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Company A
James E. Harrell
- Sergeant
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Company B
Jason Allen Bradshaw
- Major
As a Captain, Major J.A. Bradshaw was in 'B' company. Upon his promotion he was advanced to a field grade of Major. Jason Allen was my great-great grandfather on my mother's side and he lived in Washington County, township of Telford. He is buried in the Presbyterian church yard of Washington College, Telford, TN. This regiment participated in a lot of battles with the C.S.A. in central TN and eastern Alabama. His regiment also participated in the battle of Shiloh, TN.
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Company H
Edward H. McCay
Rank Unknown
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Company M
Elvis Whitehorn
- Private
I believe Pvt.Whitehorn to be from the line in Tn. that produced Mary Whitehorn Blakely,paternal grandmother of my grandmother,Annie Blakely Land. Enlisted: Aug 4 64,Mustered: Aug 16 64, Age: 18. John A. Miller, Co. 'M'. Mustered August 23, 1864. 66 men enrolled at Decatur, Alabama, August 4, 1864, as re-enlistments from 1st Alabama Cavalry. Balance re-enlistments from 2nd West Tennessee (7th Tennessee) Cavalry.
Discharged October 7, 1865. He
took part in the fight at
Pulaski, and fought against Hood at the Battle of
Franklin. After the
battle he was in the hospital a short time, and was then sent to the
Kansas frontier, being
discharged at Fort Leavenworth.

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