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 Pvt marcus morton parmenter  
15th Massachusetts Infantry - Co.   
Pvt. Marcus Morton Parmenter was born Sudbury, Massachusetts and raised in Shirley, Massachusetts where he was employed as a farm worker. Trained at Camp Wrightman he joined the 1st Andrew Sharpshooters attached to the 15th Massachusetts Regiment which saw action during the 1862 York Peninsula Campaign. During the Battle of Antietam the 15th Massachusetts attacked the West Woods area on the morning of September 17, 1862. Marcus was killed during that action with reported wounds to the head and chest. Combat reports suggest that Marcus and many others may have been killed by friendly fire from a green New York regiment located behind them in the attack toward the West Woods. The 15th Massachusetts suffered the highest casualties of any regiment at Antietam. Marcus body was lost on the battlefield and he lies in an unknown grave.
  Ancestor added by Ralph Parmenter Bennett on 10/16/2021
 1 Lt Benjamin Gaither Coon  
15th North Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Benjamin was born 28 Feb 1842 in Davie County NC. He was 19 years old when he enlisted on 3 May 1961 in the 5th Regiment NC. Vol's at Monroe, Union Co. NC. He enlisted as 1st Corporal. He is wounded on 16 April 1862 at Dam #1 Warwick Creek, Va. 4 Mar 1863 he is appointed to rank of 2nd Sgt and on 4 June 1863 to 1st Sgt. On 14 Oct 1863 he is seriously wounded in Battle of Bristo Station with [ gunshot wound to right thigh with mini ball lodged in bone ] He is sent to hospital at Salisbury, NC . The medical board recommends he be allowed to resign as he is unfit for duty of any kind. He recovers at home and on 26 Jan 1864 he returns to his company. On 4 April 1864 he is promoted to [Brevet] 2nd Lieut. and to full 2nd Lieut. on 17 June. ON 27 Oct 1864 his medical condition forces him to retire. He is assigned to the Invalid Corps under Lt. Gen T. H. Holmes. While on active duty he served with Cook's Brigade, Heath's Division, A.P. Hill's Corps Army of Northern Virginia. He died 22 Jan 1921 in Terrell, Kaufman Co. Texas and is buried in College Mound Cem. in that town. May God rest his soul. We are related by a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/15/2021
 Pvt Andrew Jackson Johnson  
4th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
Andrew was b. 16 Nov 1828 in Old Marion Co. SC. He enlisted in Marion Co at the age of 32. He has 13 cards in his archival file. On 22 April he is assigned extra duty as Company Commissary a job he held through out the war. Assigned to Department of SC, Fla & Ga. where they engaged the invaders at Black River fought on 13 Aug. 1862. In March 1864 they are sent to Virginia. Battles: Haws Shop, Matadequin Creek, Trevilian Station, Siege of Petersburg, Vaughn Rd. Burgess's Mill, Carolina Campaign. Monroe's Crossroads aka Fayetteville Road and Bentonville. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3x removed Mary J Hendrick. He died 17 Feb 1887 and is buried at Elizabeth Baptist Church in Mount Croghan, Chesterfield Co. SC.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/14/2021
 Pvt James Russell Starnes  
5th Mississippi Cavalry - Co. G   
James Was born in either Alabama or Miss. 5 Sept 1829. Enlisting at Meridian, Miss on 6 Oct 1863. He has 4 cards in this file and x number of cards in Co B 31st Mississippi Regiment of Infantry as 3rd Lieut. He had enlisted in the 31st 1 April 1862 in Orr's Regt, Miss. Vols. He contracted Measles which developed into Chronic Rheumatic Inflammation and a medical discharge on 4 Nov 1862. James married 4 times and his last wife Amanda McCown filed for pension on 1 Mar 1915 from Rice, Navarro Co Texas. and gave information on his duty with the 5th Miss. Cavalry stating he served with Captain Allen's Co. under Col. George. With the 31st his only actions were Bombardment of Vicksburg and Engagement at Baton Rouge La. His is the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/13/2021
