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62nd Tennessee Infantry      
Company Unknown
James G Martin - Unknown   
My great grandfather was from Philadelpia, Tennessee and is buried at the Pheledelphia Cemetery.
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Date Added:  9/13/2010
Company A
Hugh Wilson Baldwin - Private   
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Company A
Ezekiel EB Bonner - Private   
This is my Great Grandfather who was a Confederate soldier in the 62nd Regiment TN Mounted Infantry (Rowan's 80 Inf,)
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Date Added:  8/5/2021
Company A
William Cagle - Private   
At about age 60. He entered the Civil War as a substitute for another man R.C. Bates. An abstract of
his service record reads as follows: William Cagle, Private, Co. ''A'' 62nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry.
Enlisted September 20, 1862, for three years or duration of the war, at Charleston, Tennessee, Absent
without leave in March and April 1863. He was a substitute for R.C. Bates. He died in hospital at
Meridian, MS, the fall of 1863, precise time not known on account of not receiving notice from Surgeon
in charge. Source: John Cagle Journal and 1850 Sevier County, TN, census.
1860 Bradley County, TN, census. Mary (Polly) was allowed a pension by 1866 probably while living in
Bradley County, TN. Source: Cagle census of the south, 1860-1910, p. 435
Contact Name:  Ashley Cagle
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Date Added:  3/27/2004
Company A
William Land - Private   
Oldest son of James Noah & Nancy Allison Land of Monroe County, Tenn. Cousin to my Land ancestors in Wilkes County, N.C. William Land : Regiment Name 62 Tennessee Mtd. Infantry. (Rowan`s Regiment. 80 Tenn. Infantry. Organized October 8, 1862; mustered into Confederate service November 11, 1862; surrendered at Vicksburg July, 1863; served remainder of war as mounted infantry in Brigadier General John C. Vaughn`s Brigade in East Tennessee and Western Virginia. Company A : Nathaniel Atkinson, Enrolled September 20. Men from Bradley County.The first engagement of any consequence in which the regiment was involved occurred December 26-29, 1862 when the Federals made an assault on the defenses of Vicksburg at Chickasaw Bayou, and Chickasaw Bluffs, Mississippi. In company with the 3rd Confederate and 30th Tennessee Infantry Regiments, repelled the main assault. Lieutenant General J. C. Pemberton, in his report stated: 'The 3rd, 30th and 80th (62nd) occupied the rifle pits on the right in the front and behaved with distinguished coolness and courage.' The Federal assault was hurled back with great loss, while the Confederate losses were light. The 62nd reported eight casualties. Soldier`s Rank_In Private Soldier`s Rank_Out Private. William apparently settled in Texas following the war.
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Date Added:  12/12/2006
Company A
James L Newman - Private   
Listed per muster roll records discovered
Contact Name:  John Goins
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Date Added:  8/19/2013
Company B
Wilson Nathaniel Dewitt - Private   
(My GG-Grandfather) Wilson Nathaniel Dewitt (1837-1895) Having a wife and two children and at the age of 25, enlisted at Polk County, TN on September 28, 1862. Having been enrolled by Capt. Philip Bible, he was assigned to Company B, 62nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Rowans Regiment) later known as 80th Regiment Tennessee. November 1862, Company B was mustered at Sweetwater, TN. Records show that Private Dewitt was with his Company until July 4th, 1863, when he was captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi. On July 8, 1863, he signed an oath of allegiance. The Regiment was captured at Vicksburg, paroled in late July 1863. Company muster roll indicates that in September of 1863 he was paroled and noted to be in the enemy lines as a prisoner. In January 1864 the Regiment was paroled and declared exchanged on June 27, 1864. During the spring of 1865 it disbanded, having surrendered at Washington, Georgia on May 9, 1865. Wilson Dewitt survived the war, returned home to east Tennessee, (Monroe County) where he lived until his death sometime in 1895.
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Date Added:  12/24/2022
Company B
Robert Hannah - Private   
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Date Added:  1/6/2010
Company B
John Stinnett - Private   
John Stinnett -- Private, 62nd Tennessee Infantry, Company B

Born: 20 Dec 1838, Cocke County, Tennessee
Died: 29 Aug 1911, Evensville, Rhea, Tennessee

Sometimes labeled as "John Riley Stinnett Sr.," however, there is no documentation to support a middle name.

Relatives who served:
Nelson Morgan Stinnett, brother, 29th Tennessee Infantry (Co. B)
James Parnell Stinnett, brother, 10th Tennessee Cavalry (Co. G) -- Union Army

Served honorably from 1862 to 1863.

John Stinnett was present at the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou and the Siege of Vicksburg
He was taken prisoner by the Union Army during the siege of that city.
John was paroled at the close of the Vicksburg engagement.

He returned home to Polk County, where his family had previously resided; then moved to Bradley County; then to Bledsoe; then to Rhea.

