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 Capt Thomas J Hooker  
22nd Mississippi Infantry - Co. A   
Captain Thomas Hooker, 22nd Mississippi Infantry company A,is son of Hymbrick Hooker, 22nd Mississippi Infantry Company G. Both served in 22nd Mississippi and both buried at Old Bethany Cemetery close to Godley TX. He died in 1927.
  Ancestor added by Doug Carden on 1/30/2023
 Pvt Hymbrick H Hooker  
22nd Mississippi Infantry - Co. G   
Hymbrick Hooker was my 2nd great grandfather. He was in 22nd Mississippi infantry, Company G. He is buried in Old Bethany Cemetery near Godley, TX. Death 7/28/1885.
  Ancestor added by Doug Carden on 1/30/2023
 Pvt Isaiah Drury Christian  
19th Virginia Infantry - Co. I   
I’m looking for his grave. 19th VA infantry company I, Amherst Virginia
  Ancestor added by Anthony H Tyree on 1/29/2023
 Pvt Lewis David Hampton Williams  
48th North Carolina Infantry - Co. I   
1841-1897 Enlisted in Union County on 20 March 1862. Wounded at the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam) on 17 Sept 1862. Last record on the rolls is in Dec 1864.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/24/2023
 Pvt Perry Williams  
48th North Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
1831-1899 Conscript on 21 Aug 1862. Enlisted into service at Statesville.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/24/2023
 Pvt Robert A Hanna  
26th North Carolina Infantry - Co. K   
Robert was born in Anson County in 1835. He has 14 items in his archival file. He enlisted at Wadesboro NC 1 July 1861. He saw action at New Bern, NC as his regiment was defending the NC coast. Moved to Virginia where he fought in the Seven Days battles on the Peninsular. Engaged at Gettysburg at McPherson's Ridge where he was wounded, suffering a gunshot to his left leg on 1 July 1863. The leg was amputated below the knee. Operation at General Hospital at Staunton, Va. He was retired on 5 Oct 1864 and sent to Raleigh on 14 Nov. After he recovered he was assigned to the Invalid Corps under Lt. Gen. T.H. Holmes at Raleigh, NC.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/23/2023
 LtC John D Williams  
45th Mississippi Infantry - Co. B   
1835-1883 Commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant on 10 Aug 1861 at Richmond, Itawamba County. Captured 22 July 1864 during the Battle of Atlanta. Released on oath & parole 25 July 1865 at Johnson's Island, Ohio.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/23/2023
 Pvt William G Williams  
2nd Mississippi Infantry - Co. C   
1843-? Enlisted in Richmond, Itawamba Co. on 6 Feb 1861. Transferred to Company B, 45th Mississippi Infantry Regiment on 1 June 1863, wounded during the Battle of Chickamauga on 20 Sept 1863. He was promoted to 4th Corporal on 1 Feb 1864. He was still present on the rolls for April 1864, after which there is no further record of him.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/23/2023
 Pvt Robert C Cockrell  
6th Mississippi Infantry - Co. H   
Robert was born 2 Jan. 1828 in Georgia. The 1860 census find him in Simpson Co. Mississippi. He enlisted in Capt. E.B. Bennett's Co [Simson Fencibles] also known as Capt.'s Husband and Thompsons Company at Westville on 9 July 1861 by Capt. Banks for 3 years. Was stationed in Kentucky and while there the regiment was struck with Typhoid Fever and Measels. The death rate was so high that some companies were reduced to 10 to 25 men. After rest and refit they were engaged in the battle of Shiloh under Claibourn's Brigade, Hardee's Corps. ON 6 Dec 1864 he is severely wounded at Franklin, shot thru the right shoulder. He is taken as POW on 17 Dec and sent to a union hospital for surgery. He had a reset of his upper humorous. He was then sent to Camp Chase Ohio where he was released 11 June after swallowing the Yellow Dog. He died 25 Feb 1908 in Simpson County, Mississippi. He is buried in Reed Cemetery in that county. We are related by a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/22/2023
 Pvt John William Lea  
3rd North Carolina Cavalry - Co. F   
