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Company A
Henry Wilson Hill
- Private
Henry was born in Meltonville, Anson Co NC 19 July 1838. He enlisted 10 May 1862 at Wadesboro, Anson County NC. in Capt L.A. Johnson's Co which became Co A 4th NC Cavalry. He has 13 cards in his archival file. His horse is valued at $240 and equipment $35. The rendezvous is 160 miles. He mustered at Camp Vance in Vance Co. NC near the town of Kettrell. on 16 July 1862. Oct 1863 finds him sick in hospital. August 1864 finds him at home on extra duty to find horses. He survived the invasion an died 9 July 1917. He was the father in law of my 4th Cousin 3 x removed Alice Glovina Edwards. They are buried at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Stanfield, Stanley Co. NC.
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Company A
James David Hyatt
- Private
James David joined Company A of the 59th Reg. (also known as the 4th Reg NC Cavalry) after his brother, John Hyatt was killed at Gettysburg in July of 1863. His father, David gave hime a horse so he could be in the cavalry instead of the infantry and maybe have a better chance of surviving, which he did. His father was David Hyatt and his mother eas Louisa Hargrave Hyatt.
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Company E
James Oliver Beattie
Rank Unknown
James Oliver Beattie was a member of the 4th NC Calvary, 59th Regiment. Born April 30, 1823, he married Margurete (sp?) Farris (born November 14, 1824) on December 23, 1845. He died July 30, 1890. This information is courtesy of my maternal uncle, Robert Falls, of Etlan, VA.
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Company F
Andrew Shehan
- Private
Andrew Shehan enlisted July 14 1862 with Company F.58th P Rangers, he was wounded at Chickamauga in 1864.
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Company G
jazeb cox
- Private
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Company H
James Baker
- Private
Co. H 59th (4th Cavalry) NC Regiment
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Company K
Adam D Lingle
- 2nd Lieutenant
Transferred from 26th NC
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