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Company Unknown
Thomas James Handy
- Sergeant
Thomas is a direct maternal ancestor. I would like to know more detail about his war exploits or even his earlier life. I know that his father, Chauncy joined up with the 2nd Wisconsin Cav. I don''t know much detail about him either other than that he was given a medical discharge.
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Company A
Joseph L. Wines
- Private
An item appeared in the Stevens Point Weekly Journal on 28 July 1883 which said: 'Junction City, July 23.- Joseph L. Wines, an old resident of this town, was run over and killed by the cars near this station about 12 o'clock last Saturday night. At the inquest, the jury brought in a verdict that deceased came to his death by being run over by the cars while under the influence of liquor furnished him at the saloon of Eliza Russell.'

The following is the jury's report: 'An inquisition taken from Carson in the County of Portage, on the 23d day of July, 1883, before Chas. Holbrook, one of the Justices of the Peace of said County, upon the view of the body of Joseph L. Wines, there dead, by the Jurors whose names are hereunto subscribed, who being duly sworn to inquire on behalf of this state, when in what manner and by what means the said J.L. Wines came to his death, upon their oaths do say, that the said J.L. Wines came to his death on the night of the 21 day of July, 1883, at 12 o'clock, by being run over by a train of freight cars on the Wisconsin Valley Division of the C.M. & St. Paul R.R., 737 feet north of Stopping Post, North of Junction City Station. We further find that the deceased was under the influence of intoxicating liquor furnished him at the saloon in Junction City, controlled and run by E. Russell, in such quantities as to render him unable to guard against danger.'
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Company B
William W. Soper
- Private
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Company F
Commodore Perry Drinkwine
- Private
Enlisted as a Private on 19 April 1861.
Mustered out on 10 July 1864.
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Company H
Lyman Prouty
- Private
Dont have much on Lyman Prouty with the 4th Wis Cav. Any info would be a huge help, Thanks
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