John was born 4 July 1823 in Chatham County, North Carolina. He has two cards in his archival file. 1st is the cover CMR but does not give his rank. The 2nd card is for clothing issued on 31 Dec 1864. His gravestone placed by his sons states he served in Co F of the aforesaid regiment. This regiment was formed at Kinston, NC in the Fall of 1862 with 1,065 men. It totaled 254 men in Feb of 1864 and surrendered 1 at Appomattox. Fought in Barringer's Brigade in Gen Fitzhugh Lee's Corps. He was the father-in-law of my cousin. He died 19 Mar 1904 and is buried at Mays Chapel [Baptist] at Bear Creek, Chatham Co. NC.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/21/2023
 4th Cpl Robert J David  
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. G   
Robert was born Abt 1840 in Marlboro Co. SC. The P.O. was at Bennettsville. He has 17 items in his archival file. He was conscripted at Bennettsville, Marlboro Co. SC 13 April 1861 into Co G 8th SC Infantry commanded by Capt. John E. Harrington. He enlisted as Pvt. and appointed to rank of 4th Sgt. in July of 1862. Battles: 1st Manassas, Yorktown Siege, Williamsburg, Seven Days, Savage's Station, Malvern Hill, Harpers Ferry, South Mountain, Sharpsburg, and While defending Myers Heights at the battle of Fredericksburg he suffered a severe gunshot wound to his leg. He was suffering from Typhoid Fever at the time. When admitted to the Richmond Hosp # 18 at Richmond he was in such bad shape the surgeon decided not to operate on his leg and he died 14 Jan 1863 of wound complications and Typhoid Fever. He was serving with Kershaw's Brigade, Mclaws's Division. His grave is unknown but supposed to be in a cemetery in the area of his death.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/19/2023
 Sgt Richmond McGregor  
16th Tennessee Infantry - Co. D   
1840-? Enlisted as a Private on 21 May 1861 at Camp Harris. Discharged from service on 26 Dec 1861 after having contracted Typhoid Pneumonia while in camp the previous September. Had an older cousin of the same name also in Company D who was later mortally wounded at the Battle of Murfreesboro. He most likely died from his illness soon after his discharge.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/19/2023
 Pvt James L McGregor  
16th Tennessee Infantry - Co. E   
1833-1862 Enlisted on 15 May 1861 at Camp Harris. Mortally wounded during the Battle of Perryville on 8 Oct 1862.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/19/2023
 Pvt John Houston McGregor  
16th Tennessee Infantry - Co. D   
1828-1878 Enlisted on 24 Nov 1862 in McMinnville. Slightly wounded on 31 Dec 1862 during the Battle of Murfreesboro. Deserted on 25 March 1863 and subsequently paroled by federal forces in McMinnville on 22 July 1863.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/19/2023
 Pvt Richmond C McGregor  
16th Tennessee Infantry - Co. D   
1838-1863 Enlisted on 24 Nov 1862 in McMinnville. Severely wounded on 31 Dec 1862 during the Battle of Murfreesboro and sent to hospital. No further record of him has been found and it is assumed he likely died of his wounds in Jan 1863.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/19/2023
 Pvt William Henry Oakes  
3rd Mississippi Cavalry - Co. B   
Private William Henry Oakes was documented as being conscripted at the age of 17 and served as a member of Company B. 3rd Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry Reserves. Family testimony says he supplied his own horse, but due to his age he served as a teamster (wagon driver) with the unit. This unit was primarily consisting of individuals from Attala County and was also known as Capt Meek's Company (Capt W.E. Meek). According to a report written by Jim H. Wallace, a well-known civic leader of the day in Attala County: "Captain Meek's Cavalry company was attached to General Nathan Bedford Forrest's Command, and under this dashing officer, they saw hard and active service." According to military records, Capt Meek's Company was assigned to Col Jules C Denis' Cavalry Brigade under Brig Gen Wirt Adams. During the last months of the war, this unit was assigned under Lt Gen Forrest. Several accounts of action have been found concerning this unit. One account was in late 1864, Denis's cav unit was assigned to chase Col Grierson's unit during another raid on the Ohio & Mobile