 Unk Thornton Holman  
25th Battalion Virginia Infantry - Co. D   
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  Ancestor added by John Glazebrook on 10/13/2021
 Capt Milton Stanhope Austin  
52nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
Milton was born 1 Jan 1828 in Union Co. NC. He enlisted 8 March 1862 in Richmond Co. NC and mustered at Camp Mangum near Raleigh, NC. He has 81 cards in his archival file. Was assigned to Pettigrew's Brigade, Heath's Division, Army of Northern Virginia. Battles: Gettysburg where he was wounded [ shot in right foot on 3 July] sent to hospital in Richmond and was given furlough. Falling Waters, Bristo Station, Mile Run, Wilderness, Spotsylvania C.H., Cold Harbor, Globe Tavern, Ream's Station, Burgess Mill and Hatchers Run where he lost his right arm while charging the enemy. Inspection Report dated 30 Nov 1864. Heath's Corps, McCrea's Brigade, Hill's Corps states [ Lost right arm at Hatcher's Run and will retire. He was the husband of my [Annie Louise Burch ] 4th cousin 3 x removed. He entered as a 1st Lieut. and was promoted to Captain. He is buried at Chisholm Chapel, McLendon - Chisholm, Rockwall County, Texas.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/13/2021
 Pvt James Francis Burch  
7th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. H   
James was born 30 Aug 1844 in Mount Croghan, Chesterfield Co. SC and along with his brother Tristram traveled to Camden SC where they enlisted 21 Sept 1861 as Pvt. in Co H 7th SC Cavalry. He has 9 cards in his archival file 2 of which show him sick in the hospital. Battles include Petersburg Siege, New Market Heights, Ropes Farm, Saylors Creek and Appomattox. He is captured and taken as POW at Burksville on 6 April 1865 and sent to Point Lookout, Md. and released 24 June 1865. Described as being from the Chesterfield SC District. Complexion fair, Brown hair, Hazel eyes and 5 foot 5 3/4 inches tall. He died in Ruby, Mount Croghan Township, SC on 30 Aug 1908 and is buried at Deep Creek Baptist Church in Anson Co. NC. We are kin by marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/12/2021
 1 Lt Maximilian Frank Jackson  
26th South Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Maximilian was born 23 Nov 1839 in Chesterfield Township, Chesterfield, Chesterfield Co, SC. He has 49 cards in his archival file. He enlisted at Chesterfield Court House on 6 Jan 1862 and was elected to 1st Lieutenant on 29 Jan. He served honorably until his units surrender at Appomattox C.H. Va on 9 April 1865 he as with Wallace's Brigade. Battles: Bermuda Hundred, Petersburg Siege, The Crater, Fort Steadman, Five Forks and Appomattox. He died in 1909 and is buried at Elizabeth Baptist Church Cm. near his home in Mount Croghan, SC.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/12/2021
 Pvt John Burnett Timmons  
4th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. F   
John was born in Marion, Marion County SC in 1826. He enlisted in said county 14 Jan 1862 at age 35 in Capt D. Monroe's Co. SC, Vol's. aka 12th Battalion Cav. and 4th Squadron Cav. Until March of 1964 operated in South Carolina in Dept of Fla, Ga & SC when they were transferred to the Army of Northern Virginia. as 4th SC Cav. [Rutledge's] He has two cards in his archival file. His horse is valued at $150 and equipment at $10. Battles: Haws's Shop, Trevillian Station, Siege of Petersburg, Vaughn Road, Burgess's Mill, Carolina Campaign, Monroe's Crossing and Bentonville. He is the father in law of my [Sarah Penelope King] 4th cousin 3 x removed. I have not found a death date.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/11/2021
