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22nd Pennsylvania InfantryUS Flag
Company Unknown
Joseph Badgley
- Private
Private, 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry.
1890 Veterans Schedule lists his wife Mary as 'Deserted Wife'
Says he was 'Reported dead, unknown whether discharged or deserted'
Contact Name: Steve Badgley
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Date Added: 9/21/2005

Company C
John Henry McCalister
- Private
Enlisted 1861, discharged 1865
Contact Name: Timothy Snook
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Date Added: 2/4/2015

Company K
Francis Kuhn
- Private
I have the Military Register for the 22nd Cavalry Regiment, 185th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company K that lists all the members of the unit and their dispositions (killed, wounded, mustered out, captured, deserted).
Contact Name: T. D. Hoover
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Date Added: 2/22/2020

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