railroad in 1864. NOTE: This is a different raid from what is known as the famous Grierson's raid on Newton Station in Mississippi as depicted in the John Wayne film 'The Horse Soldiers'. However, it is the same union unit and same concept just a year later in the war and a different location. Another mention of battles this unit could have participated in during the last year of the war were the battles of Concord Church (Dec 1 1864) and Wilson's Raid (Mar- Apr 1865). However, assuming this unit (Co B) was still assigned to Gen Wirt Adams (which one has to assume would still be the case) they also participated in a battle at Gainesville, AL. This battle was described as the last Confederate victory of the War East of the Mississippi. Below is an excerpt from papers of Gen Wirt Adams collection:
1.62: Letter from George Moorman to “Dear General” [likely sent to Brigadier General Wirt Adams], 4 May 1865
Scope and Content
Canton, Miss. 4pp. Moorman is seeking information on Adam’s location, as he has been unable to discover it after “several days” of searching. He
mentions that he has not heard from Adams since his victory at Gainesville and “that victory will reflect credit ion you in all time to come.” Moorman reflects on their future and past experiences, “While our political and military heavens were surcharged with tokens of the approaching story and our history already [illegible word] with accumulated disaster and defeats, you were the only general officer throughout the length and breadth of the Confederacy who plucked one singly bough of laurel and caused it to be entwined with the cypress wreath which now encircles us. Should the war cease now you would have the honor of having won the last victory on Confederate soil, & in the Confederate cause.” Moorman seems determined to continue though, “But I cannot give up something good will certainly turn up yet. I will never believe that we have failed until the conviction is forced upon me.” He asks to keep a wagon Adams had authorized for his use, as he “cannot hire anything here at all.” But he notes that he will not take the wagon until he hears from Adams. Penciled note, likely from Wirt Adams, on the last page of the letter reads, “Please send Capt. Coopers letter to him

  Ancestor added by Paul Oakes on 1/19/2023
 Pvt Richmond C McGregor  
19th Tennessee Infantry - Co. D   
1838-1863 Enlisted on 24 Nov 1862 in McMinnville. Severely wounded on 31 Dec 1862 during the Battle of Murfreesboro and sent to hospital. No further record of him has been found and it is assumed he likely died of his wounds in Jan 1863. Duplicate. He actually served in Company D of the 16th Tennessee Infantry.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 1/18/2023
 Sgt Jonathan Jackson Brannan  
53rd Georgia Infantry - Co. F   
Jonathan Jackson Brannan was born in Henry County, Georgia on November 25, 1830. He married Barbara Crumbley on September 25, 1851. He enlisted in Company F of the 53rd Regiment of the Georgia Voluntary Infantry as 3rd Corporal on May 2, 1862. He was appointed 5th Sergeant of December 1863, but only after being captured at the Battle of Fort Sanders in Knoxville, Tennessee on November 29, 1863. Upon his capture, he was taken to the Rock Island Prison in the Mississippi River between Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois. He died in Rock Island from smallpox on January 30, 1864, and was buried there.
  Ancestor added by Wayne Padgett on 1/18/2023
 Pvt Wilson Cooper Morris  
28th North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Wilson Cooper Morris was my 2nd Great Maternal Grandfather. He joined the 28th NC, Company D ("Stanly Yankee Hunters") in 1862. He was wounded in the foot at Gettysburg, and was captured on July 5th during the retreat. He was paroled in 1864 from Gordonsville, VA due to "heart trouble" and returned to Stanly County. He died in 1907 in Salisbury, NC. His grandson John Alfred Morris (my grandfather) was in the 115th machine gun battalion of the 30th Division (Old Hickory Division) during WW1. He served during the battle of the Hindenburg line. Born in 1896, he died in 1999 at the age of 103, and was the last WW1 veteran of Stanly County.
