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Company A
Russell Hudnall
- Private
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Company F
Georg Biehle
Rank Unknown
In 1861 the Civil War started, and by 1864 the Union Army was in desperate need of manpower, In the summer of that year, Georg Biehle of Cincinnati, Ohio was (probably) drafted. On 19 September, 1864 he was, at the age of 41, enrolled in Company F, 181st Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry for a period of one year. During his ten months of actual service he was to have many experiences. In November, 1864, while being transferred from Decatur, Alabama to Murfreesboro, Tennessee the regiment was involved in a train wreck. Georg Biehle was one of those injured. Later, on 7 December the regiment was engaged in a fierce fight near Murfreesboro in which it charged across an open field and captured the enemy works, two field pieces and many prisoners. For its gallantry the regiment was subsequently mentioned in special orders. In January, 1865 the 181st transferred to North Carolina, where it took part in the advances on Wilmington and then Raleigh. After the war ended in April, it was sent to Baltimore, and then to Camp Dennison (Cincinnati, Oh), where Georg Biehle was mustered out with the rest of his comrades on 29 June 1865. According to the regimental history, during its period of service the 181st had marched and traveled four thousand, one hundred and sixty miles.
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Company G
james m. callahan
- 1st Sergeant
i am searching for any pictures of my great, great grandfather, james m. callahan. even a group picture of company G of the 181st ohio regiment would be appreciated! i am trying to put together a scrapbook of my civil war ancestors and have plenty of information, but no photos.
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