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13th Massachusetts Infantry      
Company Unknown
george e sprague - Private   
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Contact Name:  robert sprague
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Date Added:  2/21/2005
Company Unknown
Zealous Bates Tower - General   
Seeking as much information about Gen. Tower as I can get.
Contact Name:  Richard Tower
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Date Added:  12/26/2009
Company A
Rollin Timothy Horton - Sergeant   
Civil War veteran:
He enlisted as a Private at the age of 17 in Company A, 13th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment on July 16, 1861. He was promoted to Full Corporal on November 1, 1862. He was held as a POW on July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg. He was promoted to Full Sergeant on May 1, 1864. He was mustered out of Company A, 13th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment August 1, 1864 in Boston, MA.
Contact Name:  John Arsenault
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Date Added:  1/29/2011
Company A
albert finey shelton - Colonel   
He was my grandfathers grandfather. I am named after his cousin, John Parker Shelton who was killed at the battle of Bull Run.
Contact Name:  John Shelton
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Date Added:  6/3/2005
Company B
David Sloss - Sergeant   
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Contact Name:  Jim Perry
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Date Added:  7/20/2008
Company B
Morton Tower - Captain   
Seeking info on Morton.
I would like to have more information about my relative Morton Tower. Life history and more information about his capture at Gettysburg.

Rich Tower
Contact Name:  Rich Tower
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Date Added:  7/12/2006
Company D
Savillian Esteridge Bazin - Private   
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Contact Name:  Bruce Van Allen
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Date Added:  1/21/2005
Company D
Andrew Thomas Crawley - Private   
Andrew T. Crawley enlisted in June 1861 along with his younger brother, William H. Crawley, in Co. 'D' of the 13th Mass Inf..
William was wounded early in 1862 and discharged shortly thereafter. Andrew was WIA during the Antietem Campaign. Andrew had his leg amputated as a result of that wound.He was discharged in Dec. of 1863.I have several photos post war of both Andrew and William.I also have Andrew's Regimental History published by the Regimental Association after the War.
Contact Name:  Robert Anderson
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Date Added:  2/28/2013
Company D
William Henry Crawley - Private   
See Info re: Andrew T. Crawley
Also; William reenlisted in 1864 in Co.'G' 61st Mass Inf as a sgt. While waiting to move south with the 61 st,Wlliam enlisted in Co.A, Hancock's Veteran Volunteer Corps (U.S)This was a Corps sized unit to be issued Spencer Repeating Rifles.The Corps was planned as an assault force for the Army of the Potomac.I have seen the Corps badge that William received-sort of a rare badge from that period.

