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4th Missouri Infantry      
Company B
James O. A. Bumpass - Lieutenant   
He served in the MSG as a Private in Co D, 2nd Inf, 7th Division. Enlisted on March 3, 1862 in Mammoth Springs, MO at age 20. He was appointed Corp. April 18, 1862 and appointed Jr. 2nd Lt on May 14, 1862. He was in the battles of Wilson's Creek, Drywood, Lexington, South Fork, Farmington, uka, Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Baker's Creek, Big Black, Vicksburg, Georgia Campaign 1864. Died of wounds recieved at Lattimore House, Georgia June 18, 1864. Buried in Marietta, Georgia National Cemetery.
Contact Name:  Garret B. Kremer-Wright
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Date Added:  3/9/2007
Company B
William H Bumpass - Private   
Enlisted February 10, 1862 at the age of 17 in West Plains, MO. He fought in the battle of South Fork, AR. He died in the hospital at Enterprise, MS in November 1862.
Contact Name:  Garret B. Kremer-Wright
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Date Added:  3/9/2007
Company B
Joseph Colonel Cunningham - Private   
Joseph Cunningham is my Great great grand father. He had served with General Price. Enlisted on March 6th 1862, Same day Sterling Price was commissioned Maj Gen in the Confederate Army. I am awaiting his muster roll from the Missouri State Archives. He was Paroled from the hospital in Meridian Mississippi at the close of the war. He was hospitalized in July 1864 and remained there till after the war ended. He had contacted Chronic Erysifrelas in his left leg which crippled him in his left hip and knee for life. I am trying to find any picture of his unit that may be in existance. I have seen family pictures of him but cannot locate them now. He had returned to Coffee County Tennessee, where he was born, after the war.Where he passed away in 1917. He had went to Missouri in 1857 to purchase and home stead land. Where I am sure he was forced to defend his home as many of the Missourians were then, and wound up with General Price fighting with the Missouri Gaurd. Upon his enlistment to the Confederate Army he was assigned to the 4th Missouri infantry, Co, B. Under Colonel McFarland, general Price's command. Captain Howards company. When he was hospitalized Captain Nicks (or) Hicks was in command. Any picture of these brave men would be greatly appreciated.
Contact Name:  Dale Phipps
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Date Added:  5/13/2008
Company B
William Wright Kilman - Private   
My Great-Uncle was KIA at the First Battle of Corinth, MS
Contact Name:  Kevin R Kilman
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Date Added:  8/18/2010
Company B
Socrates Silas Moore - Unknown   
I am submitting this for a friend, Rex Moore who has interest in Spcrates who is his gg grandfather. Socrates was born in Beaver County, PA in 1821. He married Eliza McCune b. 1832 in Terra Haute, IN. Socrates and Eliza were m. 1855 in Tiptonville, Iowa. They had ten children including 2 sons, Charles and Francis. Rex is descended from Francis. I am a family historian and genealogist associated with the Southern Bean Association.
Gary Beene (Bean)
Contact Name:  Gary Beene
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Date Added:  5/22/2004
Company B
Peter Scales - Private   
Peter was my great great grandfather. He was killed by a shot to the head only thirteen days after he was conscripted off his farm.
Contact Name:  Virginia Sanchez
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Date Added:  8/5/2014
Company C
Greenberry McCarty - Private   
Greenberry McCarty was born in Indiana about 1820 and moved to the Ozarks as a young man, settling along the Arkansas-Missouri
border in first Fulton county Ark. and later Ozark county Mo.