 2 Lt Peter Arnold Moore  
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Peter Was born 20 Dec 1838 in Chesterfield, Chesterfield Court House Township. South Carolina. He enlisted as a Pvt. at Florence SC on 13 April 1861. He served in Kennedy and Conner's Brigade, Kershaw's Division, Longstreet's Corps. Army of Northern Virginia. He is elected on the battle field as 2nd Lieut. on 14 Jan 1862. Battles: 1st Manassas, Malvern Hill, Harpers Ferry, Fredricksburg, Sharpsburg, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Chickaumaga, Cold Harbor and in total 23 major battles and numerous skirmishes. He married Katherine Rebecca Hinson and moved to Celina , Collin Co. Texas. He died 15 Oct 1915 and is buried in the Old Celina Cem. is same county. We are related by marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/11/2021
 Pvt Oliver Perry Edgeworth  
4th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
Oliver was born 30 Sep. 1830 in Chesterfield County, SC probably in the Court House Township. He enlisted at Cheraw, SC on 13 Mar 1862 by J.C. Graig for the war. He has 21 cards in his archival file most showing him assigned as a nurse in the regimental hospital. He is given a 10 day furlough beginning on 25 June 1863. His regiment was in Battles: Haw's Shop, Matadequin Creek, Trevilian Station, Vaughn Road, Burgess Mill. Carolina Campaign and others. He married Rachel T.M. Rogers in 1851. He was captured in Anson Co. NC and sent to Newbern and on to Point Lookout Md. Released 13 May 1865 after swallowing the "Yellow Dog" It is noted that his occupation is that of a Mechanic. He died 30 April 1898 and is buried along side his wife at Antioch Methodist Church. Hornsboro, Chesterfield Co. SC. He and five other nurses of his regiment requested to be detailed to help the poor and families of absent soldiers families / request was granted. We are related by marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/10/2021
 Pvt Clement L Vick  
Capt. Kelly's Company Light Artillery (Chesterfield Artillery) - Co.   
Clement was born 22 Feb 1844 in Chesterfield Co. SC. he enlisted in Kelly's Co. SC Light Artillery which was assigned to J.C. Coit's Battalion of Artillery. He has 20 cards in his archival file. He is out sick at home once. In Oct 1863 he is detailed to the Weldon Railroad. His unit saw action at Kelly's Store, Swift Creek, Battery Huger, Drewry's Bluff, Petersburg Siege and the Carolina Campaign. He survived the Northern Aggression and died 19 Oct 1901.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/10/2021
 Pvt David D Fitzgerald  
31st Louisiana Infantry - Co. B   
From Caldwell Parish, LA joined Company B, Regt 31 in Columbia, LA and reporting to Monroe 19 Apr 1862. Taken as prisoner of war at the Fall of Vicksburg 4 July 1863. Reported to Vienna, LA for prisoner exchange 1 Apr 1864. Paroled in Monroe 13 June 1865. Died in Grayson, Caldwell Parish, LA 08 Oct 1891.
  Ancestor added by Nelwyn Madison on 10/9/2021
 1 Lt John Leonidas Goodman  
17th Georgia Infantry - Co. H   
John was born 13 Feb 1838 in Cabarrus Co. North Carolina. The family moved to Harris County Georgia when he was young and he is found on the 1850 census at about 12 years old. He was elected to rank of 1st Lieutenant 6 June 1862. Assigned to Benning's Brigade, Field's Division, Longstreet's Corps Army of Northern Virginia. He has 29 pages in his archival file. He suffered from Chronic Diarrhoea and Odontalgia [ tooth ache ] He served honorably for his entire career. His last battle was at Appomattox C.H. He surrendered there and was paroled at Appomattox. He was the husband of Margaret Anna Burch a distant cousin of mine. He moved to Heath, Rockwall County Texas after 1870 and he and his wife are buried in the city cemetery.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/8/2021
