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93rd North Carolina RegimentCSA Flag
Company Unknown
James Calvin Land
- Lt. Colonel
James was brother to 2nd Lt. Thomas Charles Land, 1st & 53rd N.C.Inf.and 1st cousin to my gr gr grandfather David Land,Co I 13th N.C.Inf.The 93rd was apparently attached to a company of Home and Railroad Guard.( guarding the Wilmington R.R. ) Son of William Thomas Land and Jane Carlton. In his file are six cards, two cards indicating that there are no files for the 93 NC Militia. Four of the cards in his file relate to two pay vouchers with his signature as Lt. Col. 93 NC Militia. One is a for the commutation of rations for one conscript for a period of three days dated June 17, 1863. The other is for 'Expenses for the delivery of 24 negros from Wilkes County to the Port of Salisbury ' $24 ( Salisbury was the location of a Confederate POW camp ) dated November 21, 1863.
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Company B
James Linville Bumgarner
- 1st Lieutenant
Name: James Bumgarner
Residence: Wilkes County Nc.
Occupation: Farmer,Minister
Enlisted:29 March 1862,at the age of 29
Service: Distinguished
Unit: 93rd Nc. regiment,Home Guard and Militia
Company B/Road Fork District
Wilkes County North Carolina
Rank - Induction: 2nd Lt.
Rank at Discharge: 1st Lt.
Allegiance: Confederate
James was my GG Uncle.

Source: Nc. Confederate Militia Officers:contained in the Adjutant Generals officer Roster...

The Reverend James Linville Bumgarner was the eldest son of Stephen and Rebecca Nichols Bumgarner, born in Wilkes 7 Oct. 1832. He was a farmer and Methodist 'circuit rider,' or more accurately, circuit 'walker.' He worked hard on the farm all week, and at noon on Saturday he would come in, eat and dress, and set out on foot to one of the points on his circuit. Arriving there, he would spend the night with one of his parishoners, preach on Sunday morning, and walk back on Sunday afternoon to be ready for the farm on Monday.
( During the war, in 1863, Jim was commissioned by Gov. Zeb Vance as 2nd Lt. in the 93rd Battalion of the North Carolina Militia for Home Defense.)

James was to have two of his brothers die in the war.Wesley Bumgarner, 18th Nc. starved to death at Point Lookout maryland and Simeon Nelson Bumgarner, Co. F 52nd Nc. of disease at Petersburg Va.

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