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 Pvt Meredith T Armstrong  
28th North Carolina Infantry - Co.   
This is my second Great Grandfather. He was in the 28th Regiment of the NC Infantry. He became a POW on March 14 1862. I am seeking info on the battle he would have been captured in.
  Ancestor added by CAROL Winward on 1/23/2021
 Pvt James Henry Sharit  
8th Florida Infantry - Co. E   
James was born in Monroe, Orange County New York in 1843. His family migrated to Florida. He enlisted in Co E 8th Florida Infantry at Marianna, Florida for the war on 13 May 1862. He was 17 years old. He has 16 cards in his archival file. He fought in 14 major battles and many skirmishes. 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, Fredricksburg, , Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Bristoe Station, MIne Run, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor, Weldon Rail Road, Reams Station, Globe Tavern, Hatchers Run and Appomattox. His unit surrendered at that place 9 April 1865. There is no mention of him being injured or suffering from illness. We are related by marriage.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 1/19/2021
 Capt Joseph West Harris  
20th Alabama Infantry - Co. G   
J. W. Harris enlisted and was designated First Sergeant of Company G in September 1861. He took part in the first battle of Port Gibson and the battle of Baker's Creek; was commissioned Second Lieutenant on 14 April 1862 on promotion of Captain Davis; survived the siege and was captured at the surrender of Vicksburg on 4 July 1863; was paroled on 8 July; took part in the battle of Missionary Ridge; was promoted to First Lieutenant on the resignation of Captain deShazo during the Dalton-to-Atlanta campaign; was promoted again after Captain Nave was wounded at Marietta; was captured at Tupelo, Mississippi, in December 1864; took part in the battle of Nashville and the last fight at Bentonville; and was paroled 29 May 1865 at Talladega, Alabama, with rank of Captain. After the revolution, he returned to his wife in Alabama and raised seven children while working as express agent, telegraph operator, and hotel manager. His wife, Martha Josephine Wilson, died in 1881; he remarried Nannie Jones and raised two more sons.
  Ancestor added by Michael Gray on 1/9/2021
 Sgt Edward Harrington Mogan  
16th Mississippi Infantry - Co. A   
SERG. Edward Harrington Mogan is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Summit, MS.

Confederate headstone reads:
SERG Edward H Mogan
  Ancestor added by Michael Woodrick on 1/4/2021
 Pvt Chesley Simmons  
31st Virginia Infantry - Co. F   
My gggreat grandfather
  Ancestor added by Scott simmons on 12/31/2020
 Unk Whitmill Curry  
6th Alabama Infantry - Co.   
Enlisted on 1/29/1863 at Westbay, FL as a Private.
On 1/29/1863 he mustered into "C" Co. FL 11th Infantry
He Resigned on 5/29/1864 (Resigned due to illness)
Promotions: 2nd Lieut 4/26/1863 (As of Co. F)
Intra Regimental Company Transfers: 4/26/1863 from company C to company F
He also had service in: AL 6th Infantry
  Ancestor added by Marcus Maddox on 12/30/2020
 2 Lt Whitmill Curry  
11th Florida Infantry - Co. F   
Enlisted on 1/29/1863 at Westbay, FL as a Private.
On 1/29/1863 he mustered into "C" Co. FL 11th Infantry
He Resigned on 5/29/1864 (Resigned due to illness)
Promotions: 2nd Lieut 4/26/1863 (As of Co. F)
Intra Regimental Company Transfers: 4/26/1863 from company C to company F
He also had service in: AL 6th Infantry
  Ancestor added by Marcus Maddox on 12/30/2020
 Sgt James Robert George  
58th North Carolina Infantry - Co. C   
My 4x-great uncle. Born 1840 in Madison County, NC. Moved to London, Kentucky with his family before 1860. Returned to NC in late 1861 and joined Captain William Profitt's Partisan Rangers/Yancey Boys in Burnsville, then Co. C of the 58th NC Infantry in the Army of Tennessee. Served in Tennessee, Cumberland Gap, and the Battles of Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and in the Atlanta Campaign. Seriously wounded at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in June, 1864 and hospitalized in Asheville, NC. Originally dropped from company roll for desertion, but found to be serving in the hospital during his recovery. Moved back to Laurel County, KY after the war and operated a sawmill. Married Mahala Reams and fathered 10 children. Died July 11, 1903.
  Ancestor added by Jeff McFadden on 12/30/2020
Cherokee Legion - Co.   
