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Company C
Alfred Edmund Brady
- Private
Born 28 November 1844 in Aston, Warwickshire, England, son of Cornelious Brady (1801-1877) and Elizabeth Owen, he emigrated to the United States from there- arriving aboard the packet ship 'UNDERWRITER' on 4 February 1861 at Castle Garden, Manhatten Island, New York, as a 16 year old boy- alone and with no family in this country. Four months later, on 8 June, 1861, he was 'mustered in' at Pendleton, Ohio, as a private and sent to camp Clay, Ohio, for training. He was assigned to Company C 1st Kentucky Infantry and fought in all the engagements of that Regiment through western Virginia (later, West Virginia), Kentucky and Tennessee. On 7 April 1862, while serving with General Buell's Army of the Ohio, he was wounded at the battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing).The siege of Corinth followed in May. In June 1862, near Athens, Limestone county, Alabama,-- and for reasons unknown, he decided to take up the Confederate cause and joined the 7th Alabama Cavalry- which was later redesignated the 9th (Malone's) Alabama Cavalry Regiment and fought with that unit until the final surrender in North Carolina on 26 April 1865. At war's end, he was an orderly sergeant in C Company 9th Alabama Cavalry Regiment. According to family history, he never took a parole. He was wounded on at least 3 occasions, the first at Shiloh. He died 20 November 1922 and is buried at Oak Hill cemetery in Cameron, Milam county, Texas.
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Company H
Felix Edward Chenault
- Sergeant
Born 1830, he enlisted 15 May 1864 at Frankfort Kentucky. Mustered out Jan 12 1865 at Franfort Kentucky.
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