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5th Missouri CavalryCSA Flag
Company A
James Wesley Richardson
- Private
Wesley Richardson
Side: Confederate
Regiment Name: 5 Missouri Cavalry
Rank In: Private
Contact Name: Fred Rose
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Date Added: 1/18/2009

Company B
Peter J. Bond
- Private
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Contact Name: Richard Carruthers
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Date Added: 10/1/2004

Company E
John C. Thornton
- Private
John C. Thornton was born in Buchanan County, Missouri in 1843. Two of his brothers, Daniel B. and Andrew J. Thornton were members of Searcy's Battalion. John Thornton was a resident of Saline County at the time of his enlistment in Company E of the 5th Missouri Cavalry in 1862. His service record notes he was present with the regiment through February 1864. He was detailed as a 'Teamster to General Hindman's Division' for thirty days in 1864.
Contact Name: Ryan Thornton
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Date Added: 5/5/2016

Company G
William Franklin Bradley
- Private
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Contact Name: Stephen Moyers Woodard
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Contact Homepage: Givem Tha Cold Steel Boys
Date Added: 12/16/2010

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