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 Pvt John Nelson Jarrod Coker  
Battalion of State Cadets - Co. H   
John was born in 1828 in Sumter Co. SC. He was 33 years old when he enlisted in Co H 26th SC Inf. on 14 Feb 1863 at Mcellanville, SC. His Regimental history shows he was engaged at: Jackson Siege, Bermuda Hundred, Petersburg Siege where he was wounded. The Crater. Fort Stedman and Five Forks before his unit surrendered at Appamattox on 21 Apr 1865. His wounds affected him the rest of his life. He died 20 Dec 1893 at Tuberville, Clarendon Co. SC. He has a proper CSA stone.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/20/2019
 1st Sgt George W McEwen  
49th Ohio Infantry - Co. H   
Killed in action May 27, 1864 at Pickett’s Mill, Georgia. Research says most were buried on the battlefield but reinterred in 1866 in the Marietta National Cemetery. No sign of George burial here. Any ideas how to find out if he is at Marietta?
  Ancestor added by Dawnlon on 7/18/2019
 Pvt Robert Laney  
Thomas' Legion - Co. I   
Father-in-law of 1st cousin 3 x removed. Enlisted and mustered on 3/15/1862 at Caldwell County, NC as a Private into "I" Co. NC 26th Infantry. Wounded 7/1/1862 Malvern Hill, VA (Left hand). Returned 9/30/1862. He was discharged for disability on 5/9/1863 (Paralysis of left hand). Applied for pension, 7/1/1901.
  Ancestor added by Glenn Land on 7/11/2019
 Pvt Thomas M. Hendricks  
27th South Carolina Infantry - Co. K   
Thomas M. Hendricks enlisted as a Private in Company K, 27th South Carolina Infantry on February 17, 1863 at Charleston, South Carolina. He was on detached service at Fort Sumter March - April 1864. He was captured near Petersburg, Virginia on June 24, 1864 and imprisoned at Bermuda Hundred yankee prison, Virginia and transferred to Fort Monroe yankee prison, Virginia on June 25, 1864. He was transferred to Point Lookout yankee prison, Maryland on June 27 and forwarded to Elmira yankee prion, New York onAugust 16, 1864. He died at Elmira of pneumonia on November 13, 1864. He was transferred to Company B of the 27th while a POW.
  Ancestor added by Charles Hendrix on 7/10/2019
 Pvt James P. Hendricks  
22nd South Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Enlisted 18 Jan 1862 for 12 months...
  Ancestor added by Charles Hendrix on 7/10/2019
 Pvt Preston H Wooley  
44th North Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Preston was from Mount Gilead, Montgomery Co NC. He was in poor health but insisted on enlisting, which he did on 2 Mar 1863. His unit moved to Richmond where he was afflicted by Typhoid Fever. He died 23 May 1863 about 10 weeks after enlistment.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/4/2019
 Pvt John Lucius Phelps  
37th Georgia Infantry - Co. B   
My great grandfather. Confirmed by grave marker and application for Confederate Soldiers Pension in Florida (1920). Enlisted 21 July 1861. Re-enlisted April 1864. Wounded in Battle of Resaca on 15 May 1864.
  Ancestor added by James H Sterling on 7/1/2019
 Pvt William L Bechtel  
21st Pennsylvania Cavalry - Co. H   
At sixteen years, he enlisted in the Twenty-first Pennsylvania Cavalry, a three-year regiment, and participated in every engagement until mustered out August 16, 1865. After the Civil War he enlisted in the United States Infantry and, at the end of ten years, retired as a lieutenant. He applied for and received a pension for his service in 1891.
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 7/1/2019
 Capt George Hewitt Daniel  
8th Georgia Infantry State Guards (CSA) - Co. I   
George Hewitt Daniel, Captain and Adjutant of the 8th Regt., Georgia State Guard, on the Staff of Gen. Iverson was home on leave in Covington, GA when Gen. Sherman's cavalry under Brig Gen Kenner Garrard came through on a raid in late July 1864. Capt. Daniel, was captured, tried and executed.
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 7/1/2019
 Capt James McQueen Easterling  
6th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) - Co. C   
James M. Easterling was listed as head of this company known as the 'Walker Guards' formed Aug 1863.
