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3rd Rhode Island CavalryUS Flag
Company D
Mitchell Joslin
- Private
Do any of your Civil War buffs that you know happen to have any information about Mitchells medal he is wearing in an old photo?
Served in Co. 'D' 3rd Reg.Volunteer, then 11th Co. 24th Reg., 1st Battalion, then Co'B' or 13th Reg. invalid Reserve Corp.
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Company H
Thomas Magee
- Corporal
Re-enlisted from the 25th MA
Thomas Magee: Co C.
Residence Douglas, MA; trade: mechanic; age 33; enlisted & muster: Oct. 14, 1861.
Wounded Feb. 8, 1862, Roanoke Island. N. C. ; discharged for wounds, Oct. 24, 1862, in Mass.

New York Times dated February 21, 1862, article THE BURNSIDE EXPEDITION: LATEST FROM ROANOKE ISLAND. Thomas N. Magre [Magee], Co. C, side gunshot wound.

Wounded in side by grapeshot while charging the enemy at the battle of Roanoke Island.

After his discharge he would eventually re-enlist in the 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry.

He would perish: lost on steamer North America off Cape Hatteras, Dec. 22, 1864.

New York Times, Dec. 30, 1864 in an article entitled APPALLING DISASTER: THE U.S. TRANSPORT NORTH AMERICA FOUNDERED AT SEA. Notes Corp. Magee, 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry.

Magee, Thomas, corporal, Company H, 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry, enlisted at Pawtucket, RI, on February 2, 1864, University Hospital, New Orleans, LOST

Xref to 25th MA
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