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Company A
Eduard Stremmel
- Private
My Great-grandfather
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Company E
William Hesse
- Private
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Company F
John Benedikt Baumgartner
- Private
Benedikt enlisted on March 8, 1862 for a 3 year period. Wounded and captured at battle of Chickamauga, Ga., Sept. 20, 1863; taken to Danville Rebel Prison, Va., and died there Feb. 14, 1864. Benedikt was 36 years old when he enlisted.
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Company I
Philip Burkhardt
- Private
Moved to Canton, OH prior to 1870. Died Jan. 1, 1900. Buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Canton, OH.
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Company I
Wilhelm Hüttenmüller
- Sergeant
9th Ohio Infantry, Sergeant, wounded Chickamunga,
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Company J
Wihelm Hüttenmüller
- 2nd Sergeant
this is a great uncle of thr families. He fought for the union troops in The 9th ohio infantry, Company I,Huettenmueller Family Tree

The Family History in Germany is traced back to countries of Pruesseu (Prussia,) and Hessen, in what is now modern day Germany. The Huettenmueller Family name has been traced back to the 15th Century during the time of Martin Luther. Before this it is believed that the name came from varient of two other names and their combinations. Hutt or Hut and Müller or Mühle. The area in which the Huettenmueller Family comes from in modern time of the 1850’s is the town of Heuthen, in the district of Heilgelstadt, State of Thuringen, Germany; Ober Eschbach, Oberhessen, Hessen; Osterwieck, Sachsen, Preussen; Koeppern, and Hessen-Nassau, Preussen.
The earlest time in which the family came to the United States was around 1850. The first was Wilhelm Hüttenmüller. He came to the United States in 1850 lived in New York for a short period of 1 to 2 years the headed east to settle into the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Other family members came in the years of 1856, 1864, 1865, 1867, 1871 and 1881. Other female family members who married in Germany can over to the United States in varied years between. Almost all-family members settled into the Ohio reagion and move east into Iowa in the mid to late 1800’s.
Arrivals into the United States were at three main ports of entry. They were New York City, Philidelpia and Baltimore. One member came into North America by way of Ontario Canada.
The route of travel was eastward which in that time was the new frontier. All members traveled the known routes at that time. From Martins Ferry in Wheeling West Virgina down the Ohio River to Cinicinitti. Other took the National Road in Ohio to the Ohio Canal down to Cincinnati, Ohio. They traveled by Paddle Wheel steam boat or by wagon drawn by horses.
The original Huettenmueller’s German Spelling was HÜTTENMÜLLER, the ‘Ü’ in English translation is converted to ‘UE”
Several different spelling have been found throughout the History of the Huettenmueller Family, Some examples have been Hiettenmiller, Huttenmuller, Hittemiller, Heidemuller, Hittenmiller, Huttenmueller, Huettonmueller, Hitzmiller, Hutmueller, Hüttenmueller and Hutmiller. The taking of Census in the mid 1800’s aided in problems in the spelling of the Huettenmueller last name. The family’s strong German language and attempts to speak and write in English promoted the variances of the name. It is noted on the grave makers in Dyersville, Iowa at the St. Francis Catholic Cemetery, The names appear in German dialect, Henrich HÜTTENMÜLER, Johann HÜTTENMÜLLER and so on. In the Second Generation on John Huettenmueller’s side of the family the spelling was Hittenmiller. This of the same family and no confusion should be made of the differences of spelling and pronunciation of the HÜTTENMÜLLER Family name.

Wilhelm Huettenmueller

Birth Date: 1829
Birth Place: Germany
Death Date: July 12, 1881
Death Place: Cincinnati, Ohio
Christen Date: 1829
Christen Place: Germany
Fathers Name: Wilhelm HÜTTENMÜLLER
Mothers Name:
Spouse: Anna Maria Bawel
Birth Date:
Birth Place: Germany
Death Date:
Marriage Place: Germany

Children: Eva Catharina

Reference Note 39
William Huettenmueller, born 1829, believed to be a brother of Henry and John, Came to the United States from Germany and arrived in 1850 at the age of 20 years (8582.3 pg. 33) CD 450. William Huettenmueller, Naturalization Records at Philadelphia Pa. #258. Listed as HÜTTENMÜLLER, Wilhelm, Country of Former Allegiance: Germany, Date of Declaration of Intent: August 17, 1855, Court of Declaration of Intent: Common Pleas, Date of Oath of Allegiance: October 01, 1857, Court of Oath of Allegiance: Pennsylvania Supreme. William also shows up on the Ohio Census 1880.
William Huettenmueller is listed in Chapter 11 of the Military History of OHIO, He enlisted in the Union Army May 27, 1861, rank private, age 32, promoted to full corporal August 01, 1861, promoted to Full Sergeant September 01, 1861. Served Enlisted I Co. 9th, Infantry Regiment, Ohio. The Ninth Ohio Infantry trained at Camp Dennison outside, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Their group was mustered out June 07, 1864. The 9th served in several famous battles of the Civil War. The 9th, Ohio Infantry Regimental History Battles Fought in were: Battle at Rich Mountain, West Virginia on July 10, 1861, Battle at Rich Mountain, Virginia on July 16, 1861, Battle at Carnifax Ferry, West Virginia, on September 10, 1861, Battle at Sewell Mountain, Virigina on October 16, 1861, Battle on October 18, 1861, Battle at Millers Ferry, West Virigina on October 28, 1861, Battle at Mill Springs, Kentucky on January 19, 1862, Battle at New Market, Alabama on August 5, 1862, Battle at Salem, Alabama on August5, 1862, Battle at Perryville, Kentucky on October 8, 1862, Battle at Stones River, Tennessee on December 31, 1862, Battle at Mills Springs, Kentucky on January 19, 1863, Battle at Chickamauga, Georgia September 19 and 20, 1863, Battle at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee on November 25, 1863. It is noted in the History books and especially the book titled “We Were The Ninth”, History of The Ninth Ohio Infantry, that during one battle the 9th took a charge, went to the bayonets and drove the Confederates back off the advancement. They fought bravely and without fear. The Ninth Ohio Infantry was Lead by General McCook. Wilhelm Huettenmueller was wounded in the battle of Chickamauga, Georgia on September 19, 1863. The unit was made up of all German immigrant soldiers who spoke very little English.
William Huettenmueller is listed in the History of Hamilton County Ohio. The last name was spelled different on several list, Heittenmueller, Huttenmiller, Huttenmuller, Hittenmiller.
Wilhelm Hüttenmüller died in July 12, 1881 and is buried at the Walnut Hill Cemetery.

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Company K
Levi T Townsend
Rank Unknown
At the age of 18, on November, 1863, he went to the defense of his country, enlisting in Company K, Ninth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. He joined that command at Mount Gilead and was sent to Camp Denison. That winter was spent in drill at Cincinnati but in February of 1864 the regiment left for the front by way of Louisville and Nashville. In the vicinity of the latter city they were employed on forage duty for some time, after which they were ordered south to Athens, Alabama. Mr. Townsend was taken sick and was for a time unfit for active duty at the front. He was therefore detailed as guard from his regiment and assigned to the work of accompanying drafted men to the front to follow Sherman's Army. He made twelve trips while serving in that capacity. He was popular with his comrades and with his captain, and on the 28th of November, 1864, was appointed clerk to Brigadier General A. J. Slemmer president of the board of examiners for sick officers. Mr. Townsend is an excellent penman and his ability in that line was of value to him in his capacity as clerk. On the 12th of June, 1865, Mr Townsend was mustered out at Cincinnati and after receiving his discharge went to Delaware, Ohio.
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