  Ancestor added by Jeff Williams on 1/16/2023
 Pvt Alexander McKenzie Mozingo  
18th South Carolina Artillery - Co. C   
Alexander was born 29 Sept. 1837 in Darlington County, SC. The 1860 census show him in the aforesaid county at age 22. He enlists in 2nd Co. C Capt. Zimmerman's Artillery, and musters at Fredericksburg, Va. By Capt. Mcintosh. This Company falls under the command of Manigault's Battalion of Light Artillery. He has 7 items in his archival file. Battles Seven Days, Malvern Hill, 2nd Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Carolina Campaign to name a few. He died a day before his birthday on the 28th Sept. 1882. Buried beside his wife Hannah C Smith at Hebron UMC Church, Bishopville, Lee County, SC. We are related by marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/15/2023
 Pvt William Henry Husbands  
19th South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
William was born 17 Mar 1843 in Richmond Co. NC. He is found on the 1860 census at age 17 in The Sumter District, South Carolina. The PO is at Bishopville. He enlisted 17 Dec 1861 from the Sumter district and mustered at Columbia, SC Enlisted by Col Preston. His regiment was sent to Tennessee, and he fought the Corinth Campaign Apr - June 1862, The Kentucky aka Perryville Campaign where he fought at Munfordsville. The Atlanta and Carolina Campaign. On 18 Feb 1864 he is granted an 18-day furlough. On 3 August 1864 he suffers a gunshot wound to his knee and is a patient at the Floyd House at Ocmulgee Hospital at Macon Georgia. It is noted that his is serving in Manigault's Brigade and his home is in Bishopville, SC. He died 8 April 1902 in Darlington Co. SC and is buried at Mount Elon Baptist Church, Hartsville, Dar. Co. SC He was the father-in-law of my 2nd cousin 4 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/11/2023
 Pvt John Quincy Adams Rodden  
42nd Tennessee Infantry - Co. F   
1841 – 1910. He enlisted on Nov 2, 1861. He was captured at Fort Donelson on Feb 16, 1862. He is listed as a prisoner of war on Aug 1, 1862 at Camp Douglas (listed in Co C), Chicago Ill. On Sept 4, 1862 he was sent to Vicksburg to be exchanged from Camp Douglas, Chicago Ill (listed in Co D). No other records found with the 42nd TN or the 55th Al.
  Ancestor added by James A. Crook Sr on 1/10/2023
 Capt Elijah DeWitt Willis  
3rd Tennessee Infantry - Co. I   
Elijah (Eli) DeWitt Willis 1830–1877
BIRTH 16 DEC 1830 • Yancy County, North Carolina, USA
DEATH 11 APR 1877 • Cave Spring, Claiborne, Tennessee, United States
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  Ancestor added by Michael Logan Willis Sr. on 1/10/2023
 Pvt Andrew Jackson Harris  
8th Texas Cavalry - Co. B   
Andrew was born 25 Oct 1838 in Jefferson, Rutledge Co. Tenn. The 1860 census finds him at 21 y/o in Washington County. Texas. He has 6 items in his archival file. He enlisted 12 Mar 1862 at Houston, Texas, sworn in by Capt. Sparks. He served until the end of the war. This regiment called Terrys Rangers was engaged in 275 engagements and skirmishes in 7 states under General Braxton Bragg and Gen. Albert Sidney Johnson. His wife filed for a CSA pension which was approved 31 Aug 1910. He died 25 Feb 1896 and is buried in Conroe, Montgomery Co. Texas.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/9/2023
 2nd Cpl John Hicks Kelly  
6th South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
John was born 24 May 1841 in Darlington Co. SC. He has 13 items in his archival file. The 1860 census finds him in aforesaid county at age 20. He enlisted 29 Jun 1861 at the Darlington Court House, enlisted by Capt. Coker into 2nd Co E 6th SC Infantry. His first fight was at Dranesville under J.E.B. Stuart. He was engaged in most major battles including Seven Pines on 1 June 1862 where he was severely wounded in his elbow. Note that the fight at Seven Pines the regiment lost 52% of its 521-man strength either killed or wounded. He was discharged by the executive board at Columbia on 7 Jan 1863. He died 13 Feb 1927 and is buried in that county in the Grove Hill Cem. He was the father-in-law of my 2nd cousin 4 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 1/9/2023

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