 and exchanged at Akins Landing on 10 Nov 1862. 2nd Captured at Gettysburg on 1 July 1863 and exchanged 30 Oct. 1864. Sent home on parole furlough. Rejoined his unit. He was promoted to 1st Sergeant on 10 July 1862. He died in 1928 in Laurel, Jones County, Mississippi. I have not found his grave...
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