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Company A
Jonathan Chapman
- Private
He died of consumption in the hospital at Benton Barracks, Saint Louis, Missouri on 18 Dec 1862. He never married, his family lived near Jefferson, Wisconsin. He is buried in Ward Cemetery, Jefferson County he was 27 years, 2 mos. and 10 days old. His parents were Edmund and Mary Ann Chapman of Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin, they immigrated from Treneglos, Cornwall, England in 1846.
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Company C
William M. Ogden
- Private
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Company D
George D Babbitt
Rank Unknown
Birth: Apr. 13, 1844
Massachusetts, USA
Death: Sep. 15, 1879
Harvey County
Kansas, USA

Parents, Gideon and Elizabeth M. Simmons Babbitt

Enlisted in Company D 1st Regiment of Wis. Cavalry Volunteers 16 of Dec 1863 and was Discharged July 19 1865

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Company E
Abner Hyland
- Private
Enlisted November 23, 1861. Killed in action September 12, 1862 at Bloomfield, MO.
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Company F
Tuffle Snow
- Blacksmith
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Company G
William Sandon
- 1st Lieutenant
I have his application for a pension, written in his hand, with details about his capture, imprisonment by the Confederacy, and release.
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Company G
Fletcher Dela Seaman
- Private
Fletcher Seaman enlisted in the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry on September 20, 1861 at the age of 19. He served with his regiment in various engagements in Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky and Arkansas. Fletcher became ill suffering Malaria, chronic diarrhea and a dislocation of his left hip. He was honorably discharged on October 29, 1862 at St. Louis, Missouri. On October 24, 1864, Fletcher reenlisted with the 2nd Minnesota Infantry, Co. A as a private. He went back to service as a substitute for Alonzo W. Barron,Esq. Fletcher served with the 2nd Minnesota until his discharge on July 11, 1865.
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Company I
Joseph Eschenbach
- Private
Photo of Joseph Eschenbach and several men of his unit is available online in the Wis. Historical Society website.
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Company M
Milton H. Jones
- Corporal
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Company Field & Staff
Stephen V. Shipman
- Major
July 1 1861 entered as 1st Lt. of Co.G. Detailed Regt adjutant.Capt. of Co.E, senior Major of regt. Lt.Colonel and Colonel by brevet.Had three horses killed under him. Wounded May 2, and Sept.26 1862 at Cape Girardeau, and again severely Apr. 24, 1864, at which time he was captured as a prisioner of war and released on parole.Recovered sufficiently from wounds to rejoin regt with Wilson's Cavalry Corps. Served on staff of General Wilson.Mustered out by speciaal order of War Department on Dec. 6, 1865 after collecting rebel archives and plans and reporting with them to Washington. Noted architect post war in upper midwest. Buried at Forest Hill cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin.
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