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 Pvt Alexander Sheets  
5th Kentucky Infantry - Co. K   
Alexander enlisted at age 15 per muster roll enlistment date. He was wounded at both Chickamauga and Kennesaw.
  Ancestor added by Donna on 5/31/2023
 Pvt George Solomon Murray  
17th Louisiana Infantry - Co.   
He was my great grandfather. He was from Laran La.. He was in all of the battles and engaged until Vicksburg suffered . He was wounded building a coffin to bury his dead brother in . Shot clean through his jaws .
  Ancestor added by Ronnie Tillman on 5/31/2023
 Pvt Mark A Plaster  
24th Virginia Infantry - Co. I   
My ancestor was a private in Co. I and served for the entirety of the war. He was wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines. I have a degueretype of him in his Confederate uniform. He was buried in Rockingham County, NC in 1909.
  Ancestor added by Greg on 5/30/2023
 Pvt Alexander L Tapp  
36th Georgia Infantry - Co.   
Alexander was born 1 Feb 1843 in Alabama. In 1860 his family is separated and some members including Alexander are visiting relatives in Cherokee Co. Ga. in 1860. He has four cards in his archival file. He enlisted at Dalton Ga. on 15 Jan 1862 by Capt Cox into Broyles' company of Infantry. His company was captured at Vicksburg and after that his data is lost. He died 8 Mar 1906 and is buried at Ables Springs, Kaufman, Texas
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/28/2023
 Pvt Martin Mitchel  
108th Illinois Infantry - Co. G   
Martin Mitchell was born in England and immigrated to the US. He initially was a miner in Pennsylvania before he moved to Peoria, Illinois. He was mustered into the 108th Illinois on August 28th, 1862. He died on April 14, 1863, at Van Buren General Hospital, Young's Point, LA. The whereabouts of his grave have not yet been determined. His widow, Elizabeth Mary Patton Mitchel, received a widow's pension.
  Ancestor added by Randal Livingston on 5/26/2023
 Pvt William L Mann  
34th Georgia Infantry - Co. E   
My 5th great grandfather is William a man he enlisted in the 34th infantry in Jackson county ga and died in 1862 on look out mountain. I have his wife’s 100. Dollar pension from where he passed I can’t find out much more than that if you can help in anyway I have his muster roll
  Ancestor added by Jack dunagan on 5/20/2023
 Pvt Thomas Jefferson Gulley  
76th Indiana Infantry - Co. D   
2nd cousin 4 x removed. Son of Willis Gulley & Elizabeth Land. Grandson of John Land & Elizabeth Barlow. Great-Grandson of Thomas Land & Anne Sumter.

Thomas Jefferson Gulley (Gully) Enlisted on 7/19/1862 as a Private into "D" Co. Indiana 76th Infantry. He was Mustered Out on 8/20/1862 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thomas applied for a pension on Aug.20, 1880. His widow, Rachael applied on Oct.18, 1920.

The 76th Indiana Infantry was organized at Indianapolis, Indiana, and mustered in for thirty days of service on July 20, 1862, under the command of Colonel James Gavin, who was temporarily reassigned from his command with the 7th Indiana Infantry.
Duty at Evansville, Indiana, and at Henderson, Kentucky, operating against guerrillas and protecting steamboats on the Ohio River until August 20.

