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158th New York InfantryUS Flag
Company Unknown
William Ennever
- Sergeant
“William Ennever, serving as Commissary Sergeant with the 158th New York. He was badly wounded in the explosion at Bachelors Creek and died two days later in the hospital in New Bern. Age 19. Admitted May 26th, 1864. Died May 28th, 1864.
He was buried in the Ellis Family Tomb. Cedar Grove Cemetery. No record that he was moved.
The original New York Herald article reporting this event, among others, and the details of his funeral. The column is called: “News From North Carolina. Additional Details of the Calamity at Bachelor’s Creek. Complete list of casualties.”
he lived in Philadelphia before his enlistment and his “Nativity” was England.”
William Ennever was a druggist from Philadelphia. He died at Foster General Hospital in New Berne. According to the U.S. Registry of Death of Volunteers, the attending physician who certified his death was G.A Cowgill, Surgeon, U.S.Vol.
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Company B
John Connis
- Private
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Company E
Phillip Amann
- Private
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Company E
James H Elmendorf
- Private
He was captured by Confederate Army on October 19, 1864 at the Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia.

He died of disease, January 22, 1865, while a Prisoner of War in Salisbury Prison, North Carolina
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Company E
Fredrick Steiner
- Private

If anyone can find phots of this regiment please send them to me.

Honor our forefathers and ancestors by not allowing their memories to fade away.
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Company H
James Dunn
- Private
This is my 4th Great Grandfather
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Company I
Adrian Bogart
- Corporal
Just lookin for infoon the history of my Great Great grand dads regiment.
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