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5th Iowa Cavalry      
Company Unknown
george m mcallister - Unknown   
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Company A
Chauncey W Stroud - Corporal   
I host a website for the regiment and would love to hear from any and all descendants of regimental members.
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Company B
George Washington Husted - Private   
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Company C
Philip Biesanz - Unknown   
Owner of Biesanz Stone, Winona, MN 1842 to 1921. Buried in St Mary's Cemetery, Winona, MN
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Company C
john toner - Corporal   
taken prisoner at Chattahoochee river 7/31/64 spent 9 mo. at Andersonville. exchanged 4/1/65 listed as J. Tanner at Andersonville
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Date Added:  3/1/2011
Company D
William Harvey - 3rd Sergeant   
American Civil War Soldiers about William Harvey
Name:William Harvey RESIDENCE:St Louis, Missouri Enlistment Date:12 Oct 1861 Side Served:Union ntbl State Served:Iowa Service Record:Enlisted as a 3rd Corporal on 12 October 1861 at the age of 30. Enlisted in Company D, 5th Cavalry Regiment Iowa on 13 Nov 1861. Promoted to Full 2nd Corporal on 18 Mar 1862. Promoted to Full Privateate (Reduced to ranks) on 8 Jun 1862. Promoted to Full 3rd Corporal on 18 Apr 1864. Transferred into Company D, 5th Consolidated Cavalry Regiment Iowa on 8 Aug 1864. Promoted to Full 2nd Corporal on 1 Jan 1865. Promoted to Full 3rd Sergeant on 1 Jul 1865. Mustered Out Company D, 5th Cavalry Regiment Iowa on 8 Aug 1865 at Nashville, TN.

Corp. William Harvey, age 30, res. St. Louis, Mo., nat. Germany, e. Oct. 12, 1861, mus. Nov. 13, 1861.

From the Roster of Iowa Volunteers:
Page 918:
Harvey, William (Vetran) Age 30. Residence St. Louis, Mo., nativity Germany. enlisted Oct 12, 1861, as Third Corporal. Mustered Nov 13, 18671. Promoted Second Corporal March 18, 1862. Reduced to ranks June 8, 1862. Promoted Third Corporal April 18, 1864. Taken prisoner July 31, 1864, Chattahoochee River, Ga. Re-enlisted and re-mustered jan 14, 1864. Transfered to Company D, Fifth Vetran Cavalry Consolidated, Aug 8, 1864.

Page 1051:
Harvey, William. (Vetran) Age 30. Residence St. Louis, Mo., nativity germany. Transferred from company D, Fifth Cavalry, as Third Corporal, Aug 8, 1864. Promoted Second Corporal Jan 1, 1865; Third Sergeant Jul 1, 1865. Mustered out Aug 8, 1865, Nashville, Tenn.

From the Anderson Prison Records; William Harvey:
Side Union
Unit Name 5 Iowa Cavalry
Regiment 5
State Iowa
Function Cavalry
Company D
Rank Private
Type Held at Andersonville and survived
Capture Date 07/31/1864
Capture Site Chattahoochee River,
Alternate Name None
Remarks None
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Company D
William Plum - Corporal   
All of this man's service records are in the name William Plum. His actual name is William Blum. He lived in Wisconsin. He mustered in at St. Louis as William Plum, farmer, aged 22 eyes - blue, hair - light; complexion - fair; 6 feet tall, born in Holstein, Germany.

On 10 Jan 1861 he joined Company D 5th Regiment, Nebraska Cavalry which was organized in Omaha, Nebraska. They became the Curtis Horse Cavalry, then in April of 1862 they became the 5th Regiment Iowa Cavalry.

He mustered in as a private and was promoted to Full 4th Corporal on 01 Jul 1865. Mustered out on 08 Aug 1865 at Nashville, TN.
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Date Added:  6/20/2011
Company E
David Conzett - Private   
After service as "90 Day Man" in 1st Iowa Infantry with General Lyons in Missouri in earliest days of Civil War; enlisted 17 Sep 1861 for 3 years; mustered 17 Oct 1861; promoted to Private 1 Nov 1861 at St. Louis, Missouri; taken prisoner near Dresden, Tennessee 7 May 1862, paroled at Corinth, Mississippi 14 May 1862; promoted to Saddler 20 Jun 1862; discharged 31 Dec 1863 by virtue of re-enlistment as a Volunteer Veteran with 5th Iowa Volunteer Veteran Cavalry 1 Jan 1864 at Pulaski, Tennessee; discharged due to death 20 Sep 1864. Died 30 Jul 1864, ~3:30 pm near Brown's Mill, Newnan, Georgia.