  Ancestor added by DANNY ADAMS on 12/27/2020
 Cpl Samuel C Miller  
8th Indiana Infantry - Co. E   
Anderson, Madison county Indiana
  Ancestor added by William Heritage on 12/23/2020
 Pvt david e. d. chauncey  
28th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
The Civil War Research and Genealogy Database indicates that my cousin, David E.D. Chauncey, was missing on 8/11/1863, place not stated, no further record. What engagement would have taken place on that date, or did he just desert?
Thank you.
Rob Bolzendahl
Bountiful, Utah
  Ancestor added by robert bolzendahl on 12/18/2020
 Pvt Hugh Nathaniel Mclaurin  
27th Mississippi Infantry - Co. H   
Hugh Nathaniel Mclaurin enlisted Co H 10-2-1861, Marion, Jasper Co, MS, captured 12-16-1864 Nashville, held at Camp Douglas and released 6-19-1865, returned and lived in Jones Co MS and raised his family in the Erata area. DOB 12-9-1843 Died 12-6-1925. Enlisted same day as brother James Calvin, and cousin John WIlliam Mclaurin, one other cousin enlisted in H, Calvin Mclaurin. Both cousins died of disease during war. Brother survived the war. Info found through family history and in Robert C Wells book.
  Ancestor added by joseph sisk on 12/15/2020
 Pvt William Henry Harrison Stickley  
20th Indiana Infantry - Co. C   
An ancestor of mine is shown in some of the records as having been taken prisoner 1 Oct. 1861 at the Battle at Chicamacomico North Carolina and indicates imprisonment there - I have so far been unable to find any records about this - until a "Muster Out" date of 22 May 1862 which sounds like one of the early prisoner exchanges. I have no idea what happened after that but he did survive the war. If anyone can shed any light on this, please email me. Thanks !!!
  Ancestor added by Duane Mantick on 12/11/2020
 Pvt William Edward Vanmeter  
92nd Ohio Infantry - Co. D   
William was my great grandfather, served from August 1862 until July 1865.
  Ancestor added by Ken Anderson on 12/9/2020
 Unk Robert S Mangum  
21st Texas Cavalry - Co. C   
Robert enlisted in the Confederate Army on December 15, 1861, at Camp Carter, Texas. The enlisting officer was a Lt. Sharks. He reported for duty at Camp Herbert, near Hempstead, Texas on February 26, 1862. The army issued him a horse (value of $125) and equipment (valued at $20). Robert served in company C of the 21st Texas Cavalry, 1st Texas Lancers, 1st Regiment of Carter's Brigade. The 21st was one of several true lancer regiments, actually carrying 9-foot lances into battle. This practice did not last long, but the 21st did retain its mounted status. The 21st Cavalry saw action in Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana with (Rev.) Col. George W. Carter's & Col. William H. Parson's Brigade.
  Ancestor added by Mike Cox on 12/9/2020
 Pvt Samuel Jackson Mangum  
35th Texas Cavalry (Brown's) - Co. G   
Sam enlisted in the Confederate Army on November 9, 1861 at Brazoria, Texas, agreeing to serve for the duration of the war. His officer of enlistment was A.J. Rugeley. Sam was issued a horse valued at $80 and given $20 worth of equipment. Sam served in various units, primarily Rueben R. Brown's mounted regiment, 35th Texas Cavalry, company G and in the 13th Texas volunteers of Colonel Joseph Bates, 2nd company G & 1st company I (Melton's Squad) of Lt. Elijah G. Melton. Sam maintained the rank of private throughout his service. Company G of the 35th Texas Cavalry was organized May 24, 1862 and nicknamed the "Brazoria Rangers".
  Ancestor added by Mike Cox on 12/9/2020
 Unk John DuBose  
25th Texas Cavalry - Co. F   
Captured at Arkansas Post. Died at Camp Butler 1963.
  Ancestor added by Sue C Smith on 12/8/2020
 Pvt Thomas Jackson Weeks  
1st Alabama Cavalry - Co. C   
Thomas Jackson Weeks, ironically, was from a line of Yankee ancestors in New York State that were some of the original settlers of Long Island. However, he was born in Mississippi and settled in Cullman County, Alabama where he joined the Confederate Army there in August 1862 at Mount Tabor Church. He was wounded at Middleton, Tennessee, I presume on retreat from the Murfreesboro/Stones River campaign, and was honorably discharged in the spring of 1865. He collected a pension from the State of Alabama for his service and lived out his days in Hanceville, Alabama as a farmer with a large family from whom I am a descendant.
