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Hugo Gambert
- 2nd Lieutenant
Hugo Gambert was my great-great-grandfather (I believe that Hugo immigrated to the United States from Prussia in 1832 and is buried in Salem Fields Cemetary in Brooklyn or Queens). He was also the great-great-grandfather of my late brother, William Paul Gambert, and the father of William and David Gambert. William was my great-grandfather who was married to Jessie Bachrach of Ohio who was the daughter of Joseph Bachrach, an Ohio latex manufacturer, who was jailed for manufacturing condoms that were illegal at the time. William Gambert, who was in the Barbershop Supply Business was the father of my paternal grandfather, Lester Bachrach Gambert (born in 1895 in Brooklyn, NY) who was married to Florence Frances Cohn (born in 1901 in Brooklyn, NY). They met living in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Their son, Herbert Gerald Gambert (born on August 30, 1922, in Brooklyn, NY [brother of Carol Gambert, later Seldes]) was our father and before marrying he served as an enlisted man in the U.S. Army Airforce and spent two years at various bases around the U.S. and the 3rd year he spent repairing radar on planes on the U.S. Army Airforce Base in Wales, UK and he flew a bit and won several medals. Prior to the war, he earned a degree in French at Brooklyn College. After the war, he attended Columbia University on the G.I. Bill and go his M.A. in teaching French. He then got a job with the NYC Board of Education teaching French and Spanish in Junior High. He was married to Judith Pearl Kaplan (born March 30, 1927, in Brooklyn, NY) in 1948 at The East Midwood Jewish Center In Brooklyn by Rabbi Harry Halpern, who was a friend of the family. Herbert and Judith lived first at an apartment that belonged to Judith's aunt, Lily Trube (then of Brooklyn, later of Carmel, CA [now deceased] and they bought a house at 1724 Madison Place, Brooklyn, NY 11229, when their son, William Paul was 2 months old. Herbert and Judith had two children: William Paul Gambert (born in Brooklyn, NY March 7, 1951-November 27, 2020) and Alicia Claire Gambert (born in Brooklyn, NY January 16, 1959 - ). William had his Bar Mitzvah at age 13 at Congregation Beth Elohim on Garfield Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a classical Reform synagogue. William was a gifted student and would go on to earn a B.S. degree in Mathematics at Brooklyn College in 1972 and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1974. He then followed that up by working as a consultant for a variety of different companies including IBM, Mt, Sinai Hospital, Software Design Associates, The American Bible Society, and others. William is buried in Mt, Richmond Cemetery on Staten Island at 420 Clarke Avenue near Richmondtown Restoration. Alicia (whose Hebrew name is Aliza) won the Hebrew medal at James Madison H.S. in 1977 where she earned a 99%. Herbert and Judith were able to pay off their mortgage for their home when Alicia was in High School. Herbert's career progressed to allow him to become a "School Court Coordinator" who ran suspension hearings for troubled adolescents, since he was fluent in Spanish and then to become an Assistant Principal for a short time during the Mayor Abe Beame administration in NYC until budget cuts forced that position to end and he went back to being a "school court coordinator." Alicia who was gifted in languages, learned three: French, Spanish, and Hebrew, for which Alicia was married to Edward Phillips and they had one child, Lauren Elaine Phillips (born in Brooklyn, NY April 27, 1987 - ). Alicia and Edward divorced in 1991in Staten Island, NY. Alicia is a librarian and Edward is a physician and Lauren is a nurse.
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