Buried: Smyrna Cemetery, Evensville, Rhea, Tennessee
Grave remarks: Stinnett has the oldest marked grave in Smyrna Cemetery
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Date Added:  2/24/2021
Company B
James K.P. Wycuff - Private   
My great, great grandfather James was the younger brother of Michael Wycuff, Pvt. Co. I, TN 11 Cavalry USA.
Contact Name:  John Wycuff
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Date Added:  8/10/2005
Company D
andrew jackson moser - Private   
62nd tennessee regiment co.D mounted infantry
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Date Added:  4/16/2012
Company D
Peter Moser - Private   
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Date Added:  3/15/2004
Company E
Jacob Gatlin - Private   
Jacob Gatlin was 17 when he enlisted when the regiment was formed. He did not re-enlist following capture at Vicksburg, parole, and exchange.
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Date Added:  4/20/2014
Company E
Lewis Gatlin - Private   
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Company E
Stewart L. Gatlin - Private   
Stewart was captured and paroled at Vicksburg, then re-enlisted following exchange. He was captured again and died in the POW camp at Point Lookout, MD, a few weeks before the end of the war.
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Date Added:  4/20/2014
Company E
William A Mashburn - Private   
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Company E
William T Norris - Corporal   
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Company G
James Houston Billingsley - 1st Lieutenant   
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Company G
Gregory G. Register - Private   
Married to Orleana Kincheloe,daughter of James Horace & Mary Kincheloe of Washington Co.Tn.He enlisted 9-26-62 at Sweetwater,Tn.( probably a conscript ) His name is ' on the rolls ' Dec 62-April 63. but listed as ' AWOL ' Deserted July 1,64 at Carter`s Station,Tn. Took the Oath at Knoxville 7-21-64 Sent to Louisville,Ky. after 30 day parole and ordered to ' stay north of the Ohio River.' Apparently took his family to Texas following the war.
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Date Added:  11/5/2009
Company I
Lawson Henderson Bridges - Private   
Henderson was captured at Vicksburg and paroled the same day. He and the rest of his unit headed back to Tennessee on July 10, 1863, but 12 miles from Jackson, Mississippi, his friend B.F. Harris said that Henderson sat down under a tree, complaining of illness, and died there. His place of burial is unknown
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Date Added:  5/14/2012
Company I
John McDougle Fox - Sergeant   
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Date Added:  4/23/2009
Company I
John Anderson Park - Sergeant   
His brother, I believe, was Private James Park.
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Date Added:  3/13/2004
Company K
William Ball - Corporal   
collateral ancestor.....(Rowan''s) Tenn Mtd. Inf.
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Date Added:  4/20/2004
Company K
Dison J. Raper - Corporal   
Dison J. Raper (abt 1820 - abt Jul 1863) In June 1860 when the census was enumerated he was recorded, with his family, living in Monroe County Tennessee, Dicen Raper age 40 born South Carolina and his occupation was listed as wagonmaker. His civil war is below:

American Civil War Research Database, Regiments lists:
Raper Dison J. Co. K Unit, 69 Tennessee Mtd. Infantry. Rank Inducted Corporal Rank Discharged Corporal Box # 231 Extraction # Record # 371 microfilm copies National Archives United States National Archives.

National Archives'' Veterans'' Records abstract:
Raper, Dison J. Co. K, 62 Tenn. Mtd. Inf. (Rowan''s Regiment. 80 Tenn. Infantry Confederate.) (The 62d (also known as the 80th and as Rowan''s Regiment Tennessee Infantry was organized October 8, 1862 and was mustered into service of the Confederate States November 11, 1862. It was captured and paroled at Vicksburg, Miss. in July, 1863, and after being exchanged was assigned to Brig. Gen. Vaughn''s Brigade and mounted by order of the Secretary of War.)

Corporal Dison Raper appears on Company Muster Roll of Co. K, 62 Tenn. Mtd. Inf. (Rowan''s Regiment. 80 Tenn. Infantry Confederate.), dated Nov. 11, 1862. Corporal Dison Raper joined for duty and enrolled Sept. 22, 1862 at Mt. Vernon Monroe Co. Tenn. by Joshua Holcom for a period of 3 yrs or during the war . His name then appears on the Company Muster Rolls for Dec. 1 to 31, 1862 dated Feb 24, 1863; Jan. & Feb., 1863. dated Apr. 17, 1863; and Mch & Apr., 1863. Then he appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War captured by the Army of the Tennessee Captured at Champion Hill May 16, 1863, and sent to Memphis, Tenn., May 25, 1863. Roll: 29; sheet 8 Roll dated Headquarters Department of Tennessee, In the Field near Vicksburg, Miss., June 29, 1863. His name appears again on a Roll of Prisoners of War sent from Fort Delaware, Del., to City Point, Va., for exchange, July 1863, Captured at Big Black May 16, 1863 Remarks: Left in hospital Ft. Delaware (Number of roll: 147; sheet 38). And finally, his name appears on a register of Prisoners of War at Fort Delaware, Del. Captured Big Black, May 17, 1863 Died (date not shown) Fort Delaware, Del. (Register No. 2 page 26)

''List of Confederate soldiers who, while prisoners of war, died at Fort Delaware, and were buried in the Finn''s Point (Salem) N.J. National Cemetery''
Name Raper, D. J. Rank Pvt. Co K Regiment Date of Death July 16, 1865* Locality of Grave National Cemetery Finn''s Point
Raper, D J, CO K 62ND TENN REGT, Confed P/W Died While P/W At Ft Delaware, Del, (* Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans'' Affairs.)
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Date Added:  5/1/2004
Company Field & Staff
Pearson B Mayfield - Captain   
Pearson (or P.B.) is listed as the adjutant of the 62nd Tenn Infantry under Colonel John Rowan. Other staff officers listed in the document are; Lt Col William Parker, Maj S.D. Reynolds and the company commanders and company muster locations.
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Date Added:  8/14/2009
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