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42nd Tennessee Infantry      
Company Unknown
Levi McCullum - Lt. Colonel   
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Company Unknown
James Daniel Murphree - 1st Sergeant   
Captured Fort Donaldson Feb. 1862. Exchanged Sept. 1862. Wounded in Battle of Franklin, lost left leg, captured Dec. 1864. Released at war's end.
Contact Name:  John Petty Murphree
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Date Added:  7/14/2010
Company Unknown
Francis Marion Teasley - Unknown   
42nd Infantry (Tennessee) per family oral history and U.S. Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865
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Company A
John A. Wills - Unknown   
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Company B
alexander cox - Private   
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Company B
Dennis Jones Easley - Captain   
Was born abt 1830,the son of Richard Millington Easley and Martha Jones. He married Sarah Jane Carothers. Had children Mary E., Millington, and Dennis Jones. One son, Dennis Jones, moved to Texas where he died in 1944. I am unsure of his (Capt. Dennis Jones') death date; though some researchers think that he died in 1866, I have found no evidence to support (or refute) it. If anyone can help fill in the missing pieces of his family and military life, I would appreciate it.
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Company B
George C Petty - Private   
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Company D
Mansil M Crisp - 2nd Sergeant   
Mansil has 6 cards in his archival file. He joined the fight on 27 Sept 1862 at Jackson. He enlisted for 2 years in Co D 42nd Tennessee Infantry. He was a 2nd Sergt.on 31 Oct of 1862 and was on detached recruiting duty. His unit was reorganized several time.
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Date Added:  2/5/2016
Company E
William Elbert Roberts - Private   
Private Roberts became ill with peunomia during siege of Port Hudson LA and was moved to Jackson LA. He died and is buried at the state insane asylum there. The asylum was used as a hospital for the severly ill after the CSA abandoned Jackson to the north.
Contact Name:  Dennis Teague
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Date Added:  1/14/2010
Company E
James Lawler Thomas - Private   
Enlisted in Bridgeport, AL in 1861. Captured at Fort Donelson (Dover, TN) in Febuary, 1862 while serving with 42nd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry. Exchanged in August 1862. Re-enlisted in 55th Alabama Infantry in September of 1862 at Clinton, Mississippi. Died on 01-20-1915 in Bridgeport, AL and buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetary (Jackson County, AL).
Contact Name:  Kevin E. Thomas
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Date Added:  6/22/2005
Company F
Duncan Campbell - Private   
Discharge 10 Feb. 1863
Contact Name:  Ray Campbell
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Company F
Lafayette Adam Stultz - Private   
Enlisted in Company F, Virginia 42nd Infantry Regiment on 22 Jun 1861.Died during the war
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Company F
Issac Taylor Woolard - 2nd Lieutenant   
Applied for pension while living in Yell County, Arkansas.
Would like to hear from anyone who can give me information on the battles, etc. of this Company. The Southern Cross of Honor was bestowed June 1903, at Dardanelle,AR, by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. This is all the information I have on my great-grandfather so any additional information will be greatly appreciated.
Contact Name:  Georgana Kimble
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Date Added:  10/2/2005
Company G
George Montgomery Pardue - Captain   
B. Cheap Hill, Montgomery County Tenn. 7/19/1839 (Cheatham County created from a part of Montgomery County in 1856); He and younger brother William James joined regiment at organization in Montgomery County 1861 as 1st Lt.;captured along with regiment at Ft. Donelson;enlisted men sent to Camp Douglas hell-hole, Chicago (via steamboat 'empress' according to Shelby Foote to Cairo, thence St. Louis, thence by rail to Camp Douglas); officers including George and James sent to Camp Chase (Columbus, Ohio) for short time and then to Johnson Island confederate prison when it opened in late April 1862. Exchanged in Sept. 1862 at Vicksburg, Miss.; Unit reformed at Port Hudson, La. and operated there. George, later promoted to Capt. survived through the war. James KIA May 27, 1864, possibly around Adairsville, Ga. George returned home after the war, married and later served in Tennessee General Assembly. Died Robertson County 1913.
