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Company Unknown
James B Turner
- Lieutenant
Looking for any information on James B. Turner, who was the Bard of the Irish Brigade and usually went under the pen name 'Gallowglass' in the Irish American Newspaper.

Died in action 1864

Lived and buried in Jersey City, also served in the 2nd NJ State militia (3 months 1861)
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Company C
- Private
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Company D
James Robert McClellan
- Corporal
On October 16, 1861, James R. McClellan enlisted in the Union Army at New York City. Military records show that on or about July 1, 1862 he was captured by the enemy at Savage's Station, Virginia. He was part of a prisoner exchange in the months of September and October 1862 and was released from the Union Army,

On November 3, 1862, McClellan reenlisted in the Union Army and was assigned to Company C, 5th U.S.Calvary at Washington D.C.
On May 10, 1864 Sheridan's cavalry units, that included Co. C. 5th U.S.Calvary combined with two companies of the 1st N.Y. Calvary were ordered to burn a river bridge and McClellan was wounded and captured at Beaver Dam Station, VA, a Confederate supply depost. Sheridan's forces were surrounded by the enemy and a number of officers and men were killed, wounded and taken prisoner. James R. McClellan was confined in a cow shed for twelve days without medical treatment. He was moved to Gordonsville, Va. where his wounds were dressed. From Gordonsville he was transferred to Danville, Va., Salisbury N.C. and finally incarcerated at the infamous Andersonville, Georgia Confederate prison. He was released for this prison at the end of the war and returned to Washington DC
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Company E
James Desmond
- Private
James Desmond joined the 88th NY in Sept of 1864 and served until the end of the war. His commanding officer of Company E was his brother John Desmond
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Company E
John A Desmond
- Captain
Commanding Officer of Company E, his brother Pvt James Desmond was in the same company.
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