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Company C
Henry Procter
- Private
The 30th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Few regiments traveled as far as did the 30th in its three-year life. Mustered into service in October 1862 it spent its first days putting down resistance to the draft. Sent to St. Louis in May 1863, it was on Sully's Northwestern Indian Expedition up the Missouri in 1864. During its life most companies served away from the regimental headquarters, as far apart as Milwaukee and Davenport, Iowa. After service in the Dakota Territories, the regiment was sent back to Kentucky in late 1864. There the unit saw provost duty, with many of its members being used to escort prisoners from the front to the rear. The regiment was finally mustered out September 20, 1865. Throughout its service it had lost only two enlisted men actually killed in action, although another two officers and 65 enlisted men died from disease.
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Company D
Ephraim E. Bemis
- Private
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Company E
Nathan Anderson
- Corporal
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Company E
george p smith
- Private
George is my great-granduncle.
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Company G
Samuel Merle Spear
- Private
Died of disease in Louisville, Kentucky hospital July 15,1865
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Company H
John Thompson
- Corporal
John Thompson, my 2nd Great Grandfather, mustered into the 7th WIS Co I on Aug 2, 1861. John was mustered out on April 1, 1862 due to a disability (not sure what) sick? John mustered in again on Aug 21, 1862 this time with the 30th WIS Co. H. He mustered in as a Second Coporal then later promoted to Coporal. John was mustered out on Sept 20, 1865. In 1866 he and his wife pioneered to South Dakota. John led a fantastic full life. John was a Norwegian emigrant, Civil War Veteran, Norwegian Pioneer, Farmer and he founded the Township of Sverdrup in the Dakota Territory. He built the first log house in Sverdrup Township and staked claim. A School Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, Member of the first school board. The First Superintendent of Schools for Minnehaha County. First Chairman of the Board for Minnehaha County Commissioners. Member of the Dakota Territorial Assembly for 3 terms. First township assessor for Sverdrup Township. President of the Board of directors of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. First bell ringer, trustee and parish clerk of the Nidaros Luthern Church. John died on 2 Jul 1913, and is buried in the Nidaros pioneer cemetery near Baltic South Dakota.
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Company I
Alexander Seldon Boyer
- Private
Alexander Seldon Boyer (DU) was born about 1818 in Pennsylvania, and died Apr. 5, 1866, in Bloomer, Chippewa Co., Wisconsin, after suffering from heart, lung, and liver illnesses, acquired as a Union Soldier in the Civil War.

When he was a small boy his family moved to Tennessee. At age 22, his father gave him $500.00 in gold and silver which he put in a body belt and wore around his waist. He went to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where he worked in a lumber mill for two years and met his wife. From there he went to Bloomer Prairer, Wisconsin and bought a farm. He served with Company I, 30th Wisconsin Infantry, 1863-1865, having joined the Union Army at Eau Claire, Wisconsin in December 1863, when he reported he was forty-one years old. After becoming ill and being discharged from the Army on 1 Aug 1865, Alexander died the following spring, leaving his family in the care of the town of Bloomer. Mr. Joseph R. Maloney, then being the Town Supervisor, became guardian of his children.

I do have a Civil War Photo of Alexander Seldon Boyer

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Company K
Wesley P. Taylor
- Private
He enlisted on 9 Jan 1863 and died on the 27 Jan 1863. His wife died in Feb of same year in childbirth but the child Ella Survived and received pension benifits. It looks like her parents raised her to adulthood.
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Company Field & Staff
Samuel Casamer
- 1st Lieutenant
Douglas M. Casamer, Author of the book. 'The History of the Michigan Twenty-Second Infantry and the Men Who Served.' A 8/5' x 11' Frmat History book, with hundreds of documents, pictures, CVDs, and written material, Presently working on the Tenth Michigan Infantry.If you have any material on the Tenth Michigan please make contact: dmcasamer@gmail.com

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