Contact Name:  Diana H. Hunt
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Date Added:  7/7/2009
Company G
William James Pardue - 4th Sergeant   
James and his older brother George M. were captured at Ft. Donelson in Feb 1862. James was a 4th the time. George was a 1st Lt. They were imprisoned at camp chase near Columbus, Ohio for a short period and then sent to Johnson Island confederate prison, Lake Erie, near Sandusky, Ohio. They were exchanged in Sept. 1862 at Vicksburg and stationed at Ft. Hudson La. The 42nd(a part of Maxey's Brigade) withdrew from Pt. Hudson shortly before it fell, moving to Jackson, Miss where it later participated in Battles around Jackson in July, 1863. In August, 1863, Wm. A. Quarles was promoted to Brigadier of the brigade and it became known as Quarles Brigade, assigned to Johnston's Army of Tennessee. The brigade was later sent to fight in the Atlanta Campaign. James was KIA May 27, 1864-it is believed but not yet confirmed that he was KIA at the Battle of Pickett's Mill, Ga. George survived the war and later served a term in the Tennessee General Assembly. Any info on James, his rank at the time and place of death would be appreciated.
Contact Name:  Diana H. Hunt
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Date Added:  7/10/2009
Company H
Robert G Nixon - Private   
I have very little information on Robert, but I know this. He is my great great grandfather and served with the 42nd TN Infantry regiment. He fought under General Quarles at the battle of Fort Donelson and was captured as a POW. He was paroled and transferred to the maxi brigade down at port hudson Louisiana. From there he attended the Hood campaign at the battle of Franklin, and the Atlanta campaign in GA. That is all I know at this time.
Contact Name:  Matt
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Date Added:  4/2/2010
Company H
nelson (N F) fraswell parnell - Private   
nelson fraswell parnell enlisted in the 42nd tenn early war and was surrendered at Ft Donnelson tenn and was sent to camp douglas in chicago was exchanged at Jackson Tenn after spending approx 9 months as POW after exchange was sent to Port Hudson approx 30 days before it fell some of his unit escaped the surrender and it is thought he joined Joe Johnston's Army in Mississippi and fought across the south and was wounded at Franklin Tenn and walked home to Cuba Landing after the battle. He never applied for a pension because he thought that was for widows,orphans and the infirm
Contact Name:  steve parnell
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Date Added:  10/14/2008
Company H
John Thomas Smith - Captain   
John Thomas Smith b.June 14, 1841 Williamson County, Tennessee enlisted in the Forty-second Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, Confederate Army, as a private. Upon th organizaion of the company he was elected to the position of Orderly Sergeant, serving in that capacity until 1862. He was captured with his regiment, at Fort Donelson, and afterward, when the regiment was reorganized at Port Hudson, La., he was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, in which capacity he served until May 1863, when he recieved his commission as Captain and Commissary, serving as regimnetal commissary until the battle of Franklin, Tenn. He then recieved a furlough to return home, which was the close of his military career.
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Date Added:  11/3/2011
Company K
Lemuel M. Brakefield - Private   
The family tradition is that Lemuel was taken prisoner to Camp Douglas Il, was later released and sent (not with his Regiment) to Jackson Mississippi where he was killed....There has not been found a burial place for him.
Contact Name:  Jean Franks
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Date Added:  4/24/2008
Company K
Reuben Reynolds Carson - Sergeant   
Reuben was my great grandfather. He was born in December 1842 in Williamson Co. TN. He came to Marion Co. AR after the war.He is buried in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery south of Yellville, AR on Hwy. 14. He married Nancy Elizabeth Horner in Perry Co. TN.
Contact Name:  Dalena Nichols
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Date Added:  10/5/2009
Company K
Elijah Houston WHITWELL - Private   
pvt. CSA Co. K 42nd TN infantry. Born Nov 1832 Perry Co. TN, died at the Battle of Franklin. Buried McGavock Confederate Cemetery, TN section grave #188. Son of Pleasant WHITWELL & Margaret ANDERSON. Married 1851 Perry Co. TN Jincy Angeline RANDEL. Father of James Franklin WHITWELL (1854-1939); John Randall WHITWELL (1856-1938); Martha Delilah WHITWELL SHARP (1858-1920); William Amos WHITWELL (1860-1915).
Contact Name:  P. E. Thompsen
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Date Added:  5/4/2009
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