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43rd Massachusetts Infantry      
Company Unknown
Alonzo Carter Webber - Surgeon   
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Company C
George A Rhoades - Private   
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Company E
irving emerson - 1st Sergeant   
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Company E
william ward tuttle - Quarter Master   
Tuttle was brother-in0law to Irving Emerson. As there was no listing for QM Sgt, I have used the rank of Quartermaster for Tuttle
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Company F
George S Bates - Private   
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Company F
Peleg Ford Clapp - 2nd Lieutenant   
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Company F
George Henry Ewell - Private   
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Company F
Francis Mason Litchfield - Private   
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Company F
Milton Grey Litchfield - Private   
Milton Grey Litchfield was born in Scituate Massachusetts on March 10, 1844. He was the son of Sumner and Lillis Litchfield. Milton and his brothers were raised in the ancestral home of their Great Great Grandfather Nicholas Litchfield who built it in 1738 and still standing. Their landholdings were large and portions of the land is preserved today as conservation. In August of 1862 Milton enlisted with several Scituate men in Co. F 43rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in Readville MA. Later that September the regiment took ship for New Bern NC and upon arriving reported to Camp Rogers outside New Bern on the site of an abandoned plantation. During the nine months that the regiment was active Milton saw action at such battles as Goldsboro,Kinston,Whitehall and Little Washington. When not in engagements the men drilled and worked in the pioneer details where they removed tree obstructions from roads blocked and repaired bridges set fire by retreating Rebel forces. One letter survives from Pvt. Litchfield from New Bern in which he describes to a 'Friend William' about what is was like to go into battle. His writing and that of other Scituate men that survive is clear and concise. A testament to the good village schools back in Scituate. Returning to Scituate in the early Summer of 1863 with his enlistment expired. Milton returned to the family farm with health issues recorded as rheumatism and lower back strain. On August 10, 1864 Milton reenlisted in Co.C 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. Before he left for garrison duty in Washington D.C, he married Sarah Waters Stoddard one of three daughters of Deacon William Stoddard of Scituate. On June 17, 1865 Pvt. Litchfield was discharged from Fort Richardson VA. He returned home to his bride and family and resumed farming. The responsibility of operating the family farm soon fell on Milton's shoulders as his brother Sumner returned from the war too ill to work. In 1875 Milton built a home next to his father's house and later the family built a house next to Milton and Sarah's for his dying brother and his family in 1877. Milton and Sarah had one child, Winnette in 1877. In 1875 Milton was one of the original 35 members to join the George W. Perry Post 31 GAR in Scituate. He remained a devout member for the rest of his life.He was later honored by the Womens Relief Corp#121 by the establishment of The Milton G Litchfield Tent Daughters of Union Veterans. Numerous photos of him survive in his later years at GAR parades and functions. Milton is remembered as an exceptional market farmer. Neighboring farms and agricultural schools sought his advice on soil conditions & fertilizing and crop rotation. He was considered the foremost authority on cauliflower cultivation and his advice is still recognized today. Milton Litchfield passed away at the age of 90 on August 5, 1934.
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Company F
Otis Vinal Litchfield - Private   
This is Otis's affadavit when he applied for a pension after the war-
Mass Plymouth county Jan 4th 1882
I enlisted in Co. F 43rd Regiment M. V. September 1862Went to camp at Readville. Took transport Boston for Newbern N.C. arrived there all right. Went to camp on the bank of river Trenton about two and one half miles from Newbern. Was detailed in to the Pioneer camp. Started on our first expedition on the 11th of December went to Goldsborough. The first day marched 17 miles. Was prevented from going farther on account of road blockade. The enemy having fell heavy timber in to the road for about 8 miles. Had to go to work and cut that out before we could get our coffee. It took us until 11 o'clock at night.Fell in at daylight next morning. About 10 o'clock had a little skirmish with the enemy pickets. one man killed. Next morning was near Kinston began to hear reports of guns. Had quite a skirmish lost some 250 men.Captured 760 prisoners and 1000 stand of arms. They set fire to the bridge but we put the fire out. The Pioneer Corps had to cover the bridge all over with boards before the cavalry could cross over it. Marched into Kinston and slept over night. Marched out the next morning and destroyed the bridge. Next day met the enemy at White Hall had had quite a little fight lasted about 2 hours. I was detailed as ambulance man to lug out wounded. Had one of our Color Guard killed. Marched on to Goldsborough nothing happened until we arrived there. Destroyed about 3 miles of railroad and burned the large bridge. Started back for Newbern had not gone far when the enemy attacked our rear. Repulsed them. Had no more trouble. Arrived back to Newbern was gone 11 days. Nothing of note for some time except camp duty and chopping wood in the woods. Commenced to build cordouroy road worked on it off and on. Our brigade went to Trenton. destroyed bridge. Brigade started for Washington N.C. was repulsed and came back. I was not able to go from disability. Started for Washinton N.C. by water the next day but could not get there on account of the enemy guns on the bank of the Tar River. Ordered back to Newbern. Started again by land arrived there in two days. The enemy having retreated and left the road clear.Sometime March or April got a flag staff out of the swamp. There was 20 of us carrying it and I slipped and hurt my back and ruptured myself in the groin. Did not do much more duty while I was in the service. When I arrived home to Mass I was not able to do any labor. Did not go to work at Blacksmithing for 18 months. Was not able to shoe horses when I went at work.
Otis Litchfield43rd Mass. vol inf. mustered in 2nd Sept 1862. mustered out 30th July, 1863 Otis was born April 2nd, 1822 in Scituate, Mass. and died July 11th, 1891 in Scituate, Mass from gangrenous sores and rheumetism. He received a pension but it is unclear if he received a disability from injuries suffered while with the 43rd Mass.
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Company F
Nathan Soule Oakman - 2nd Lieutenant   
- Enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant on 2 September 1862 at the age of 25.
- Commission in Company F, 43rd Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 12 Sep 1862.
- Mustered Out Company F, 43rd Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 30 Jul 1863 at Readville, MA.
- Promoted to Full Captain (of Co. F 58th MA Inf) on 15 Apr 1864.
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Company H
Franklin Stetson Evans - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 19 September 1862 at the age of 19.
Mustered in Company H, 43rd Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 20 September 1862.
Mustered out on 30 July 1863 at Readville, MA.
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Company I
Daniel Aloyisius Cronin - Unknown   
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Company K
Warriner Bliss - Private   
Warriner's company was organized by October 23, 1862, and saw action in New Berne, Kinston, Whitehall and Goldsboro, NC. The regiment mustered out July 30, 1863. Warriner went home to Warren, Mass. and joined Post #65 G.A.R. He made his living as a machinist, and died February 25, 1904.
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