When war came, he and several members of his extended famly enlisted in the Missouri State Guard. This unit became Co C 4th Missouri Infantry and was soon transferred to Confederate service. The 4th was transferred with Van Dorn's Army of the West, to Mississippi. The army being collected around Corinth was subject to great sickness and Greenberry McCarty fell victim to disease May 28, 1862
Contact Name:  Charlie Hammett
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Date Added:  12/15/2009
Company D
James Boze - Private   
Enlisted 2/25/1862 at Thomasville, MO Engaged at South Farmington. Died at Okalona, MS 6/3/1862
Contact Name:  Michael Boze
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Date Added:  8/15/2007
Company D
Benjamin Gum - Private   
Enlisted February 25, 1862 in Alton, MO. He was paroled out of service July 5, 1863 at Vicksburg.
Contact Name:  Garret B. Kremer-Wright
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Date Added:  3/9/2007
Company D
Robert M Parmly - Private   
He was from Oseola and joined as a wagon driver, was wounded at Elk Horn Tavern.
Contact Name:  Bob Painter
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Date Added:  7/7/2004
Company D
James Posey Woodside - Captain   
He served in the MSG in 2nd Regt. 7th Div. He fought at Wilson''s Creek (wounded in left arm), South Fork (listed as killed though not), Farmington, Iuka, Corinth (wounded through the right hip and disabled for field service), Vicksburg (surrendered with garrison on July 4, 1864). He spent some time in Selma, AL and was put on the Retired Invalid Corps January 21, 1865. He surrended on May 10, 1865 in Meridan, MS. His brother, Leigh, served in the Union army. His father, John R., served with the Confederacy.
Contact Name:  Garret B. Kremer-Wright
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Date Added:  4/18/2004
Company D
John Rowlett Woodside - Private   
He served in the MSG where he was commissoned a Colonel by Gen. J. H. McBride to recruit troops for the Confederate army in Oregon and Howell County, MO. He served in the battle of Wilson's Creek as a Captain. He enlisted as a Pvt. in Co. D 4th Mo infantry. He was on a recruiting service when he was captured by the enemy on June 1, 1862 in Marion, Arkansas. He was sent to Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis where he posted Bond and gave the Oath of Alligence on September 12, 1863. He had two sons who fought on opposite sides during the war.
Contact Name:  Garret B. Kremer-Wright
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Date Added:  4/18/2004
Company E
John Marion Ragland - Sergeant   
GG Grandfather. Captured flag of the 39th Iowa at the Battle of Allatoona Pass, Georgia. Promoted to Captain. Don Troiani did a painting of the subject.
Contact Name:  Timothy P Ragland
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Date Added:  8/5/2010
Company E
Norval Spangler - Captain   
Killed during the action at Bakers Creek, near Vicksburg.
Contact Name:  Charles Spangler
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Date Added:  5/29/2007
Company F
Josiah Nance - Sergeant   
Enlisted in 1st Missouri Infantry (later consolidated with 4th Infantry) on March 24, 1862, as a resident of the town of Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. Engaged at Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, and Bakers Creek. Wounded at the battle of Bakers Creek, MS on May 16, 1863 and died in a Union Prison Hospital May 19, 1863, National Archive records.
Contact Name:  Ed Nance
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Date Added:  5/12/2004
Company G
Willis McLemore Campbell - 1st Lieutenant   
Willis McLemore Campbell(1823-1899)was one who helped form a militia unit in Oregon Co. MO. They later joined R.O. Tribble (Tribble's Brigade) and then the 4th MO Infantry under Capt John Sitton who wrote about these soldiers in his accounts of the war. After the war, Willis served as a county court judge and lived out his days at home with his large family.
He is my great-great-great grandfather.
Contact Name:  Jeanne
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Contact Homepage:  Pirtle
Date Added:  11/8/2011
Company H
Robert S Rankin - 2nd Lieutenant   
Born 1840 in Johnson Co., Missouri. Enlisted 14 Jan 1862 in Columbus, Missouri. Served as 5th Sgt. of Company H until elected as 2nd Lt. in March 1862. Wounded at the Battle of Champion Hill died as a result on 1 July 1863 in Jackson, Mississippi.
Contact Name:  George Hill
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Date Added:  11/4/2010
Company K
Narval Douglas Rutherford - Private   
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