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37th Pennsylvania InfantryUS Flag
Company D
William F Stewart
- Private
Mustered in on 1 May 1861 in the town of Brownsville, Fayette County, PA. Enlisted in the Eighth Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment/37th Pennsylvania Regiment of the Line. Employed as a blacksmith at the time of enlistment. Discharged from service on 28 January 1863 as result of wounds recieved at Sharpsburg Maryland (Antietam). wounded in right hand from Minne ball Fought in the North Woods/Miller''s Cornfield during the morning phase of the battle.
Contact Name: Eric Stewart
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Date Added: 8/15/2004

Company H
William Lemon
- Lt. Colonel
Served out of a unit in central PA. Did his time then reenlisted in the Navy. Died in the Battle of Fort Fisher.
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Date Added: 6/17/2005

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