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 Pvt Andrew Robert Epley  
6th North Carolina Infantry - Co. A   
1826-1915 Enlisted 22 Sept 1862 in Burke Co., NC. Eventually discharged from service for being permanently disabled by rheumatism after being furloughed for 60 days in July 1863.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 9/26/2022
 Pvt John Epley  
6th North Carolina Infantry - Co. A   
1835-1864 Enlisted 22 Sept 1862 in Burke Co., NC. Captured after being wounded in the left foot at the Battle of Cedar Creek, VA on 14 Oct 1864. Died of tetanus aboard US hospital steamer "Baltic" and buried at sea on 9 Nov 1864.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 9/25/2022
 Unk J. A. Gantt, SR  
56th North Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Enlisted NC Volunteers, June 15th, 1861 under Major H. F. Shank, Captain Frank Griggs and Lieutenant V. J. Palmer, Ransom Brigade. Participated in the following battles: Gum Swamp, Petersburg (The Great Blowup), Suffolk, Hatchet Run, Washington, Plymouth, High Point, Weldon, Wilderness (7 days) and Stoney Run. Captured at Petersburg March 25th, 1864, imprisoned at Point Lookout for three months, after engaging in twenty seven battles.
  Ancestor added by Keith E McGee on 9/25/2022
 3rd Cpl John M Pegg  
8th Arkansas Infantry - Co. B   
John was born in Jacksonport, Jackson Co. Ark Aug 1843. The 1860 census has him at age 19 in Greenbriar, Independence Co. Ark. He enlisted 6 July 1861 at Camp Price near his home at Jacksonport. enlisted by Col Patterson. He served honorably until the end. In December of 1863 he is assigned extra duty as sharpshooter under General Cleburn's command. His description is as follows. Eyes: blue, Hair: auburn, 5ft 8in tall, Farmer, was paid bounty. He died3 April 1905 and was buried at the Old Bethel Cem. in Paragould, Greene Co. Arkansas. He was the husband of my 3rd cousin 4 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/25/2022
 Pvt William P Evans  
13th Mississippi Infantry - Co. K   
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  Ancestor added by Laura Wallace on 9/24/2022
 Pvt Andrew Jackson Lockhart  
4th Tennessee Cavalry - Co. B   
Andrew was born 10 Jan 1837 in Dunlap, Sequatchie Co. Tenn. He served in the 5th Battalion Cavalry [ McClellon's] and Co H 8th Tenn Cavalry aka 1st Battn: & 4th Battalion Tenn cavalry. [Smith's]. He has 2 cards in his 5th Battalion file & 11 cards in his 4th Tenn. Cavalry file. He enlisted at Chatanooga, Tenn by J.W. Gillespie on 29 Aug 1861. This Battn: was consolidated and became Co H 8th Tenn. Cav. Smith's. He fought in many battles and skirmishes including Fishing Creek aka Mill Springs and known to the enemy as Logan Crossroads. He was captured near his hometown of Dunlop, Sequatchie Co. Tenn on 21 Aug 1863 and sent to Louisville on to Camp Chase, Ohio arriving 1 Sept 1863 and on to Rock Island, Ill. arriving 24 Jan 1864. He died 10 Jan 1911. We are related by marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/23/2022
 Pvt Christian Hilliard Scitzs  
20th Mississippi Infantry - Co. I   
Born: July 28, 1824, Died: August 31, 1899
Enlisted December 9, 1861 at Enterprise, MS
Injured probably in skirmishes before, during, and after the Battle of Raymond, MS
Spouse: Sarah Anne White
  Ancestor added by John Sharp on 9/21/2022
 Sgt Reuben A Mitchell  
12th Alabama Infantry - Co. B   
1814-1863 Enlisted 17 June 1861 in Coosa County. Died at some point in July 1863, most likely at Gettysburg. Had also enlisted in 1847 during the Mexican-American War.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 9/18/2022
 Pvt John Passage Jr.  
24th Michigan Infantry - Co. C   
John Passage Jr was my 3x's great grandfather. He was captured at Weldon Railroad and died as a prisoner of war March 1 1865 in Virginia. I would love to find where he is buried. Family story is he died on railroad car soon after being released. Most of his captivity was spent at Salisbury POW camp in North Carolina.
