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Company Unknown
Mack Jeremiah Leaming
- Lieutenant
Lieutenant and company adjutant. Official Records: Film No. M392 roll 9.
During the siege of Ft. Pillow, Lt. Leaming delivered communications from the fort''s commander to enemy commander Nathan B. Forrest. He was wounded during the ensuing battle and later testified before the U.S. Congress in regards to Forrest''s war crimes.

Born in LaPorte Co. IN, son of Daniel Mackintosh Leaming and Mary Tucker. His brothers Edward H. Leaming, Rush Green Leaming, Silas T. Leaming, and William J. Leaming also served in Union regiments.

Cole Co. MO. 1883 Pensioners: Certificate No. 68866; Mack J. Leaming. Cause for which pensioned: gunshot wound right side.
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Company D
Michael Click
- Corporal
We have never verified what happened to the body of Michael, but think he was buried in the mass grave at Fort Pillow where he was believed to have been killed during the battle (massacre)at that location. These bodies were later exhumed and placed in a memorial graveyard close by. I found no record of him at the Andersonville prison camp that the survivors were taken to.
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Company E
Robert Lee Williams
- Private
My great great grandfather. Born January 27, 1838 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Enlisted on February 4, 1864 in the 14th Tennessee Cavalry, Bradford's Battalion (often erroneously called the 13th TN. Cav).
Captured at the Battle of Fort Pillow on April 12, 1864.
Prisoner of war at Andersonville, Georgia and Florence, South Carolina during the fall and winter of 1864 and 1865.
Paroled at Wilmington, North Carolina in March 1865.
Honorably discharged July 26, 1865.
Died August 22, 1905. Buried in Crockett County, Tennessee.
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