The regiment mustered out of service on August 20, 1862.
  Ancestor added by Glenn Land on 5/19/2023
 Pvt John E. Wills  
1st Vermont US Sharpshooters - Co. F   
John E. Wills enlisted on 16 Nov 1861, in Chesterfield, New York, when he was 21 years old. Was listed as a bugler in F Company, Berdan's 1st Sharpshooters. Discharged 15 Oct 1862 at Fort Ellsworth, Alexandria, Virginia. Based on approximate dates, John was wounded at the Battle of Malvern Hill on July 1, 1862. After the battle Gen. McClellan withdrew to Harrison's Landing which is from where John was transported to Philadelphia on the steamer S.R. Spaulding.
  Ancestor added by Ron Grady on 5/18/2023
 Pvt E. J. Nelson  
56th Virginia Infantry - Co. A   
E.J. Nelson Private Company A 56th Va Inf. He is buried at Rock Springs Baptist Church Townsville, NC. His middle name was often used first as in James E. Nelson.
  Ancestor added by Raymond L. Norwood on 5/14/2023
 Pvt James Richard Turner  
28th Alabama Infantry - Co. G   
James was born 22 Mar 1835 in probably the York District of South Carolina. He enlisted 26th Feb 1862 in Jefferson Co. Alabama in Capt. Millers Company, Frazier's Regiment Ala. Vol's. Sworn in by Capt. Reid and mustered at Shelby Springs, Ala. He served honorably thru out the illegal invasion and the last card in his file shows that he reenlisted 4 April 1864 at camp, near Dalton, Georgia. He died 13 June 1898 at Cullman, Cullman County, Ala. He is buried in Sardis #2 Missionary Baptist Church in Winston Co. Ala.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/12/2023
 Pvt Jeremiah Walker  
1st Florida Cavalry - Co. D   
Jeremiah was born 20 June 1838 in Ware County Georgia. He has 6 cards in his archival file. He enlisted 16 Oct 1861 at Sanderson Baker Co. Fla. in Capt. John Harvey's Co of Vol's. Served in the Siege of Knoxville Dec 1863 and the Kentucky Campaign. According to family history he was discharged after the battle of Chickamauga. He died 24 April 1913 and is buried at the Brassinger Cem. Okeechobee, Fla. We are distantly related.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/12/2023
 Cpl Fidelio Hall  
25th Illinois Infantry - Co. C   
He also lived in the Civil War home in Danville illinois
  Ancestor added by elana s hall batchelor on 5/2/2023
 Pvt Benjamin Franklin Massey  
40th Mississippi Infantry - Co. D   
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  Ancestor added by Ken Moreman on 4/30/2023
 Capt Issac Davis Stamps  
21st Mississippi Infantry - Co. E   
1828-1863 Commissioned as Captain of Company E on 6 June 1861 in Woodville. Mortally wounded in the bowels during the Battle of Gettysburg on 2 July 1863, and died in the field hospital the next day. His body was returned to Woodville and buried in January of 1864. He was the nephew of Jefferson Davis and was carrying his uncle's sword from the Mexican War.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 4/25/2023
 Pvt Giles William Herring  
6th Louisiana Cavalry - Co. A   
Giles was born 5 April 1834 in Carrol Co. Mississippi. He has 11 cards in his archival file. Enlisted at age 28 at Shreveport, La on 3 May 1862 in Capt. William B Denson's Co of unattached La. Cavalry. This became Co A of the 6th La. Cavalry. There is no definitive unit record for this group. However, there is a reference to the unit being referred to as [ Red River Rangers] He also served in Co D of this unit. His is documented twice as being on detached duty perusing deserters. Other names I encountered while researching this unit are: Capt. L.M. Nutt, Col. William G Vincent, & Col. Isaac F Harrison. Surrendered and paroled at Shreveport, La. 9 June 1865. He died 11 Dec 1911 in Caddo Parish, La. We are relatred by marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/24/2023
 Pvt Ruffin T King  
7th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry - Co. F   
Ruffin was born in 1826 in Halifax Co. N C. He enlisted at about 36 years old at Endfield, Halifax Co. NC on 4 July 1862 in Co F. Capt. William K Lane's Co. 7th Partisan Rangers as part of Claiborne's Regt. Partisan Rangers. He has 16 cards in the archives in this Co. He was then transferred, consolidated into Co G 8th Brigade NC Cav. [Dearing's] Battles: Rodman's Point, Reeds Ferry, Quaker Bridge, New Bern, Swift Creek and Bermuda Hundred. The 8th was disbanded in April 1864 and the companies were scattered to 16th Battn: NC Cavalry, 10th Georgia Cavalry, and possibly the 66th NC Infantry. I found him in both Co F 7th NC Battn: and in Co G 8th NC Partisan Rangers. He has 2 cards in the archives of the 8th. He died 5 Nov 1880 in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He was married 4 Times 1st. in1849 Lucretia Jane Dillard, 2nd in 1855 [my cousin] Harriet E Thomas. 3rd in 1870 Mary R Powell and lastly 4th in 1874 Martha Frances Tubbs.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/23/2023
 Unk William Alexander Chappell  
29th Alabama Infantry - Co. F   
William A. Chappell(Co F 29th Regt Ala Inf)enlisted Sept. 19, 1861, at Brakes Ferry, near Blount Springs. He was wounded in the arm at Resaca, Georgia on May 14, 1864 and again at Peachtree Creek on July 20, 1864. He was issued a medical discharge on Oct. 18, 1864 and returned home where he married Sarah Jane Thomas at Warrior, Ala. in December, 1865.
  Ancestor added by Mathew camp on 4/22/2023
 Capt Madison A Marcus  
15th Georgia Infantry - Co.   
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  Ancestor added by Ted Pearce on 4/19/2023
 2 Lt William Feeley  
14th Michigan Infantry - Co. B   
William was my wife's paternal great grandfather.

For the past few years I've been tracking down info on my wife's great grandfather who served with Company B of the 14th Michigan during the American Civil War.