  Ancestor added by Lisa Huettl on 9/17/2022
 2nd Cpl Jabez N Mitchell  
8th Texas Cavalry - Co. K   
1844-1919 From Montgomery County, Texas. Enlisted at Houston on 4 May 1862. Died in the Confederate Home in Austin of 27 Feb 1919. Buried in the Texas State Cemetery.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 9/17/2022
 Pvt George Washington Layne  
20th Tennessee Infantry - Co. B   
George was born in 1838 in Marion County Tenn. He appears on the 1860 census as a 22-year-old in District 5, Grundy Co. Tenn. the PO is at Altamont. He enlisted it is believed in Trousdale on 1 June 1860 in Capt. Guthrie's Co. which was absorbed into the 20th Regt. on 22 Nov 1862 at Stuart's Creek, Tenn. He has 5 cards in his archival file. One card states that he deserted in late 1863 however given the state of the regiment and that he died at age 35 I suggest ill health forced him to retire. He saw action at Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Nashville and into the Atlanta campaign. He died in 1873 and is buried in the Stone Cemetery in Sequatchie Co. Tenn.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/17/2022
 Pvt James William Thaxton  
4th Tennessee Cavalry - Co. G   
James was born in Warren County, Tenn. 15 Jan 1837. the 1860 census has him in Dist. 4 Sequatchie Co. Tenn. at age 23. He is a Merchant, and the PO is at Dunlap. He enlisted on 28 Aug 1862 at Pikeville, Bledsoe County. Attached to Warton's Brigade and fought at Perryville and Murfreesborough. It was disbanded on 23 Jan 1863 and transferred to the 22nd Battalion Tenn. Infantry. He has 3 cards in this unit. He has 3 cards in his 22nd Infantry archival file. The 22nd fought under Leonidas Polk's Corps, Major General B.F. Cheatham's Division, Marcus J. Wrights Brigade which was comprised of the 8th, 16th, 28th, 28th, 51st and 22 Battalion plus Carne's Battery of Artillery. James was married to Flora Theresa Pankey who was my cousin 3 times removed. He saw action in both the Atlanta and Carolina Campaigns. He died 29 Jan 1910 in Sequatchie Co. Tenn and is buried there in Stone Cemetery.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/17/2022
 3rd Cpl Francis Marion Layne  
35th Tennessee Infantry - Co. H   
Francis was born either in 1838 or 1841 in Sequatchie Co. Tennessee. He enlisted at Camp Smart near Minnville, Tenn. 5 Sept 1861 in Capt. Albert C Hanner's Co. 5th Tenn Regt. Provisional Army, aka Co A Mountain Rifle Regt. Their rendezvous is 29 miles away at Bowling Green Ky. where they were mustered. As a 3rd Corporal he is listed on 15 April 1863 as being on detached duty. He has 13 cards in his archival file. Assigned to General Polk, Granbury and Palmer's Brigade. Fought at Shiloh, Shelton's Hill, Richmond, Perryville, Knoxville, Shelbyville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, The Atlanta Campaign, Franklin, Nashville, The Carolina Campaign. The roster of this unit contained the names of 2427 men. Francis was my 3rd cousin 4 x removed. He died 4 Aug 1888 and is buried at the Stone Cem. Sequatchie County. Tenn.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/16/2022
 Pvt Daniel Mitchell  
8th Texas Cavalry - Co. K   
1841-1863 From Montgomery County, Texas. Enlisted at Houston in Sept 1861. Captured at McMinnville, Tennessee on 4 Oct 1863. Died in Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana on 30 Oct 1863.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 9/15/2022
 Unk John Ward  
23rd Illinois Infantry - Co. B   
Ward, John, an old-time citizen of Chicago, died at his home, No. 60 Damen st. on April 3, aged 68 yrs. Deceased was father of Captain William Ward of the city police, now in command of the Desplaines street station. Both father and son belonged to Col. Mulligan's regiment, the 23rd Ill. Infantry, and served with it from the siege of Lexington until mustered out at the close of the Civil War. Funeral occurred from Holy Family Church to Calvary. -April 10, 1886 (2) from The Chicago Citizen, 1883-1909, obituaries, marriage and social notices in Tom Cook, Chicago’s Irish Families 1833-1910.

The inscription of his military gravestone photograph at Find a Grave Memorial ID: 160962887 reads "JNO. WARD / CO. B / 23RD ILL. INF." within a shield. "/" indicate line breaks.
