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15th Missouri InfantryCSA Flag
Company F
James & William Hulsey
Rank Unknown
My husband's mother Hazel Brewer Hulse told the story of 8 brothers who bore the Hulse, Hulsey name. During the Civil war 4 fought for the south 4 for the north. The souther brothers spelled it Hulsey and the Union brother's Hulse. In reading the book Enemy Woman by Paulette Jiles I found on page 249 the names of James and William Hulsey who were killed by the Missouri State Militia as recorded by John W. Boyd,First Lt., company I, 6th Provisional REgiment,Command Scout on November of 1863. Anyone have any information would love to hear. Seems Grandmother may have been right. P. Hulse
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Date Added: 10/10/2008

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