Contact Name:  Robert Anderson
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Date Added:  2/28/2013
Company D
Joseph Oliver Miles - 1st Sergeant   
U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles
about Joseph O Miles
Name: Joseph O Miles
Residence: Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Clerk
Age at Enlistment: 18
Enlistment Date: 30 Apr 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
State Served: Massachusetts
Was POW?: Yes
Survived the War?: No
Service Record: Enlisted in Company D, Massachusetts 13th Infantry Regiment on 16 Jul 1861.
Promoted to Full Corporal on 01 Jan 1863.
Promoted to Full 1st Sergeant on 01 Nov 1863.
Mustered out on 21 Jul 1864 at Boston, MA.
Birth Date: abt 1843
Sources: Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Civil War
The Story of the 13th Massachusetts Volunteers
Contact Name:  Charles R. Miles, Jr.
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Date Added:  8/20/2009
Company D
John H Towne - Private   
John H. Towne was born in Brighton Massachusetts on September 24,1837. At the time of his enlistment in Co.D he gave his occupation as that of a sailor. He enlisted at Fort Independence in Boston Harbor on July 16, 1861. By the end of that month the regiment departed Boston for Maryland where it spent the remaining Summer & Autumn doing guard duty on the upper Potomac. The oncoming Winter brought the regiment into quarters at Williamsport. As part of the Army of the Potomac, the 13th Mass spent the Spring and early Summer reconnoitering in northern Virginia. In August 1862 Pvt. Towne and the 13th were engaged at Second Manassas opposing Longstreet's Corp at Thoroughfare Gap. On August 30th the regiment was heavily engaged at the Chinn Farm. In September, the 13th was engaged at South Mountain without loss. At Antietam Pvt. Towne saw action in the Bloody Cornfield and near the Dunker Church with the regiment sustaining heavy losses. In the days following the fighting Pvt. Towne came down with typhoid fever and was admitted to a field hospital in Smoketown MD. Despite objections from a surgeon, Pvt. Towne and five other soldiers from the 13th Mass reported back to their regiment with Towne requiring the assistance of a cane to walk. Pvt. Towne was soon judged unfit for active duty and sent to Washington D.C. On January 16, 1863 Pvt. Towne was given a medical discharge from the army. Returning home to Brighton MA, John Towne worked as a sign painter and in 1881 married Julia A. Chubbuck of Scituate. They soon moved to Scituate and lived in the village of Greenbush where Mr Towne went to work for the local company Thompson & Holmes House & Sign Painters. Mr Towne was an active member of the George W. Perry Post 31 GAR in Scituate. In 1915 he was one of three post members on the soldiers & sailors monument committee and was present when that monument was dedicated in 1918. Mr Towne was well regarded by his community and despite many physical ailments was affable and kind hearted to everyone he met. Many photos survive of Mr. Towne at GAR and civic functions. The ever present cane in his hand. Mr Towne's GAR hat with his wartime corp badge stitched on the side survives today at the GAR Hall. Until recently there were old timers that recalled Mr. Towne in their youth sitting on his front porch greeting those who passed by and sharing his stories of the war with the children of Greenbush Village. Mr. Towne passed away in 1930 with a great number of the community turning out to pay their respects.
Contact Name:  David E. Corbin
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Date Added:  2/3/2009
Company E
joseph stecher - Private   
I would be interested if anyone has photos of the regiment
Contact Name:  Harry Moss
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Date Added:  5/17/2007
Company F
Elephonzo Wood Prouty - Corporal   
Eolphonzo Prouty enlisted on June 16, 1861. He was wounded at Sharpsburg on September 17th, 1862. He was a pow at Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863. He returned to his unit on August 17th, 1863. He was honorably discharged Aug 1st, 1864.
Contact Name:  Shawn Verdine
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Date Added:  6/28/2006
Company G
Alonzo Perkins Wise - Sergeant   
5th Sergeant. Wounded at Gettysburg. Well known Riverboat and Western gambler. Name registered at the hotel in Dodge City.
Contact Name:  Angela Brush
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Date Added:  10/8/2016
Company H
Adna p Hall - Private   
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Contact Name:  Shane
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Date Added:  6/29/2008
Company H
Osmond D Richardson - Private   
Still finding out more details. I know he was injured in a major battle and returned back to duty, getting discharged towards the end of the war.
Contact Name:  Benjamin O Richardson
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Date Added:  3/9/2006
Company I
James A. Smith - Corporal   
James A. Smith - with 13th Mass from muster in July 1861 at Ft. Independence through 2nd Battle of Bull Run, August 1862. Then hospitalized and discharged April 1863. Smith was with Co. I at Harpers Ferry when the John Brown bell was taken in Sept. 1861. Was he one of the 16 men who carried out that deed? I aim to find out.

Contact Name:  Greg Dowden
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Date Added:  3/1/2005
Company K
William Henry Forbush - Private   
I have collected all 35 of the 13th Mass. re-union Circulars. 1888-1922. They contain letters, articles and other information about the service of this regiment. This information has been put onto a CD to share with descendants. Also please check out my detailed websight on the regiment.

William Henry Forbush was enlisted in the Westboro Rifles in April, 1861, 2 mos. before his 18th birthday. He served 1 /2 years in the 13th Mass. Co. K, (roster lists him as Furbush) until he was wounded in the left hand at 2nd Bull Run, Aug. 30, 1862. At the Broad and Cherry St. Hospital in Phila., he transferred to the 3rd US Artillery, Battery C, to serve out the remainder of his 3 year enlistment. More information about him is on my website for the 13th Mass.
Contact Name:  Bradley Forbush
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Date Added:  3/3/2005
Company K
Gardner R. Parker - Private   
Those with an interest in the 13th Massachusetts Infantry should have an interest in this page, the Reflections/Connections Page associated with my Civil War Home Page. Please make contact if you like it.

Your Obedient Servant.
Contact Name:  Don Monroe
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Date Added:  8/7/2008
Company K
Melvin H Walker - Sergeant   
Enlisted as a Private on 16 July 1861 at the age of 19.
Promoted to Corporal on 12 September 1862.
Wounded at Gettysburg, PA on 1 July 1863.
Promoted to Sergeant on 1 November 1863.
Mustered out on 1 August 1864 at Boston, MA.
Contact Name:  Eric Stone
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Date Added:  6/15/2010
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