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 Pvt Sylvanus Bounds  
Perrin's Battalion, State Cavalry - Co. A   
1844 - 1864 Enlisted on 18 June 1863 in Scooba, MS. Died on 30 June 1864 in Kemper Co., MS.
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 Pvt George W Bounds  
5th Mississippi Infantry - Co. I   
1841 - 1862 Enlisted on 3 Aug 1861. Taken prisoner after being wounded in the right thigh at the Battle of Shiloh. Died of his wound on 6 July 1862 in the St. Louis general hospital.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/16/2021
 4th Cpl William Austin Bounds  
27th Mississippi Infantry - Co. H   
1839 - 1894 Enlisted on 12 Sept 1861. Captured at Lookout Mt. on 24 Nov 1863. Exchanged on 5 Dec 1863. Paroled on 14 May 1865 at Meridian, Mississippi.
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 Pvt john kissel  
184th Ohio Infantry - Co. D   
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 1 Lt J D Gray  
20th Arkansas Infantry - Co. E   
J.D. Gray
b: 1819-1820
d: 1864-1869

20th Regiment Arkansas Infantry, Company E.
He went in as a 2nd Lieutenant and came out as a 1st Lieutenant.

20th Regiment Arkansas Infantry
The 20th Arkansas Infantry (originally organized as the 22nd Arkansas Infantry) was organized at DeValls Bluff, (Prairie County) Arkansas, on April 9, 1862, with ten companies of volunteers from central and southwest Arkansas.

Company E (from Hempstead County) - “Hempstead Plough Boys” Roster includes:
Gray, J D - Second Lieutenant-Enlisted at Washington, Hempstead County, Arkansas, March 1, 1862; promoted first lieutenant, April 16, 1862; discharged, June 4, 1862.

The 20th Infantry Regiment was ordered east of the Mississippi River along with the rest of General Earl Van Dorn's Army of the West. The regiment was added to a brigade commanded by Brigadier General Albert Rust. The unit boarded a steamer at Des Arc, Prairie County, Arkansas, and moved down the White River, out at its mouth, then up the Mississippi River and landed at Memphis, Tennessee, on April 11, 1862. The regiment was immediately ordered with the remainder of Rust's Brigade to Fort Pillow, Tennessee, approximately 50 miles north of Memphis. The unit departed Memphis via steamer on April 12, 1862 and arrived at Fort Pillow on April 13, 1862. It was here, during the bombardment of Fort Pillow by Union gunboats, that the men saw their first enemy fire. The unit remained at Fort Pillow for fourteen days. The unit experienced few casualties in the bombardment during its stay at Fort Pillow, but many of the soldiers became sick, and several died due to the very muddy conditions and poor water supply at the fort. Confederate troops evacuated Fort Pillow on June 4, 1862 in order to avoid being cut off from the rest of the Confederate army. J.D. Gray was discharged on June 4, 1862.