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 6/30/2019
 Unk Thomas Edmund Batchelor  
12th North Carolina Infantry - Co. H   
Enlisted March 1, 1862; Mustered out/transferred July 22, 1862.
Died august 10, 1862.
  Ancestor added by Chris Alford on 6/29/2019
 Pvt Daniel M Ball  
4th North Carolina Infantry - Co. H   
lost left arm at Cold Harbor / Chickahominy 27 June 1862
  Ancestor added by Robert Hawks on 6/27/2019
 Sgt Oscar H. Shields  
2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry - Co. C   
Oscar H. Shields was born in Philadelphia in 1826. A butcher by trade he enlisted on August 28, 1861. He served out his 3-year enlistment and was mustered out on August 28, 1864. He died in Philadelphia in 1887.
  Ancestor added by Jim Rickards on 6/25/2019
 Sgt John A Coffey  
60th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
John enlisted May 17, 1862 as a private..
  Ancestor added by Rick Coffey on 6/25/2019
 Pvt John Sherman Farthing  
37th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
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  Ancestor added by Robert Farthing on 6/24/2019
 Capt William Young Farthing  
37th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
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  Ancestor added by Robert Farthing on 6/24/2019
 Capt Thomas V Sanford  
47th Virginia Infantry - Co. C   
book on the 47th Virginia by 'The Virginia Regimental History Series' by Homer D. Musselman, 1991, p. 153 says:
Sandford, Thomas V.: enl. 7/16/61 in Co. C. Present thru 8/31/62. Promoted to Lt. in Co. D on 9/23/62. Assigned AQM on 9/15/63. Detailed 4/11/64. Revoked 4/21/64
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 6/24/2019
 Pvt William P Sanford  
47th Virginia Infantry - Co. C   
book on the 47th Virginia by 'The Virginia Regimental History Series' by Homer D. Musselman, 1991, p. 153 says:
Sandford, William P.: enl. 5/16/61 in Co. C. On furlough in Westmoreland Co. for March 1862. KIA at Frayser's Farm on 6/30/62
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 6/24/2019
 Unk Richard Berkely Carter  
22nd Mississippi Infantry - Co. K   
It was believed that he was a shoemaker during the war. But, according to widow's pension applications of his 2nd wife, Mrs S. J. Carter of Lafayette Co. MS, her husband R. B. Carter (whom she married in 1884) served in Co. K, 22d Mississippi
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 6/24/2019
 Pvt Jeddiah Meaders  
Cherokee Legion - Co. H   
He was 'detailed' 11-10-63.
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 6/24/2019
 4th Sgt Jesse L Melton  
26th South Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Jesse was 21 years old in 1860. He enlisted at the Court House in Chesterfield Co SC on 21 Dec 1861 by Capt Graham in Co E 9th Battn: Sc Vols. This unit suffered huge losses and was consolidated to form Co F 26th Regiment SC Inf. In Feb of 1863 he is Lieut Bakers Command. He suffered from Typhoid Fever. He is captured at Petersburg on 1 April 1865 and paroled on 29 June 1865.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 6/23/2019
 Pvt Elijah Sturgill  
Three Forks Battalion, Kentucky State Troops - Co. F   
From gravestone at FindAGrave at Wise Cemetery; Elijah was Grandfather to my Grandmother.
  Ancestor added by Byron R Winchell on 6/22/2019
 Pvt Archibald Alexander Campbell  
26th South Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Archibald was born in the Angelus rural Community of Jefferson Township, Chesterfield County SC. He was abt 24 when he enlisted as Pvt Capt D. S Wadsworth's Co E 9th Battn: SC Infantry. Enlisted by N. F. Graham at the Chesterfield Co. Court House on 2 Dec 1861. He was wounded twice in Richmond by a gunshot wound to his Left shoulder and again at Petersburg by a mini ball to his left thigh. He was a POW and was paroled at Richmond on 25 May 1865. We are related by a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 6/20/2019
 Pvt Arnuah Norton  
60th Ohio Infantry - Co. H   
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  Ancestor added by Fred Shon Powers on 6/20/2019
 Pvt Francis Respress  
61st Virginia Militia - Co. B   
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  Ancestor added by Peter M Ochsenfeld on 6/20/2019
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