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Lost Honour, Betrayed Loyalty: The Memoir of a Waffen-SS Soldier on the Eastern Front
By Herbert Maeger

Hardcover: 272 pages
Published: February 8, 2020

A Review by Brian Williams

Lost Honour, Betrayed Loyalty: The Memoir of a Waffen-SS Soldier on the Eastern Front is a memoir by Belgian Herbert Maeger who was blackmailed into joining the Waffen-SS in 1941. He trained with the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler and was a frontline driver in the Soviet Union and saw combat in Kharkov and Kursk.

Later in the war he retrained as SS paramedic but was transferred to a SS penal division where he was forced to fight on the Oder Front. In May, 1945 he was captured by the Russians and served in the infirmary and he was shortly released later that year.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Recruit in the Leibstandarte
Chapter 2: My Arrival on the Russian Front
Chapter 3: First Half of 1942: Six Months on the Russian Front
Chapter 4: Second Half of 1942: France - Dieppe
Chapter 5: My Second Winter in Russian
Chapter 6: The Battles of Kursk and Belgorod
Chapter 7: Italian Intermezzo
Chapter 8: Six Months Leave from the War
Chapter 9: From Junker School to the 'Crossbones Division'
Chapter 10: By Tram to the Front
Chapter 11: The Death Martch to the West
Chapter 12: Tn Trebbin PoW Camp
Chapter 13: The 'Homecoming'

This memoir by Herbert Maeger gives a fascinating insight into the the Eastern front from one of the most elite units in the German Army. Since he is Belgian, he is especially able to give a unique perpective of the German war machine and the fighting on both the Easter and Western fronts. He has no love for the German war machine and soon becomes disallusioned with it. Which gets him into serious trouble and eventually sent to a penal unit.

I really enjoyed this book because Maeger is so detailed and his writing is exceptional. And especially because his memoir offers an intricate view into the every day life of life both on and off of the front lines. I highly recommend this book and it is a must-read book for anyone interested in fighting on the Eastern Front and/or life in the Waffen SS and Germany army.

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