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Company Unknown
Thomas J Casey
Rank Unknown
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Company Unknown
Lucius Bolles Marsh
- Colonel
Lucius Bolles Marsh was born in Danvers Massachusetts on April 18, 1818. He was a direct descendent of the Rev. Samuel Skelton, the first minister of the First Church of Salem MA. A successful merchant before the war, Mr. Marsh was also involved in military affairs as a member of the old Boston Fusiliers and an officer of the Washington Phalanx. In 1861 Mr. Marsh organized a battalion of Home Guards and recruited for 9 months service the Massachusetts 47th Regiment Volunteer Infantry of which he was made Colonel. He commanded a part of General Banks expedition against New Orleans and later was commander of Union forces at Camp Parapet. He recruited a company of negroes which became the nucleus of the 2nd Regiment of Engineers, a force which held Port Hudson against a large force of Confederates. After the war Colonel Marsh returned to his merchant business until he retired in 1870. In his retirement he purchased a summer home in Scituate, MA and became an active member of that town's GAR Post. Colonel Marsh passed away at his Scituate home on August 14, 1901.
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Company A
Francis Carton
- Private
Lived in Philadelphia, PA after the Civil War. Married to Elizabeth McKinney
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Company B
William Dale
- Private
William W Dale
Residence: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Occupation: Clerk
Age at Enlistment: 18
Enlistment Date: 9 Apr 1862
Service Record: Enlisted in Company B, Massachusetts 47th Infantry Regiment on 19 Sep 1862.
Mustered out on 01 Sep 1863 at Readville, MA.

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Company C
Thomas G Sandland
- Sergeant
Part of a 9 month regiment that served in New Orleans from the Fall of 1862 through the summer of 1863.
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