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24th Massachusetts Infantry      
Company Unknown
John H. Bartlett - Private   
In a letter written by L. to the newspaper dated -

“Newbern, N.C. March 31st, 1862.
“… In the hospital appropriated to the wounded in this city, two men died on Saturday last from injuries received in the recent battle. One, John Bartlett, [Bartlett, 24th Mass. Infantry, died of wounds in an aid station near Newbern, N.C. March, 1862. 'Bartlett, John H. — Priv. — Res. Holyoke; 18; farmer; enl. Sept. 30, 1861 ; must. Oct. 2, 1861 wounded March 14, 1862, Newbern, N. C.; died of wounds, March 29, 1862, Newbern, N. C.] from Holyoke, belonged to the 24th Mass.; and the other, Willard Steere, [Private, D, March 29, 1862, died of wounds received at Newberne, N.C. Gunshot wound] from Burrillville, R.I., belonged to the 4th Regiment from that State. They were both great sufferers, and while everything was done for them that the nature of their wounds admitted, it was a cause of congratulation when death came to their relief. Our other wounded men, with few exceptions, are in a hopeful condition – many of them in a far more promising state than the Surgeons dared a few days ago to hope.”

Date: Thursday, April 10, 1862. Paper: Boston Traveler (Boston, MA). Page: 2
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Company Unknown
Charles T. Ford - Private   
His brother-in-law, Nathan Clark died of wounds received in battle.
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Company Unknown
William L. Horton - 2nd Lieutenant   
Horton, William L. — 2d Lieut. — Res. Boston ; 23 ; merchant ; comm. Sept. 2, 1861 ; must. Oct. 31, 1861; wounded March 14, 1862, Newbern, N. C. ; comm. 1st Lieut., Aug. 1, 1862; must. Sept. 1, 1862 ; disch. for disability, March 12, 1864, as 1st Lieut, of Co. 'A'.

Adjutant W. L. Horton, wounded in right shoulder;

Adjutant William L. Horton, ... is severely wounded, a grape shot having passed through his left shoulder, shattering the bone.
Boston Evening Transcript.  (Boston, MA).  Thursday, March 20, 1862. 

“New York, June 18. – The steamer “Cossack” from New Bern, the 15th, has arrived with sick and wounded in charge of Mr. Upham. Among the wounded are Adjutant Horton ...of the 24th Mass.”
Source: Saturday, June 21, 1862. Arrival from Newbern and New Orleans. Connecticut Courant (Hartford, CT). Volume XCIX Issue 5083. Page 3.
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Company Unknown
William Thorne - Lieutenant   
“Casualties in the Mass. 24th Regiment.
Assistant Surgeon E.R. Wheeler of the Mass. 24th Regiment, has forwarded to Surgeon-General Dale the following list of casualties … Second Lieut. William Thorne was wounded in the shoulder on the 17th.
Surgeon Wheeler states that all those seriously wounded were at once sent off by boat to the General Hospital. …”

Date: Saturday, August 27, 1864
Paper: American Traveller (Boston, Massachusetts) Page: 2

“War Correspondence.
In our Saturday’s issue we made mention of the death of Lieut. Wm. Thorne, of Co. F, 24th Mass. Vols., formerly engaged in the Photographic business in this town. Since then we have received a letter from an officer in the regiment, speaking in terms of commendation of Lieut. Thorne, from which we make the following extract:
‘At the outbreak of the Rebellion he enlisted in the 24th Regt. Mass. Vols., and was at once appointed Sergeant. Rising by various gradations from Third to First and then Orderly Sergeant, he was for some time in command of the Company, and as soon as a vacancy occurred he was nominated as Lieut. by his Commanding Officer. At the Battle of New Berne, in March 1862, he displayed marked bravery, and in all the battles in which the 24th Mass. Were engaged he was always on hand, and ever in the front. During the long and arduous siege of Fort Wagner Lieut. Thorne was every third night in the trenches, and was always the same, cheerful and quiet. Lieut. Thorne was in command of his Company on picket, during the late advance, and was sitting behind the entrenchments, when a sharpshooter stationed in a tree, fired the shot, which entered his breast, and descending, caused a fatal wound. He lived but a few days, and died without pain.
Would that the Country had more such men.’”

Date: Saturday, September 3, 1864
Paper: Cape Ann Light and Gloucester Telegraph (Gloucester, Massachusetts) Volume XXXVIII, No. 36, Page: 1
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Company Unknown
Joseph Wyman - Unknown   
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Company A
John Nelligan - Private   
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Company A
Jeremiah O'Leary - Private   
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Company A
charles weston phipps - Private   
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Company B
thomas henry coleman - Private   
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Company C
Elbridge Henry Gilford - Sergeant   
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Company D
John Kennedy - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 17 October 1861 at the age of 38. Discharged on 17 October 1864. Distinguished Service. Died 2 years later of war related disease, perhaps malaria. He was a carpenter in Roxbury.
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Company D
John McLain/McLen - Private   
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Company D
Samuel Henry Root - Sergeant   
Campaign from South Carolina to Richmond, Virginia and, finally,
Guard Duty at Libby Prison, Richmond... Brevetted to lieutenant
prior to mustering out January, 1866.
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Company K
patrick hassan - Corporal   
Patrick hassan , native of Derry, Ireland returned to Ireland after the war in order to help the people of his locality in the anticipated uprising by the Fenians against the British. He was arrested and imprisoned in Belfast Jail before being deported to the states. In Ireland,he became engaged to a Miss Moran, a native of Draperstown, County Derry, then living in Belfast. He joined the Fenian movement in Philadelphia.
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