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Company A
James Brady
- Private
First in combat at the Battle of Gettysburg as a water boy because he was only 16 y.o. He was getting his water from Spangler's Spring along side of enemy forces. He was in there as a substitute for one of his older friends in the town, but his family needed the $300. When old enough at age 17, he enlisted on September 17, 1864 and discharged May 19, 1865. He was a Private in the 107th PA Volunteer Infantry Company A. He was wounded at and survived Dabney's Mills in February 1865.
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Date Added: 5/11/2007

Company E
George J Price
- Private
Enlisted on June 9, 1864 as a Private in the 107th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company E. Died March 30, 1865 and buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
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Date Added: 7/6/2012

Company G
Hiram Chance
- 1st Lieutenant
Previously Captain of Co G 6th Pennsylvania Infantry (Llewellyn Rifles) a 3 month regiment.
Died Sept 26, 1873 and buried at Llewellyn cemetery, grave #A52
Contact Name: John Ketterlinus
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Date Added: 6/25/2008

Company H
Jonathan S. Foor
- Private
Fought with the 107th at Gettysburg and was captured on the 1st days battle. Sent to Richmond as a POW where he was later exchanged in December of 1864. Discharged wiht the unit in December of 1865.
Contact Name: David Murphy
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Company K
Joseph Mentzer,Jr.
- Private
We would like to find this relitive and any info to help our efforts to put all together for firther generation . we also know he was captured at Weldon Railroad ,Va.,Aug.19,1864 .
Contact Name: Tom Mentzer
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Date Added: 1/24/2010

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