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Company Unknown
John W. Wheeler
Rank Unknown
Dr. J.W. Wheeler, merchant at Johnson City was born in Dearborn County, Indiana September 7, 1844, his parents being Captain Piercy and Jerusha Ann Holiday Wheeler. In July 1862 in his 18th year, John W. enlisted in the 105th Regiment. After 4 months in this regiment he again re-enlisted in the 147th and served until discharged in June 1865. After his discharge he returned home and attended school at Moore's College for 2 years and received education in the English branches. In the fall and winter of 1867 and 1868 he took a course of lectures at the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical College. Coming to Missouri in the spring of 1868 he commenced the practice of his profession at Hudson, Bates, Missouri. The following year he came to St. Clair County and located at Johnson City and has since continued in the practice at this place. The Doctor has built up a large patronage and is accounted one of the most successful physicians in the county. He engaged in the drug business in 1870 and in 1878 he added a complete stock of general merchandise. He is a Republican, was elected township collector and collected tax for 2 years. He owns about 1,300 acres of land in St. Clair County, about 600 acres of which are improved and owns considerable property in Cedar County. He is extensively occupied in feeding cattle and hogs for the market. He was married here December 8, 1870 to Miss Ariadna Isabelle Peck, a daughter of John W. Peck of Greencastle, Indiana. They have 2 children: Glennie F. and Harry P. He is a Mason.
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Company F
Powell Slade
- 1st Lieutenant
Commissioned at Abington, Indiana, 2d Lt., Co. D, 57th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment; Enlist date: October 30, 1861, resigned commission March 26, 1862 due to disability. Honorably Discharged at Nashville, Tenn. Source: Report of Adj. Gen. of State of Indiana., Published by Holloway 1865-66; Powell Slade's pension declaration, dated March 2, 1907.

Commissioned 1st Lt., Company F, 105th Indiana Infantry Regiment. Enlist date: July 11, 1863, mustered out at Indianapolis, IN on July 18, 1863. This unit was raised in response to John Hunt Morgan's raid on Indiana and Ohio. Regiment was mustered out when Morgan's raiders were captured in Ohio.

Powell's Civil War pension declaration, dated March 2, 1907, when Powell was 82, identifies him as 6'1' tall, dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair. Occupation: merchant. Resided in Union County, Indiana, after discharge until within the last three years (1904), during which time he resided in Abington, Indiana. Pensioner under certificate no. 902,807.

Powell's General Affidavit in support of pension, dated June 27, 1895, at age 70, states:
'I did serve in the military service of the United States prior to Dec. 12, 1861 in this, that, I enlisted on the 8th day of October 1861 in the above mentioned regiment and was by authority immediately placed in recruiting service and drilling recruits and was thus engaged up to and after Dec. 12, 1861, and my commisiion as 2nd Lieut. of said above mentioned company dates of October 8th 1861 the date of my enlistment. Subsequent to March 26, 1862 I served in the Indiana State Militia as 1st Lieut. , the regiment and company I have forgotten, and in this services I was engaged after General Morgan in his raid through Indiana. I was in no other service either military or naval prior to Dec. 12, 1861and subsequent to March 26, 1862 than as hereinbefore shown.' Signed, Powell Slade
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