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Company Unknown
Richard Milton Harmon
- 1st Lieutenant
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Company A
Wiley Mashburn
- Quarter Master
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Company B
William J. Leaming
- Private
William J. LEAMING, married to Jessie HENNING. Son of Daniel Mackintosh Leaming and Mary Tucker. Brother to Union veterans Edward H. Leaming, Mack Jeremiah Leaming, Rush Green Leaming, Silas T. Leaming. Official Records: Film no. M390 roll 28.
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Company E
William Calvin Watkins
- 1st Sergeant
W.C. was wounded in the battle of Nashville Dec. of 1864 and lost the use of his right arm. He went on to serve in the KS legislature, AZ. Terr. legislature and run cattle ranches in KS/OK Ind. Terr. and AZ. He died in 1890 at the age of 59 and is buried with his wife Sarah in the Phoenix, AZ. City Cem. He and Sarah raised eight children, six boys and two girls.
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Company F
Christian Eckert
- Private
I would be interested in any information that anyone may have about Christian Eckert. Thanks!
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Company F
Alonzo Parker Wilder
- Private
Alonzo was one of 3 brothers who fought in the civil war on the union side. He finished his term and mustered out. He married Mary Elizabeth Jordan and had 4 children. He later moved his family to Oregon in the late 1800s.
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Company H
Alexander Fortune
Rank Unknown
Alexander was born c. 1840 at Montgomery county Virginia, moved to Washington county Missouri late 1850s.He married Susan Maxwell at washington county Missouri (Caladonia) about 1866. Alexander died 1897 Near Locust Grove Arkansas.Alexander drew Federal Pension for his service and His wife Susan drew a Widows pension.
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Company M
James S. Dykes
- 2nd Lieutenant
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Company M
Leigh B. Woodside
- Private
He was from Thomasville, Oregon County, Missouri.
He enlisted in 1865 in Rolla, MO. He was on guard duty in KS when the horses he was watching were stampeded by Indians. The horse that he was on fell on top of him and caused him to recieve an injury to his left groin. The injury basically ended his military career and he was discharged in 1866.

His brother, James Posey and his father, John R., fought for the Confederacy.
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