  Ancestor added by Brian Scott Donovan on 9/13/2022
 Pvt John Phillip Herndon  
4th South Carolina State Troops - Co. F   
John Was born in 1818 in Marlborough District, SC. The regiment was formed 7 July 1863 with many men from the 30th Regt SC Militia. He enlisted at age 41 at Bennettsville, SC in Capt. Nelson M Gibson's Co F., The 4th went into service 3 Sept 1863 and disbanded 1 Feb 1864. John has 4 cards in his archival file. One card gives his discharge date of 1 Feb 1864. He died in1880.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/8/2022
 2 Lt John Calvin Barnes  
31st North Carolina Infantry - Co. A   
John was born 30 Dec 1840 in Robeson Co. NC. He has 38 cards in his archival file. The 1860 census gives his age as 20. He enlists as a Pvt and ends his service as a 2nd Lt. He enlists 24 April 1861 in Co F 31st Regiment. He is sent to his unit stationed on Roanoke Island Va. where on Feb 1862 he is captured and exchanged. On 31 Dec 1861 he is transferred to Co A Capt. Godwin's Co. of same regt. On 9 Feb 1863 he is appointed as 2nd Corporal and on 30 May 1863 he is elected to 2nd Lt., John suffers bad health and is plagued with Chronic Nephritis for which he is hospitalized and furloughed several times. Battles: White Hall Ferry, Battery Wagner, Drewry's Bluff, Petersburg Siege, Globe Tavern and Fort Harrison on 29 Sept 1864. He is captured the following day on the 30th in the failed counterattack on the Fort. This is 8 miles SE of Richmond. The 31st was assigned to Clingman's Brigade, Hoke's Division, commanded by Col. Hector McKethan. He was sent to the Old Capitol Prison in DC and then to City Point, Va. He was released 10 Jun 1865. After the battle of Fort Harrison, the Fort was renamed for one of the yankee officers, Fort Burnham. Lt Barnes was the father-in-law of my 1st cousin 3 x removed. He died 6 Oct 1924 in Lumber Bridge, Robeson Co. NC. May God rest his soul.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/7/2022
 Pvt Julius L Toole  
1st South Carolina Infantry (McCreary's) (1st Provisional Army) - Co. A   
Julius was born in 1839 in Barnwell District, South Carolina. He is on the 1860 census as 21 y/o, the Post Office is at Williston. He has 25 cards in his archival file. He enlisted 13 July 1861 at Williston in 1st Regt SC Infantry [McCreaery's ] 1st Provincial Army. It is 500 miles to rendezvous as his regiment is in Va. 13 Feb 1864 his is given a 21-day indulgence leave. 10 May 1864 he is admitted to hospital at Farmville Va. with a gunshot wound. He is returned to duty on 13 June 1864. On 16 Sept 1864 he is sick in the hospital at Jackson Hospital at Richmond suffering from dysentery. He is taken as POW at Burkeville and sent to City Point Va. and released 21 June 1865. Battles, Seven Days, Cold Harbor, 2nd Manassas, Ox Hill aka Chantilly, Antietam aka Sharpsburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, He was the father-in-law of my 1st cousin 3 x removed. His death date is given as before 1900. May God rest his soul.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/5/2022
 Pvt David Pickney Hutchin  
2nd Florida Cavalry - Co. E   
David was born in 1837 in Bensmiths, Gwinnett's Co. Ga. The 1860 census finds him in Bainbridge, Decatur Co. Ga. He is enlisted at Camp Gladdin, on 8 May 1862 by Capt. J.L. Cross. Capt. Blockers Co. 2nd Regt. Fla. Cav. On 10 Feb. 1863 he is reassigned as a mechanic to the Signal Corps. 1st Lt. A. J. Stedman's Signal Corps District of Middle Florida. He is paid $128. 80 cents for service 11 Feb 1863 - 29 Dec 1863. He has 4 cards in his Signal Corps file and 10 Cards in his 2nd Florida Cavalry file. Battles listed: Olustee, Gainsville, Columbine-sinking, Station 4, and Natural Bridge. His unit surrendered at Baldwin -East Fla. and was paroled 17 May 1865. He was the father-in-law of my 2nd cousin 2 x removed. He died 4 Jan 1919 in Carl, Barrow Co. Ga.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/4/2022
 Pvt Robert Wilson Smith  
1st Georgia Cavalry - Co. A   
Robert Was born in Clark Co. Ga. 6 June 1837. The 1860 census has him at age 22 in Paulding Co. Ga. the PO is at Huntsville. He enlists the day the unit was formed on 4 Mar 1862 at Cedar Town, Polk Co. Ga. Capt. Crabb's Co, Lt. Col. Morrison's Battalion. He has 11 cards in his archival file. Feb 1863 he is on sick furlough at home. and in Dec 1863 he is absent from his unit as he was cut off with the wagons. He participated in General Braggs Kentucky Campaign as well as the Nashville - Atlanta and Carolina campaign. His unit surrendered at Durham Station NC. He is buried at Bethel Baptist Church, Bainbridge, Decatur County. Ga. We are related by a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/31/2022
