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137th Indiana Infantry      
Company B
Richard M. McCaslin - Private   
Richard M McCasland was 32-years old when he enrolled as a private in Company B, 137th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (100 days, 1864) on 3 May 1864 at North Vernon, Vernon Township, Jennings, Indiana. This regiment was organized at Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, and mustered in May 26, 1864. It was ordered to Tennessee and assigned to duty as Railroad Guard in Tennessee and Alabama, Department of the Cumberland, until September 1864. The regiment was mustered out 21 September 1864 at Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana. Richard was owed $2.88 for his 100 days pay and owed the Army 10 cents for 'ordinance'.

Richard 'while in line of duty at Tullahoma Tennessee on or about July 8th 1864 contracted a severe cold while lying in line of battle during a severe rain storm. And that said cold continued until it resulted in disease of lungs.' This disease of the lungs, probably TB, was the cause of his death on 30 Dec 1867.

Source is Lois Johnson (
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Company B
Walter S. Prather - Private   
First served in the 6th Indiana regiment at the age of 15 as an orderly on his father's staff,Lt. Colonel Hiram Prather.He then enlisted in the 137th Indiana regiment,discharged in 1864 at the age of 22 yrs.
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Company B
Robert Samuel Ramsey - Private   
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Company C
John Abel Baldwin - Sergeant   
John Abel Baldwin, Jan 4, 1844 - Jul 14, 1913 was a surgeon for the Indiana 137th, C Company.
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Date Added:  6/14/2009
Company D
Thomas Sloane Harter - Private   
While the Civil War raged for the first three years, Thomas remained at home in Ossian. But this older brother's death during the 19 september, 1863 battle at Chickamauga spurred him to enlist. Still rather young and not physically strong, he overcame strong reluctance of his family to yet risk another of their sons for the Union and was enlisted by Captain Sewell at Zaneville on May 1st, 1864. He mustered in with Company D, 137th Indiana Volunteer Infantry for 100-days service on May 26th at Indianapolis by Lieutenant Ewers. He was described as nineteen years old with black eyes and black hair, dark complexion and standing five feet, seven inches.

Tragically, his family's fears were soon realized. His delicate health caught up with him. The rigors of military life in the field and the ravages of the Southern climate felled him and he died a few days before the expiration of his term of service on August 17th, 1864 at Tullahoma, Tennessee.

He was originally buried in the Normandy community until after the war when the U.S. Government conducted a project to gather the remains of as many of her soldiers as could be found. His remains were disinterred and moved to the newly established National Cemetery on the Stones River (Murfreesboro) battlefield in Tennessee.

137th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry: Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., and mustered in May 26, 1864. Ordered to Tennessee and assigned to duty as Railroad Guard in Tennessee and Alabama, Dept. of the Cumberland, till September, 1864. Mustered out September 21, 1864. Lost during service 17 by disease. {Source: A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion by Frederick H. Dyer. Copyright, 1908.}
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Company D
Edward Roberts - Private   
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Company E
William Tipton McCaslin - Corporal   
Cpl, Cos D & E, 137th IN Inf Rgt (100 Days, 1964) & Pvt, Co I, 9th IN Legion (30-Days). William enlisted at Camp Morton, Indiana in Company I (Cpt Dixon's Company), 9th Indiana Legion (30 days service, 1862) on 16 July 1862. He was mustered in on 22 July 1862 and mustered out on 26 August 1862 with the note, 'On special duty, reported Aug 20'. There is nothing to say what the special duty was. Died in 1914. Source credited to Lois Johnson (
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Company F
John Drew - Private   
I am an avid amateur genealogist and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has well researched information about the 137th or my ancestor.
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Date Added:  2/27/2005
Company F
James T. Parvin - Sergeant   
At the age of eighteen he enlisted in the Union Army to serve three years. September 1, 1862, he was mustered as Commissary Sergeant in the Sixty-Fifth Regiment, Indiana Infantry, and continued as such until September, 1863, when he was honorably discharged, because of physical disability. Returning home he recuperated his strength and, May 25, 1864, again enlisted in Company F, One Hundred and Thirty-Seventh Indiana Volunteers, in which he served faithfully until October, 1864. On the 22d of February following, he was commissioned Captain, Company G, One Hundred and Forty-Ninth Indiana Infantry, and remained with his command until mustered out, at Nashville, Tenn., in October, 1865.
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Company F
Uriah Jasper VanPelt - Private   
Killed @ Tullahoma, TN
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Company G
Emerson Barbour - Other   
Am looking for any info on the 137th Ind. Infantry, Company G. My Great Great Grandfather was Emerson Barbour, Chaplain of this unit.
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Company K
Silas F Bottoroff - Unknown   
I found a pension record for 1871 in the name of Silas F. Bottoroff who was part of the 137th Infantry Regiment in Company K. I am interested in any other information anyone may have.
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Date Added:  8/5/2007
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