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Company Unknown
Jacob Jr. Parvin
- Lieutenant
Lt. Jacob Parvin Jr. was killed in the battle of Fredericksburg. Confederate soldiers lie in wait Jacob Parvin and his men drew near to the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad north of Hamilton's Crossing, 'Stonewall' Jackson unleashed his masked artillery. Confederate Soldiers sprang up from the ground and opened fire. Confederate shells ripped gaping holes in the ranks and the beleaguered Unionists sought protection behind wrinkles of ground in the open fields. Jacob Parvin was shot during this melee and died almost instantly.
Contact Name: Daniel Parvin
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Date Added: 5/25/2006

Company A
Samuel Confair
- Corporal
Lived in Minersville....buried in Union Cemetery, Minersville
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Date Added: 7/15/2005

Company C
Herman Reihman
- Private
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Date Added: 5/22/2009

Company E
Franklin Warren Houser
- Private
Pennsylvania seems to be a well digitized state, http://www.pacivilwar.com/ for starters
Contact Name: Rachel Pieters
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Date Added: 11/16/2010

Company E
Daniel Schoener
- Private
photo of his headstone can be found on Find a Grave website He is buried in Odd Fellows Cemetary Tamaqua/St. Clair Penna.
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Date Added: 11/17/2013

Company G
Patrick Collier
- Sergeant
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Date Added: 5/21/2012

Company G
Edward C B Murray
- Private
Wounded Dec 13, 1862 Fredericksburg, VA, discharged by surgeon's certificate Apr 10, 1863
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Date Added: 5/1/2006

Company G
John W Shultz
- Private
The Philadelphia Record

Pottsville, Pa., July 24 - John Schultz, a soldier of the civil war, who
topped 6 feet 3 inches when he was young and straight as an arrow, is dead at his home here.

Because of great height, President Lincoln picked him when he reviewed the Union troops at the close of the war. It was while the troops were passing that the President, noticing Schultz, a member of Company G, 129th Infantry, called upon him to stand with him.

July 25, 1923
This obituary notice appeared in the “Philadelphia Record.”
(Born 1846)

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Added by chaughey0011 on 30 Apr 2008 [ Edit ]What I Could Find...

PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

129th Pennsylvania Regiment
Nine Months' Service - Recruited in Schuylkill county, Northampton county, and Montgomery county, PA.

129th PA Regiment Newspaper Transcription
Miner' Journal - 1865
A record of the names of the sons of Schuylkill who died that their country might live....

Miner' Journal - April 1, 1865
Death of a soldier....

129th PA Regiment Companies
Field and Staff Officers
Company A
Schuylkill County
Company B
Schuylkill County
Company E
Schuylkill County
Company G
Schuylkill County
Company H
Schuylkill County
Regimental History
Bates' Regimental History Company Rosters

129th PA Regiment Organization, Service Battles
Organized at Harrisburg August, 1862.
Moved to Washington, D.C., August 16, and duty there till September 12.
Moved to Sharpsburg, Md., and attached to 1st Brigade. 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac.
Service Battles - 1862
Duty at Sharpsburg, Md., till October 30.
Reco... [ Read more » ]

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Added by chaughey0011 on 30 Apr 2008 [ Edit ]Company G

Recruited in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Cleaver Guards
129th PA Regiment Co. G

Levi C. Leib

First Lieutenant
Erastus M. Furman

Second Lieutenant
John H. Schall

Franklin Klease
George Bailey
Patrick Collier
Daniel Leib
Aaron Lamberson
Henry Broughner

Michael Shopbell
Franklin Bensinger
Philip Mumberger
Augustus Reichard
Moses Colburn
John Richardson
Joseph Levi
Jacob Steinhilbert
John Busycomer
Edward C. Murray
Joseph H. Fetterman

Thomas H. B. Zulick

Ayers, Alfred
Boyer, John B.
Bensinger, F. W.
Bittz, Louis
Bickley, Thomas R.
Chellew, John B.
Conrad, Charles H.
Corbus, Joseph
Cleaver, William
Conway, Neil
Crow, Gabriel
Drayer, Aaron
Davis, Isaac
Darh, John
Daniels, Mark
Davis, David D.
Dreisbach, Louis
Dunkelberger, S.
Dupont, Henry
Davies, Francis
Engle, John S.
Fritz, Blatius
Fetterolf, Joseph
Fisher, Elijah
Gilliam, Gregory
Hull, William
Hollister, Frank
Houser, Theodore
Huntzinger, Philip
Hampton, Balhs
Jones, Benjamin
Kloc... [ Read more » ]

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Added by chaughey0011 on 30 Apr 2008
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Date Added: 5/15/2008

Company H
Griffith Davis
- Private
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Date Added: 10/15/2013

Company H
Oswald Ford
- Corporal
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Date Added: 6/16/2009

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