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2nd Missouri Infantry      
Company A
Sylvester Marks - Private   
Enlisted at age 16 at Osceola, Mo.,Dec. 8, 1861. Assigned to Company A.
Battles included Lexington, Grand Gulf, Bakers Creek, Big Black and Siege of Vicksburg, where he was wounded, taken prisoner July 4, 1863, and paroled July 7,1863. Sometime before Vicksburg he was promoted to Cpl. Upon his parole he had sworn an oath not to take up arms again. but he did and was apparently killed or died from injuries around 1865-66.
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Company A
Edward D. McBride - Private   
My GGGrandfather; Pea Ridge, Iuka, Corinth discharged because his wounds prevented further service.
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Company C
Theodore Luckett Lanier - Captain   
Under the command of Colonel John Q. Burbridge, T. L. Lanier enlisted on 4 December 1861, and his appointment to 1st Lieutenant was 8 May 1862. On 28 April 1863 he was promoted to the rank of Captain. Surviving at least 12 significant campaigns of the Civil War, Capt. Lanier was twice severely wounded in the Battles for Corinth and Franklin. His nurse at the Battle of Franklin, Miss Laura Johnson, would become his wife. Other campaigns in which he engaged the enemy include the Battles of Lexington, Elkhorn, Farmington, Iuka, Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Bakers Creek, Big Black Bridge, Vicksburg and Alatoona.
Capt. T. L. Lanier's genealogy, history, war record, writings (The Confederate Veteran - a defense of General Pemberton), and epitaph, are all testament to a man's (and soldier's) life of impeccable honor and integrity. Capt. Lanier’s epitaph was listed in The Confederate Veteran, Jan - Dec. 1903:
T. L. Lanier At Waverly, Tenn., on April 4, many friends of Captain T.L. Lanier assembled to pay a last tribute to one who in life was patriot, soldier, friend. The death of this brave man, strong in spirit always, in spite of physical weakness, was a source of much sorrow to the members of Camp Alonzo Napier, 1349, U.C.V., of which he was the faithful commander.
'Capt. Lanier was born in Lincoln County, Mo., March 1, 1841, and at the beginning of the war enlisted as a private in Company G, Second Regiment, Missouri Infantry Volunteers under Price. He was afterwards promoted to first lieutenant of his company, and a little previous to the siege of Vicksburg was promoted to captain, and after the fall of Vicksburg was transferred with his company to the Army of Tennessee. He was wounded at the battle of Corinth, and at the battle of Franklin, while leading his company, fell, his body pierced by seven bullets of the enemy, and was bourn from the field by two comrades, who were the only ones of his company who were not killed or wounded in that battle. His devotion to the interest of the Veteran will not be forgotten. '
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Company D
William Hilliard Kavanaugh - Private   
At the age of 15 and in the first year of the Rebellion, he enlisted in the Missouri State Guard, but after serving 6 months enlisted in the Second Missouri Confederate Infantry, Company D, and served until the close of the war, participating in the battles of Lexington, Pea Ridge, Farmington, Luka, Corinth (where he was wounded by a gunshot in the right arm), Grand Gulf, Baker's Creek, siege of Vicksburg, the Georgia campaign, Dalton, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain, Marietta, Peach Tree Creek, siege of Atlanta, Hood's raid in Franklin, Tennessee (where he was captured, and taken to Fort Douglas in Chicago, where he was retained three months, and then exchanged at Richmond, VA, Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely (where he was again captured, on the 9th day of April, with all of his command, and confined on Ship Island for two weeks, being discharged May 10, 1865, at Jackson, Miss).
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Company D
Edward West Smith - Private   
He was taken prisoner with the rest of his company while on the way to join General Sterling Price by General Jeff Davis,USA. He was paroled from the State Penitentiary in Alton, Ill.
After being paroled he went to Bellevue Medical Hospital and studied to become a doctor graduating in 1866 as a medical doctor.
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Company E
Amos Fristoe - 1st Lieutenant   
Killed at Battle of Franklin, TN Home: Pettis County
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Company F
Charles B Mills - Sergeant   
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Company I
John M Bullard - Private   

Was wounded in calf of leg at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee

Captured 9 Apr 1865 at Blakeley, Alabama
Paroled 13 May 1865 at Vicksburg, Mississippi

After the war went west with his brother James Barger Bullard and was one of the founders of Silver City, NM – was killed by Indians on Feb. 23 1871.

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Company I
William Burnett - Private   
Severely wounded March 1862 at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas and was disabled for duty
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Company I
Nathaniel Toliver Craig - Private   
Died 15 May 1862 at Enterprise MS (Mumps)
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Company I
Silas Cook Howard - Private   
Silas Cook Howard was a 5th great grand-uncle, wounded at Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, Ark. Also listed in Co E, 3rd Battalion Missouri Cavalry C.S.A.
Born in Caldwell Co, KY.
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Company K
James M Morris - Corporal   
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