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Company Unknown
Thomas Edwin Kemp
- 1st Lieutenant
Lt. Kemp served from 1862 to 1865. He was a private in Co. F but rose through the ranks to cpl., sgt., sgt. maj., and Lt. As Lt. he was the regimental adjutant. I am his great, great grandson.
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Company Unknown
Robert B. Meads
- Captain
Robert B. Meads, with the Fourth Maryland Regiment, participated in the following military engagements:
Defense of Williamsport, MD, September 20-21, 1862
Duty between Williamsport and Hagerstown until December 11, 1862
Duty at Maryland Heights December 11-12, 1862 to April 9, 1863
Bolivar Heights to April 30, 1863
Grafton and Clarksburg, WV, April 30-May 1 to repel invasion
Operations against Jones and Imboden, May 1-26
Duty at Maryland Heights, May 26-June 30, 1863
Retreat to Frederick, June 30 and guard Monacacy bridges until July 6, 1863
Skirmish and Reoccupation at Maryland Heights, July 7, 1863
Skirmish at Funkstown, MD, July 12, 1863 (where Meads got a hernia)
Pursuit of Lee to Warrenton, VA July 12-24, 1863
Warrenton Junction, July 25-27, 1863
near Rappahannock Station, August 4- September 16, 1863
Advance to the Rapidan, September 16-18, 1863
Campaign from the Rapidan to the James, May 3- June 15, 1864
Battle of the Wilderness, VA, May 5-7, 1864
Battle of Laurel Hill, VA, May 8, 1864
Battle of Spotsylvania, VA, May 8-12, 1864
Spotsylvania Court House, May 12-21, 1864
Assault on the Salient, May 12
Battle of Harris' Farm or Fredericksburg Road, VA, May 19, 1864
Battle of North Anna River, VA, May 23-27, 1864
Jericho Ford, May 23, 1864
On the line to the Pamunkey, May 26-28, 1864
Totopotomy, May 28-31, 1964
Battle of Shady Grove, VA, May 30, 1864
Battle of Cold Harbor, VA, June 1-12, 1864
Battle of Bethesda Church, VA, June 1-3, 1864
Assault on Petersburg, VA, June 17-18, 1864
Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road, Weldon RR, June 22-24, 1864
Mine Explosion, Petersburg, July 30, 1864 (reserve)
Battle at Weldon Railroad, VA, August 18-21, 1864
Battle of Poplar Grove Church, VA, September 29- October 2, 1864
Battle of Chapel House, VA, October 1-3, 1864
Yellow House, October 2-5, 1864
Battle of Peeble's Farm, VA, October 7-8, 1864
Davis House, October 8, 1864
Boydton Plank Road, Battle of Hatcher's Run, VA, October 27, 1864
Warren's Raid on Weldon RR, December 7- 12, 1864
Raid to Hicksford, VA, December 7-12, 1864
Battle of Dabney's Mill, VA, February 6, 1865
Appomattox Campaign, March 28- April 9, 1865
Battle of Boydton Plank Rd and White Oak Road, VA, March 29-31, 1865
Battle at Five Forks, VA, April 1, 1865
Fall of Petersburg, April 2, 1865
Pursuit of Lee, April 3-9, 1865
Surrender at Appomattox, VA, April 9, 1865
March to Washington, May 1- 12, 1865
Grand Review, May 23, 1865
Mustered out, May 31, 1865
(From History of Western Maryland, p. 309 and Soldiers and Sailors of the Civil War Website)
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Company Unknown
Jacob R. Tucker
- Corporal
My father always spoke of his mother's cousin, Jacob Tucker, who would take him on his lap and tell him stories of the battle in the cornfield before Antietam and do the rebel yell for him. My father never knew that his cousin Jacob was awarded a Medal of Honor for heroism at the Battle of Petersburg.
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Company A
Isaac Dixon
- Private
3rd Great-Grandfather (Maternal).
Served as a Private in Company A, 4th Regiment Maryland on June 1863.
Discharged from Company A, 4th Regiment Maryland in 1865.
Spine Hurt - Papers in Washington.
Source: Special Schedules of the Eleventh Census (1890), Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
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Company D
Mahlon Hibbs West
- Private
Mahlon Hibbs WEST was my Great-Great Uncle. Born 1843(?) Port Deposit, MD. Was mustered in 9 June 1862 and Died 05 August 1864 at Andersonville Prison, Georgia of Scorbutus. He was sent to Andersonville in February 1864, so he was probably one of the first to be held at Andersonville. His highest rank was Private.
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Company F
Francis Marion Fawcett
Rank Unknown
He was my grandfather. I am interested in contacting any other descendants.
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Company F
John Parrish
- Private
John Parrish, the twin of Peter Parrish, is my great grandfather.
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Company F
Peter Parrish
- Private
Peter and twin brother, John, served in company F from 7 August, 1862 until May 31, 1865. Peter is my great grandfather.
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Company G
John Seaks
- Private
Looking for information on this man, was captured, released at end of war. I am Seaks, this is my great-great-great Uncle.
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