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57th Massachusetts Infantry      
Company Unknown
George EATON PRIEST - 1st Lieutenant   
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Company Unknown
William H Prouty - Unknown   
William was in the 10th Massachusetts and transferred to the 57th Mass.
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Company Unknown
Milo West - Private   
I believe Milo is the son of Charles B West. He enlisted at the age of 17 in the 57th MA Infantry. . I would like to find out more information about him. He had a brother (George W West) and two sisters ( Lilla and Elizabeth.
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Company B
Jeremiah Callahan - Private   
Captured at Cold Harbor June 2, 1864 Died Andersonville Prison August, 27, 1864.
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Company C
Henry sennett May - Sergeant   
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Company D
Julius Dugall - Corporal   
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Company D
Charles S. Harvey - Private   
Captured during the Battle of the Wilderness. Charles went to Andersonville Prison then on to Florence Prison.
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Company D
Charles A. Jones - Private   
From Stockbridge, Berkshire, MA
Enlisted as a Private on 24 February 1864 at the age of 41
Enlisted in Company I, 57th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 10 March 1864.
Transfered on 14 April 1864 from company I to company D
Killed on 06 May 1864 in Wilderness, VA
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Company F
Anson J Bishop - Private   
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Company F
George F. Sabin - Private   
George Frederick Sabin. He was a 19 year old Clerk at Bolton, Mass. He enlisted at Fitchburg as a Pvt. on 25 Aug.1862. On 25 Aug 1862 he was mustered into Co. B, 53rd. MA Inf. He was
mustered out on 2 Sep 1863. On 18 Feb 1864 he was mustered into Co. F, 57th MA Inf. On 28 Jan 1865 he was transferred to Co. B, Veteran Reserve Corps 19th. He was mustered out 3 Aug 1865. (Promoted to Sgt. 18 Feb 1864, co. F, 57th MA Inf.)
(Absent, sick19 Apr. 1864, New York, N.Y., returned 20 June 1864, wounded 30 July 1864 at Petersburg, VA – left calf.)
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Company I
Leopold Karpeles - Sergeant   
NOT my ancestor, but he was such a distinguished soldier that justice demands that his name be listed: he had prior service in the 46th Mass.; and, he was the first Jewish-American recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor from Massachusetts.

COLOR SERGEANT LEOPOLD KARPELES was a 23 year old clerk from Springfield, Mass., who was born in Hungary (and came to Mass. via Texas), enlisted on 07 Mar. 1864, was mustered into Federal service on 10 Mar. 1864, and served in Co. A of the 57th Mass. Vet. Vol. Inf. Rgt. (1st Bde., 1st Div., 9th Corps); he served as Color Sergeant of his regiment.

At the Battle of the Wilderness on 06 May 1864, the 57th Mass. Inf. Rgt. went into action with 548 men--and sustained a loss of 262 men: 47.8% casualties in one battle!...

On 24 May 1864, COL. SGT. LEOPOLD KARPELES was severely wounded-in-action at the North Anna River, Va., and was sent to a hospital in Washington, DC, to recover from his wounds. While still absent/wounded (and recovering from his wounds, KARPELES was Discharged for Disabilty on 07 May 1865.

On 30 Apr. 1870, COL. SGT. LEOPOLD KARPELES received the Congressional Medal of Honor; his citation reads as follows: '[On 06 May 1864, at the Battle of the Wilderness, Va.] while Color Bearer, he rallied the retreating troops, and induced them to check the enemy's advance.'

COL. SGT. LEOPOLD KARPELES had prior service in the 46th Mass. Inf. Rgt. (9 Months).

According to Capt. John A. Anderson, at the time of the writing of his History of the 57th Mass. in 1895-96, LEOPOLD KARPELES was residing at: 1609 7th Street NW, Washington, DC.

1. America's Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients and their Official Citations. Columbia Heights, Minn.: Highland House, II, 2002; p. 907.
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The absolute BEST modern history of any Civil War regiment is Warren Wilkinson's SUPERB 'Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen: The 57th Massachusetts Veteran Volunteers in the Army of the Potomac, 1864-65.' New York, NY: Harper Collins, Publishers, 1990. *N.B.: this SUPERB book contains an EXCELLENT unit roster--with personal information on each and every man-jack who served therein. If your ancestor served in the 57th Mass., then you will want a copy of this book--which you should be able to find at:

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Company K
George T Pickett - Corporal   
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Company K
George Thomas Pickett - Corporal   
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