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Images of War: United States Airborne Divisions 1942-2018
By Michael Green

Hardcover: 216 pages
Published: May 30, 2019

A Review by Brian Williams

This is another book in the Images of War series that is made up of rare photographs from wartime archives and other sources. Like all the Images of War books, it contains hundreds of photos. This particular book pulls mostly from the National Archives, Department of Defense, museums and various other sources.

It consists of four chapters:
  Chapter 1. Getting it Together
  Chapter 2. Late-War Action
  Chapter 3. The Cold War Era
  Chapter 4. Post-Cold War

Each chapter has a 10-15 page introduction which gives background and history for the included photos. Green writes quite a bit about each photo (2-3 sentences on average) - giving identification of the photo and history behind it along with trivia.

Chapter 1 is dedicated to the formation of the US Army's Airborne Command and its entrance into WWII. Most of the photos come from the National Archives, the USAF Museum and personal collections. Chapter 2 covers later WWII from Operation Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge up to the end of the war. Chapter 3 covers the Korean War, aircraft, equipment and weapons changes, South-East Asia, Central America and the Middle East. Chapter 4 covers recent changes to the organization and equipment, involvment in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Global Response Force.

I was impressed with Images of War: United States Airborne Divisions 1942-2018 and think it would be a welcome addition to anyone interested in airborne history and photography. It's a great addition to the Images of War family of books.

About the Author:

Michael Green is the author of numerous acclaimed books in the Images of War series including Armoured Warfare in the Vietnam War, Aircraft Carriers of the US Navy, The Patton Tank, US Naval Aviation 1911-2014, US Infantry Weapons of the Second World War, M1 Abrams Tank, Combat Aircraft of the USAF, Allied Tanks of the Second World War, Allied AFVs of the Second World War, Axis Tanks of the Second World War, Axis AFVs of the Second World War, US Military Helicopters and US Cold War Tanks and AFVs. He lives in Dale City, California.
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