  Ancestor added by Brian Weeks on 12/6/2020
 Pvt Moses Perkins  
9th Alabama Infantry - Co. D   
Farmer from Oakland, Alabama. Enlisted in Confederate Army in May of 1861. His brother, James Wesley Perkins (same company), and father, Josiah Perkins (4th Alabama Cavalry), were in the war. He was present at the Siege of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Seven Pines, and was killed at Gaines's Mill, June 27, 1862.
  Ancestor added by Brian Weeks on 12/6/2020
 Cpl James Wesley Perkins  
9th Alabama Infantry - Co. D   
James Perkins was a farmer in Oakland, Alabama at time of enlistment in May of 1861. His brother and father were in the Confederate Army. His brother, Moses Perkins, was in the same company and was killed at Gaines's Mill. His father, Josiah Perkins, was in the 4th Alabama Cavalry with Roddy. He was present at Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Manassas No. 2, Salem Church and Gettysburg. He isn't on muster rolls after 1863, but was reported to have surrendered in Waterloo, AL at the close of the war as a corporal.
  Ancestor added by Brian Weeks on 12/6/2020
 Capt William Rombough Bissel  
8th Virginia Infantry - Co. A   
William Bissel was Captain of Company A of the 8th Virginia at the Battle of Gettysburg. Their regiment was in Longstreet's Corps, Pickett's Division, Garnett's Brigade at the time of Pickett's Charge. William received several wounds during the charge after the battle he was carried to the McAllister's sawmill hospital site. Surgeon Charles Wood (66th New York) reports that he had initially been stunned by a exploding shell and was struck in the leg, twice in the head and upper arm by bullets or fragments during the charge, several days later he had to amputate his arm, William's wife Margaret was notified of his dire condition at their home in Bel-Air, Md. where she started at once for the field of battle where she arrived to be by his side at the time of his death on July 17, 1863. Williams body had been disinterred twice and now rests in the Churchville Pres. Church Cemetery, Harford Co., Md.
  Ancestor added by Tom Cook on 11/28/2020
 Pvt William Tarbet  
128th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. B   
William Tarbit (Tarbet) joined the 128th on 8/14/1862 along with his brother in law (wife's brother) Samuel B. Parker. William was assigned to Company B Samuel was assigned to Company G. William was about 29 years old when he enlisted he was my 2nd Gt. Grandfather their Regiment fought in the morning fighting in the Cornfield on the D. R. Miller farm at Antietam in Sharpsburg, Md. The Regiment had been shot to pieces that morning their losses being about 34 KIA and 85 WIA. One of William Tarbit's daughters by the name of Elizabeth married Frank L. Webster and their 3rd son Ralph Jay Webster was my Grandfather. William Tarbit died in 1895 in Reading, Berks Co., Pa. and is buried there in the Charles Evans Cemetery under the name William Tarbet. William had brought a pair of binoculars home with him that he had picked up during the battle and they have been passed down through our family.

  Ancestor added by Tom Cook on 11/28/2020
 Pvt Henry Bassett  
3rd Arkansas Cavalry - Co. F   
Henry Bassett is my 3rd great grandmother's brother's son. He was a private in the 3rd Arkansas Confederate Calvary, Company F. He died in May of 1863. I don't have his records from Fold3 it'd be nice to have them though. Her brother and two nephews also served for Arkansas.
  Ancestor added by JD Mayo on 11/28/2020
 Sgt Andrew Jackson Richey  
35th Mississippi Infantry - Co. H   
Andrew Richey was a Sargent in the 35th Mississipi Infantry Company "H". He was killed at Corinth Mississippi 2 Oct 1862. Enlisted 1 Mar 1862.
  Ancestor added by Patrick Clifton on 11/21/2020
 Pvt Thomas Preston Taylor  
12th Kentucky Infantry - Co. C   
Born in Virginia in 1837. Moved to Clinton Co. in the mid 1850's with the Boohers of Sullivan Co. TN. while his parents and siblings remained in Virginia. Enlisted as a Private 3 OCT 1861 at Camp Hopkins, Clinton Co. KY. while his older brother enlisted in Floyd Co. VA in the Virginia 42nd Reg. (CSA). Pvt. Thomas P. Taylor was mustered out on disability March 16, 1863. He died mysteriously 8 years later on April 7, 1871 while delivering the mail to Creelsboro. He left behind a pregnant wife and 6 young children at the age of 34.
  Ancestor added by Matt Taylor on 11/19/2020

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