Personal recollection in undated speech by August Hammel, Cpl. Co. E in Dubuque, the precise date and location of the speech are unknown:

"Comrades and ladies, I am no public speaker, but I have taken a few notes of my experience on the famous McCook raid and my introduction at Andersonville. My service was with Company E, Fifth Iowa Cavalry Volunteers, from 1861 to 1865.
After returning from a successful raid through Alabama under Gen. Rosseau, we were ordered to participate in the desperate and famous McCook raid from Atlanta to Newnan, Georgia, on the afternoon of July 23rd, 1864, An order was read to the regiment, ordering all able bodied men and horses to get ready to participate in the contemplated McCook Raid. Out of our Company E of 80 strong at that time, there were only 22 able to answer to the call and to obey the order for this stern and desperate duty. Towards evening of the 23rd, the regiment left the camp and about midnight we struck the enemy's wagon train, which we burned and captured the men and mules belonging to the train, then in further advancing we meet the enemy in force. After desperate fighting we drove the rebels back and destroyed many miles of railroad, then advancing towards Newnan we encountered the enemy in such a strong force that we were compelled to halt and accept an engagement offered by the rebels, being virtually surrounded. After a consultation of our commanding officers, whether our command should surrender or cut our way through the enemy's ranks, it was finally decided to cut our way through the enemy's ranks, which we did with the loss of a great many good and true men, particularly one which I call to memory is David Conzett; he was just in the act of mounting when he was shot through the head and fell. I asked him: "Dave, what is the matter?"; he never answered. Poor Dave had answered the last roll call."

David died at the cabin of a minister whose family had fled when the fighting started; the cabin was used as a gathering point and Federal command post in the last hours of the battle. The site is now a part of Coweta County's Brown's Mill Battlefield Park, near Newnan, Georgia. When the minister's family returned in the hours afterwards, they found David and two other Federal troops' bodies. They buried them and, when David's brother returned at war's end to find his brother, the Minister was able to identify David and show Josiah where he was buried. 12 years later, his remains were disinterred and reburied at the National Cemetery at Marietta, grave 6104.
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Date Added:  8/2/2019
Company E
Herman Adam Ellwanger - Private   
Born in Hessen, Germany, 1846. Came to US with family in 1852 and settled in Dubuque. Enlisted in 5th Iowa Vol. Cavalry on 13 Feb 1854. Joined Sherman's army north of Atlanta. Sent on abortive cavalry raid to Lovejoy Station, Georgia; captured at Battle of Brown's Mill, Newnan, Georgia on 30 July 1864. Spent two months at Andersonville Prison. Then in other Confederate prisons until released 10 Dec. 1864 at Florence, SC. Mustered out at Nashville 24 Jun 1865. Married June 1870 to Emma Dunkley; wife and child killed in collapse of Dubuque town clock in May 1872. Married his wife's sister Elizabeth in June 1875. Had five children. Died in Dubuque in 1920. Buried at Linwood Cemetery.
Contact Name:  Thomas J. Ellwanger
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Company E
Peter Hanson - Private   
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Company H
Andrew Thomas Bankson - Private   
Enlisted 6 Feb 1864 Company H,5th Iowa Cavalry.8 Aug 1864 Wounded,Transfered to Company H,5th Veteran Cavalry Consolidated.Mustered out 15 May 1865.
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Company H
Thomas Milton Chambers - Private   
Spent 9 months at Andersonville.
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Company H
Nicholas George - Private   
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Company I
Ole E Olson - Unknown   
Ole E Olson was my great grandfather. He emigrated from Hedmark, Norway in 1857 as a young man of 19 years, settling in Jackson Co. Minnesota. His military service may well have prevented his death in the Minnesota Belmont Massacre of 1962, a Souix uprising against the European settlers in that area that killed his uncle and younger brother.
Contact Name:  Barbara Quinn
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Company I
Walter O Robbins - Private   
Joined regiment in Fall of 1864. Former 5th Sergeant of 5th Iowa Infantry. See that regiment.
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Company I
Jasper D. Widger - Private   
Jasper also served with the 5th Iowa Infantry before consolidated into the 5th Iowa Cavalry. He was a member of the Pioneer Corps.
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Company L
Franklin Hein - Private   
Franklin Hein was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1828, coming to America in 1852. He settled in Dubuque, IA area. Because of several small children at home he didn't enlist until Oct 1864 for a 1 year hitch. He was a farrier in L Co. He was only involved in one campaign that being the battle of Nashville, Tenn. He mustered out in Sept 1865.
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Company L
Wilson M. Staton - Private   
Prisoner at Andersonville
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Company M
David Waters - Captain   
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