 Pvt Thomas Monroe Brooks  
56th Alabama Cavalry - Co. C   
Thomas was born 20 March 1824 in Pendleton, Anderson Co. So. Car. The 1860 census shows him in District 1003 Paulding Co. Ga. which is near the Alabama line. He has 2 cards in his archival file. He enlisted at age 37 at Jasper, Walker Co. Ala for three years or the war on 6 Sept 1862 by Major W.A. Hewlett. This unit was consolidated with the 15th Battn: Ala Partisan Rangers on 8 June 1863 commanded by Major Boyles, and eventually became the 56th Regt. Ala. Partisan Regiment. There is no official regimental history for these units. However, some data is available. The 13th served in the Mississippi & East Louisiana Dept and was engaged at the battle of King's Creek in the Vicksburg Campaign under General Ruggles. The 56th operated in north Mississippi for some time under Gen. Ruggles. It was there brigaded under General Ferguson and sent to north Georgia. It served on the flank of the army during the Dalton-Atlanta campaign and saw arduous duty. The regiment moved with Gen Hood to Tennessee, then turned and harassed Sherman. It was in the trenches near Augusta, it moved into the Carolinas, and surrendered at Greensboro, about 200 strong. Many of the men came from Walker County, Ala.
Thomas died 26 July 1917 in Paulding Co. Georgia. He married Mary Ann Fannin b. 25 Mar 1830 and d. 11 June 1914. They are buried at New Hope Church, Dallas, Paulding Co. Ga. He is the father-in-law of my distant cousin.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/30/2022
 Pvt Michael J Berberet  
7th West Virginia Infantry - Co. H   
Joined Company H of the 7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment on 1st of August (or October) 1861 at Moundsville, Virginia. He was wounded near Sharpsburg (Battle of Antietam) 17 August 1862 on hand and in mouth. He was furloughed on the 23 September 1862 till November 1862. He received a certificate of disability on 4th of March 1863. He also received a chest wound during his service.
  Ancestor added by Robert J Macoubrie on 8/26/2022
 2 Lt William Anderson  
4th Texas Infantry - Co. K   
Will was born in 1835 and was around 25 when he joined the army. He got put with the 4 texas regiment. He was promoted to a lieutenant in late 1861. He fought courageously against the yankees trying to take our homeland, but was unfortunately gunned down in June 1862 at the 7 pines battle.
  Ancestor added by Micheal Hoge on 8/24/2022
 Pvt Richard Franklin King  
45th Georgia Infantry - Co. D   
Richard was born in 1828 in Taliaferro Co. Ga. He was 33 when he enlisted in Forsyth Co. Ga in the 45th Ga. Infantry [McCowen Guards]. He has 16 cards in his archival file. He served in Capt. White's Company. He suffered from Rheumatism. After enduring many battles beginning with Hanover Court House, Gettysburg and into Weldon Railroad, he was granted a medical discharge only to be assigned to the invalid corps. He was discharged from the Invalid Corps on 15 Oct 1864. He married Martha Ann Ross in 1849. He died 1 Feb 1912 and is buried in Berrien Co. Ga. He was the father-in-law of my distant cousin.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/23/2022
 Pvt William Willis Taylor  
10th Georgia Infantry - Co. B   
William was born 29 Sept. 1844 in Appling Co. Ga. He is 16 on the 1860 census living in Worth Co. Ga. the home of his future wife. [CLARIFICATION] there are two men with the same name in the archival files from Ga. the other one is 32 years old and is a Pvt in the 57th Ga. Infantry] Our William is 17 when he joins 4 March 1862 Capt. Daniel Henderson's Co. Co B 10th Battalion Ga Infantry, enlisting for 3 years or the war at Isabella, Worth Co. Fla. [Worth Rebels]. William became ill and remained sick for the duration of his tour of duty. He has 5 documented hospitalizations for chronic gastrointestinal problems and high fever. He may have suffered from undiagnosed Typhoid Fever. June 1862, Oct 1862 he is sent home to recover. March 1863 in hospital at Petersburg. April in the hospital at Williamsburg Va. In Feb of 1865 his unit is separated from the main battalion and the troops are desperate for food and shoes. On 15 Feb 1865 he is forced to lay down his arms and surrender. His Battalion saw action in the Suffolk Campaign, Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg, Deep Botton and Weldon, Railroad. He survived the war and is buried at Socrum Cem. Lackland, Polk Co Fla. He is the father-in-law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/21/2022

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