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 1st Sgt Isaac M Brown  
2nd Tennessee Cavalry (Ashby's) - Co. B   
Isaac M ("Ike") Brown
b: 4/1836
d: 5/7/1902
Texas Confederate Pension Application #01038 of Isaac M Brown
Service: Company C, McClellan's Batt'l, Tennessee for about 3 years 8 months
Texas Confederate Widow's Pension Application of Lucinda Brown, widow of Isaac M Brown
Service: Company D, 2nd Tennessee served during entire war
Soldier Name: Brown, Isaac M.
Battle Unit Name: 2nd Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Ashby's)
Side: Confederacy
Company: B
Soldier's Rank In: Ordnance Sergeant
Soldier's Rank Out: First Sergeant
Alternate Name: M231 Roll 6
  Ancestor added by Janie G on 7/14/2021
 Pvt Ezekiel McGregor  
35th Tennessee Infantry - Co. B   
1810 - 1861 Enlisted 6 Sept 1861. Died of disease in Camp White, Kentucky on 16 Dec 1861.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/13/2021
 Pvt William A Shrum  
19th Arkansas Infantry - Co. B   
1840 - 1920 Was also in Company G, Hardy's Arkansas Infantry Regiment.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/12/2021
 Pvt Henry Shrum  
52nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. H   
1822 - 1896 Conscripted into the regiment on 26 Oct 1864 at Lincolnton. Captured at Petersburg on 2 April 1865. Released from Pt. Lookout on 20 June 1865.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/12/2021
 Musician Elbert C Haddox  
11th Arkansas Infantry - Co. G   
1845 - 1862 Enlisted as a Drummer Boy on 23 July 1861 in Little Rock. Captured at Island No. 10 on 8 April 1862. Died of disease in Camp Douglas, Chicago on 17 May 1862.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/10/2021
 Pvt William Thomas Haddox  
38th Alabama Infantry - Co. B   
1833 - 1916
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/10/2021
 Sgt Elijah Clark Hattox  
19th Mississippi Infantry - Co. E   
1839 - 1906
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/9/2021
 1st Sgt Moses Wesley Hattox  
3rd Georgia Cavalry - Co. D   
1824 - 1874
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/9/2021
 Pvt Sidney Powell Hattox  
36th Texas Cavalry - Co. A   
1843-1889 Enlisted 18 March 1862 in San Marcos.
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 1 Lt Phillip Houston Coe  
2nd Texas Cavalry - Co. F   
17 July 1839 - 9 Oct 1871 Killed by Wild Bill Hickok.
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 Pvt Phillip C Hattox  
7th Mississippi Cavalry - Co. F   
29 Nov 1845 - Unknown Enlisted 15 April 1864 in Pontotoc Co. Mississippi.
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 2 Lt James O Hattox  
7th Mississippi Cavalry - Co. F   
15 June 1825-16 July 1864. Mortally wounded during the Battle of Tupelo.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/9/2021
 Pvt Gabriel Hubbard Hattox  
41st Mississippi Infantry - Co. H   
18 Feb 1835 - 31 Dec 1862 Killed in action during the Battle of Murfreesboro.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/9/2021
 Pvt Frederick Leibrick  
5th Pennsylvania Cavalry - Co. F   
My Great Great Grandfather. Enlisted October 15, 1862. Mustered out August 7, 1865. Member of GAR Anna M. Ross, Post No. 94. Died October 11, 1911.
  Ancestor added by Stephen Newcomb on 7/9/2021
 Pvt David Jasper Huggins  
56th Georgia Infantry - Co. D   
Nickname: DJ
Muster Date: 15 May 1862
Imprisonment Date: 4 Jul 1863
Imprisonment Place: Vicksburg, Mississippi
Notes: Paroled, (Vicksburg, MS) 8 Jul 1863
  Ancestor added by Jean Bryson on 7/7/2021
 Pvt Josiah Askew Owen  
43rd Georgia Infantry - Co. A   
Muster Date: 10 Mar 1862 - Muster Out Date: 15 Sep 1862 - Muster Out Place: Vicksburg, Mississippi - Muster Out Information: died
  Ancestor added by Jean Bryson on 7/7/2021
 Pvt Edward Adolphus Cavender  
53rd Tennessee Infantry - Co. I   
Edward enlisted 1861 in 53rd Tenn. Regiment, Co. I He was captured at Vicksburg
  Ancestor added by Jennifer Heider on 7/7/2021
 Pvt Francis Marion Richardson  
19th Georgia Infantry - Co. E   
Born MAY 1830 in Coweta, Georgia. He was known as Hardy. Enlisted on 24 Jul 1861. Was wounded in the leg and discharged from the army on 23 Jul 1862 from Richmond, VA. He farmed for the rest of his life and died 6 MAY 1907 in Randolph, Alabama
  Ancestor added by Cheri Amarna on 7/1/2021
 Pvt George W Huckabee  
27th Mississippi Infantry - Co. C   
1840-1862 Born in Tennessee. Enlisted in July 1861 in Pontotoc County. Died in hospital at Pensacola, Florida on 8 March 1862.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 6/29/2021
 Pvt Ezekiel Huckabee  
31st Mississippi Infantry - Co. G   
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 6/29/2021

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