According to what I have gathered, my wife Maria's great grandfather William Feeley (sometimes spelled "Pheeley") was born in Bradford, England in 1833. Both of William's parents Thomas Feeley and Annie Kennedy were of Irish birth and originally from Tipperary, Ireland. In later life, William often claimed to be of Irish birth from the County Cork region. According to his granddaughter Margaret, William's wife Mary (who herself was of Irish birth) would counter old William's claim to Irish heritage with: "You are a darn liar William, the only cork you have come out of a bottle!"

On September 30,1861 William enlisted with the 14th Michigan also known as "Sinclair's Irish Regiment." A member of Company B, William served throughout the war and was mustered out of the service as a "veteran" on July 18th,1865.

Several years ago I managed to obtain William's complete NARA pension files. Pouring over the files I found that soldier Feeley had been wounded twice in the battle of Lavergne, Tennessee on October 9, 1862. Both wounds were severe enough to have William spending several months recuperating at Hospital #13 in Nashville. Recovering from his wounds, William eventually returned to active duty with his regiment.

The wounds he received in battle were well documented in his early pension application. Both the separate wound to the ankle and the separate wound to the arm eventually led to a severe disability and inability to do hard physical labor. In 1866, almost immediately after his discharge from the service, William applied for a disability pension.

What really intrigued me was a third severe wound that came up in later applications for a pension increase. This third wound had been to the chest and would have proven fatal had it not been for the incredible work of the regiment's surgeon Doctor Edward Batwell. Batwell was evidently a man well ahead of his time. Doctor Batwell was a proponent of an early form of "sterile technique," a definite plus in the case of a Civil War chest wound.

Further delving into the pension files turned up the situation in which this wound occured. It seems that William was shot during an altercation with a James Andrews who at the time was helping out at the regimental sutler store. Andrews was temporarily standing in for the owner of the business. Andrews, even at that early date, was considered an outstanding citizen of Columbia and eventually became mayor of the city and a major community benefactor.

William's pension application turned up several handwritten notes and affidavits on this third wounding. One of these affidavits is by Doctor Batwell himself. There is also another handwritten affidavit in which William gives his side of the story.

It was a process of discovery that I found extremely fascinating. Bill Morrison was the bloke who graciously gave me the historic background and "key" to the incident. William's own version of the incident is somewhat at odds with the accepted historic version. William's version sounds logical and truthful. I could easily imagine the fatal and traumatic results of one man trying to police two angry Irish drunks harassing an innocent, but armed, store keeper.
  Ancestor added by Rob Grant on 4/12/2023
 Pvt Christian Sours  
184th Ohio Infantry - Co.   
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  Ancestor added by Jacob on 4/9/2023
 Sgt F Gustav Siebel  
4th Texas Cavalry - Co. C   
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  Ancestor added by Carey Dippel on 4/7/2023
 Pvt Wesley Van Taylor  
37th Mississippi Infantry - Co. D   
Appears on POW roll in Citronelle, AL on May 12th, 1865
  Ancestor added by Scott Davis on 4/7/2023
 Pvt William Milton Estes  
33rd Indiana Infantry - Co. E   
William Estes is my great-great-grandfather. He enlisted at Seymour, Indiana as a volunteer substitute for a man named Grenor (spelling?) Bishop. William said he was 18 when in fact he had just turned 17. He served in Sherman's Army in the 33rd Indiana Infantry Company E from 1864/10/13 to 1865/07/21. Paperwork describes him as being 5'10" light complexion, gray eyes and brown hair. His brother Huston Taylor Estes joined him also as a substitute and paperwork indicates he was 19 when in fact he would have been only 16. After the war, he returned to his home in Brownstown Indiana and eventually moved to Kansas, Illinois and then Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he died in 1925. I have no photographs of William. Perhaps someone has a group photo of this company regiment?
  Ancestor added by Jennifer Irwin on 4/4/2023
 Capt Wilson Ivy Coggin  
18th Texas Cavalry - Co. H   
Shortly after it's formation, The original Co. Commander died & Coggin originally from N.C. became the commander throughout the remainder of the War. I wrote a compiled history of the unit, which was published & can be found on at : He is buried at Telico, TX at it's locked cemetery and a bronze marker with the incorrect name "William I. Coggin" is there. He always signed his name as "W.I. Coggin" therefore the misspelling on his marker. Company H was the ONLY company of the 18th Texas Cavalry that remained mounted.
  Ancestor added by Ronald Herring on 4/1/2023
 Unk James Walters  
63rd Virginia Infantry - Co. H   
My 2nd great grandfather, from Crockett, Wythe County, VA. Died May 7, 1897.
  Ancestor added by Wilma Walters Hester on 3/25/2023

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