 Pvt James Kelly Rivers  
6th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. D   
James was born 28 Aug 1845 in Mount Croghan, Chesterfield Co. SC. He was about 18 when he enlisted in 16th Battalion Partisan Rangers aka 1st Partisan Rangers [Aiken's] This became Co D of the 6th SC Cav. He has 5 cards in his archival file. Enlisted at Chesterfield, South Carolina 1 Sept 1863 by Captain Evans for the war. He was wounded 23 Aug. 1864 at the battle of Reams Station. He was given a 60 day furlough from the hospital at Petersburg. His unit was engaged in the following battles: Spotsylvania C.H., North Anna, Cold Harbor, Vaughn Road, Carolina Campaign and Monroe's Crossroads on 10 Mar 1865. His Regiment had been transferred to the Army of Tennessee and surrendered at the Bennett Place, NC. He died 17 Sep 1928. May God rest his soul.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/4/2021
 Pvt John Furguson Davis  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
John was born 1 Feb 1833 in Chesterfield, Chesterfield Co. SC. He enlisted 20 Dec 1861 in Capt. B.T. Davis' Co. SC Vol's. The regiment mustered at Georgetown, South Carolina 10 Jan 1862. John suffered from rheumatism and was given a medical discharge for same on 18 Jan 1863 at Morris Island, Charleston Harbor. He at some time rejoined his regiment as he is found in the hospital at Summerville, SC 31 Dec 1863. He moved with his regiment to Virginia where he is captured near Petersburg 24 June 1864. He is held as POW at Fort Monroe and then transferred to Elmira, NY. He married Templelton Rebecca Jane Smith. They are buried at Antioch Methodist Church in Hornsboro, Chesterfield Co. SC. We are related by a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/3/2021
 4th Cpl Jacob Troup  
49th Georgia Infantry - Co. F   
Jacob was born 2 Oct 1838 in Irwinsville, Irwin Co. Ga. He has 22 cards in his archival file. He enlisted 4 March 1862 when the Regiment was forming at Irwinsville, Ga. He was wounded 9 Aug 1862 in the battle of Cedar Mountain Va. Extent of injuries not stated. He rejoined his Regiment and was appointed to rank of 4th Corporal on 1 Nov 1864. He served with Thomas's Brigade A.P. Hill's Division, 2nd Corps, Army of North Virginia. He was involved in 18 major battles including Gettysburg, He married Sealy " Celia" Ann Hogan and died 27 May 1922. They are buried at Chipola Primitive Baptist Church, Altha, Calhoun Co Fla. He applied for a pension and it was granted. We are related by a distant marriage / no blood but married in kin /
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 10/2/2021
 Pvt Amaniah Lee  
11th Florida Infantry - Co. A   
This is my great grandfather. He survived the war. He passed on March 9, 1882. His son was Thomas Jefferson Lee who was my grandfather and served in WW2 I'm not sure if Amaniah was captured or if he was one of the enlisted from company A who surrendered. My father, Johnnie C. Lee was USAF with the 366th TFW in DaNang.
  Ancestor added by John Lee on 9/29/2021
 Pvt Alexander Hamilton Barrington  
26th South Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Alexander was born 2 Dec 1823 in Martlboro Co. SC. He enlisted 4 Feb 1864 at age abt 45. He served in Elliott's and Wallace's Brigades in Va. Was engaged in the Siege of Petersburg The Crater. He was captured at Fort Steadman on 25 Mar 1865. A POW at Point Lookout, Md and released 14 May 1865 after swallowing the yellow dog. He married Caroline Mason and is buried at the LIles Cem, in Marlboro Co SC .
