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1st Maryland InfantryCSA Flag
Company Unknown
William E Phipps
- Private
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Date Added: 2/27/2006

Company C
James D. Watters
- 2nd Lieutenant
James D. Watters was a second lieutenant in the 1st Maryland Cavalry, Company C. His older brother, John, was a Confederate surgeon. After the war, James Watters was a circuit court judge for over 32 years until his death in 1908. He would tell many eager listeners his experiences as a Confederate cavalryman serving under Col. Ridgely Brown and Col. Harry Gilmor.
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Date Added: 12/29/2010

Company D
Henry J. Edell
- Private
Enlisted Harpers Ferry,VA. May 22 1861, Sick with Rheumatism in Charlottesville,VA. hospital Feb.26-April 14,1862 Discharged Aug.26 1862.Fair complexion,dark hair,dark eyes,age 26, 5'11'.Renlisted in Baltimore Light Artillery also known as 2ND. MD. Artillery in 1862.
Captured at Yellow Tavern, Hanover Co.,VA. May 11,1864 and sent to Elmira, exchanged March 10,1865, Point Lookout,MD.
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Date Added: 1/2/2009

Company D
henry seymour johnson
Rank Unknown
1st. regiment, maryland infantry company 'd'
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Company E
Joseph A. Hewitt
- Private
Buried in Western Cemetery, Baltimore, MD
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Date Added: 3/26/2010

Company F
George W Silver
- Private
My relative served with the 1 Maryland Infantry as well as the 13th, and 1st Potomac Home Brigade Maryland Cavalry. He was taken prisoner and sent to Andersonville and latter transferred to Millen near Augusta Georgia on Oct. 31 1864
Contact Name: William H Silver
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Date Added: 7/25/2007

Company H
Francis I Markoe
- Private
Francis was about 20 years old when he joined 13 June 1861 and mustered in on 17 June 1861. He mustered out and reenlisted in Weston's Battn: Co D. Zarvona, Zarvona's. He was wounded in action and lost use of three fingers on his right hand. In 1863 he and two other's were Commissioned as 1st Lieut's in the Confederate Signal Corps. He was a Cadet at West Point 1856-57. He was the signal officer for Major Gen. Gordon. I have tried to place him in the Confederate Signal Corps but I do not find a listing for Signal Corps on this web page. He married My Thomas ancestor who was the daughter of the Governor of Maryland. Frances's Father was a personal friend of Jefferson Davis and spoke out against slavery in his personal letters to the aforementioned.
Contact Name: Phillip Thomas
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Date Added: 11/10/2015

Company Field & Staff
George Hume Steuart
- Lt. Colonel
Later became a Brigadier General, and fought at Gettysburg at Culp's Hill and later surrendered with Lee to Grant in 1865.
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Date Added: 2/19/2012

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