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/26/2021
 Pvt Cornelius S Newton  
4th South Carolina State Troops - Co. F   
Cornelius was born in 1817 in the Marlboro District of SC. He married Clarissa Stubbs. He was 46 years old when he enlisted in the 30th SC Militia. and merged with Capt. Nelson M Gibson's Co. which became Co F 4th State Troops. This unit was made up of the very young and very old men as all others were already in the fight. He has 4 cards in his CSA archival file. When it was learned that he was the Miller for his area back home it was determined he was essential to the community and was discharged 31 Oct 1863 for that reason. He died in 1865 the reason not know.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/24/2021
 Pvt Harris A Stanton  
4th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
Harris was born 31 Jul 1830 in Marlboro Co. South Carolina. He was married to Mary Caroline McLaurin. He has 3 cards in his CSA archival file. He was enlisted 26 Dec 1861 at Cheraw, SC by J.C. Craig for 12 months. This Regiment is also known as Co A 12th Battalion Cavalry 4th Squadron. Much of the history of the 4th Cavalry was burned it is difficult to follow the consolidations of units. After consolidation with the 10th SC Cavalry on 16 Dec 1862 it was re-designated as the 4th SC Cavalry. It remained in the Dept. of SC, Ga. & Fla and saw its first action on 4 May 1863 at Murray's Inlet. It moved north and saw action at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania C.H. , North Anna, Va. Hawe's Shop, Cold Harbor, Petersburg Siege. Vaughn Road and the Carolina Campaign. It ended its service under Logan's Brigade, Butlers Division, Hampton's Cavalry Command, Army of Tennessee April 1865. He died 2 May 1897 and is buried beside his wife in the family Stanton Cem. Clio, Marlboro Co. SC
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/24/2021
 Sgt James M Bostick  
38th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
James was born in the Fair Ground Twp of Richmond Co. NC in 1838. He enlisted at Troy, Montgomery Co. NC 13 May 1864 at age of abt 26. He was promoted to Sergeant 15 Oct 1864. He was captured 3 April 1865 at the battle of Hatchers Run. He was sent to Point Lookout and on to Harts Island in New York Harbor. He swallowed the yellow dog on 19 June 1865 and was released. He must have been very sick as he died that year. He is described as having a dark complexion and hair, grey eyes and 6 foot 1/2 inches tall. His battles were: The Petersburg Siege, Globe Tavern, Ream's Station, Fort Harrison, Jones Farm and Hatchers Run where he was captured. May God rest his soul.

  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/23/2021
 Pvt George Thomas Gualt  
5th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. K   
George was born in Kelton, Union Co. SC Nov. 1844 he enlisted in Co K 5th SC Cavalry at Columbia on 27 Jan 1863[ Ferguson's] Co. K was known as [ The Mountain Rangers] He has 16 cards in his archival file. He is hospitalized twice for illness. He lost his horse and was on detached duty to find one from 19 Dec 1863 - 8 Jan 1864. He is sick in the hospital at Richmond with boil's on his arm, he has no horse. On 23 Aug 1864 he is in the Jackson Hosp at Richmond he is assigned to Butler's Brigade. His Regiment was in the following battles: Wilderness, Spotsylvania C.H., Haw's Shop, Cold Harbor, Siege at Petersburg, Louisa C.H., Trevilian Station, Reame's Station, Vaughn Road, Burges Mill and the Carolina Campaign. May God rest his soul. He is relate to me thru a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/19/2021
 3rd Cpl John Farlow Wardlow  
60th Georgia Infantry - Co. C   
John was born 31 Dec 1843 In Whitfield Co. Ga. He was 15 in 1860. He enlisted 19 Sep 1861 in Walker's Independent's commanded by J.C. Wardlow. This became Co C 60th Ga. Infantry. He was wounded by a shell fragment in the back at the battle of Fredricksburg. He was appointed to the rank of 3rd Corporal on 1 April 1863. He served honorably thru the war. He is listed on a POW Roll dated 17 May 1865 at Columbus. Miss. He died in 1919 and is buried at Lafayette City Cem, Walker Co. Ga. He fought in every battle except for the wounded furlough of 60 days at Fredricksburg. Malvern Hill, Bristo Station, 2nd Manasses, Antietam, Chancelorsville, Gettysburg, Spotsolvania, Cedar Creek , Hatchers Run and Fort Steadman.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/6/2021
 3rd Cpl Thomas Marion Richards  
21st Tennessee Cavalry - Co. A   
1832-1919 Enlisted on 1 Aug 1863. Wounded in the back at the Battle of Tishomingo Creek on 10 June 1864.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 9/5/2021

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