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35th Indiana Infantry      
Company Unknown
John Wesley Hogston - Private   
Would like to discuss this unit with anyone else who is connected to this group. This person was my greatgrandfather on my mother''s side. From what I gather he was only about 12 or 14 when he enlisted. His father had died in 1856 living my greatgreatgrandmother with several young children. Maybe this is why my greatgrandfather enlisted at such a young age.
Contact Name:  Linda Cooper
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Date Added:  6/5/2003
Company A
Jacob Boleaver - Private   
I am still awaiting the pension paperwork and the enlistment papers, I have very litte information on him, he was my GGrandfather. (02/01/2008)
Contact Name:  Frances E Jones
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Date Added:  2/1/2008
Company B
Thomas Kennedy - Sergeant   
Born 3 September 1824 in Riccarton, Ayrshire County, Scotland. Married to Mary Shaw in 1846. Immigrated to the U.S. in November 1851, eventually settling in Brazil, Clay County, Indiana. Employed as a coal miner in Scotland and in the U.S. Father of five.

Enlisted as a Private on 20 November 1861. Taken prisoner of war at the Battle of Chickamauga on 20 September 1863. Died of starvation/disease in a POW field prison in Savannah, Georgia on 9 October 1864.
Contact Name:  Peter Townsend
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Date Added:  10/7/2010
Company B
Patrick McNearney - Private   
Patrick McNearney served in the 35th Indiana Infantry Regiment ('1st Irish') from 1861-1864. He appears in the 1890 Veterans Schedule in Franklin County, Ohio. I am trying to verify whether he is the same Patrick McNearney who appears in the 1910 census in the town of Xenia, in Greene County, Ohio (near Dayton), age 88, but as of December 2009, have not yet confirmed that.
Contact Name:  Brian McNerney
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Date Added:  12/31/2009
Company B
Joseph Schlotterer - Private   
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Contact Name:  Meredith Schade
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Date Added:  10/8/2008
Company C
Benjamin Lester - Private   
My gr-gr grandfather.
Contact Name:  Don Hinds
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Date Added:  6/30/2009
Company C
Thomas S SMITH - Sergeant   
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Contact Name:  Steve Debo
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Date Added:  12/1/2012
Company E
Andrew Fink - Private   
I am a Great-great grandson of Andrew Fink.
Dave Schauf
Contact Name:  Dave Schauf
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Date Added:  6/19/2008
Company E
James McKeever - Private   
Served entire war. Buried in Ottawa KS.
Contact Name:  Jeff McKeever
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Date Added:  5/16/2008
Company E
John Lorenz Puchta (Puckta) - Private   
Drafted to Company E, Indiana 35th Infantry Regiment on 20 Sep 1864. Mustered out on 21 Jun 1865.
Contact Name:  Michele Shepherd
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Date Added:  4/9/2011
Company F
Samuel M Fought - Private   
Samuel is my great great great grandfather on my father's side. He was born in 1822 in LaGrange Co., Indiana. He was a farmer and carpenter. In 1852, he purchased an 80 acre farm in Topeka, Indiana. He married and had 7 children when he was drafted on Oct. 4, 1864. He served in Company F. His company was involved in the Battle of Franklin (Nov. 30, 1864), and the Battle of Nashville (Dec. 15-17, 1864). He spent most of July through September of 1865 sick in New Orleans, LA. The rest of his company went on to Texas, but it is unclear if Samuel went on with them, or stayed hospitalized in New Orleans. He mustered out on September 30,1865, and reached Indianapolis on Oct. 30, 1865. Samuel returned to his family and farm. Can you imagine what his wife must have gone through in his absence, with 7 children (under the age of 10) and a farm to maintain? He and his wife had another child in 1866. Samuel died in 1876 at age 54. His widow, Eliza (Newhouse) Fought survived until 1901. I live on portion of the original 80 acres purchased by Samuel.

I would love to learn more about the 35th Indiana and the other men who served in that unit. Please contact me if you have any additional information.
Contact Name:  Jayne R. Fought-Schlemmer
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Date Added:  6/5/2006
Company G
William R. Jerard - Private   
Died Aug. 1864 Andersonville of 'anasarca'. Gravesite 4901. Reported missing/captured Sept. 19/20, 1863, Battle of Chicamauga. Left wife (Mary Elizabeth Hilliard), four year old son and an unborn son in Decatur County Indiana.
Contact Name:  Rose Maudlin
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Date Added:  7/28/2010
Company H
Jacob Fields - Private   
5th Great Uncle - Private, Company H, 35th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. 'First Irish' Born on February 10, 1822, in Stark County, Ohio. Drafted on October 1, 1864, and Mustered In on October 13, 1864, at the age of 42. Jacob probably joined his regiment along with about 400 other drafted men and substitutes at Franklin, Tennessee in late November of 1864. At the time, the 35th Indiana was in pursuit of Hood's army as part of the IV Corps. With these new men, the 35th was placed in the front line during the Battle of Franklin on November 30. Notwithstanding several severe charges made upon their position of the line, the enemy was repulsed and driven back in each charge, and the drafted men and substitutes did their part well. After the Battle of Franklin, the regiment marched back to Nashville and was engaged there for two days, taking a conspicuous part in the battle. The 35th participated in the pursuit of Hood's army until it reached the Duck River when it was detached from its brigade and assigned to the charge of the pontoon train. The regiment moved with the IV Corps to Huntsville, Alabama, then to Knoxville, Tennessee in March of 1865. It returned to Nashville after Lee's surrender in April. In June of 1865, the regiment was transferred to Texas with the IV Corps, where it remained on duty with Sheridan's Army until September. Jacob was Mustered Out with the regiment on September 30, 1865. The 35th Indiana reached Indianapolis on October 20, 1865, and from there the soldiers returned home. Died on November 3, 1888, in Licking County, Ohio. Brother of Private Samuel J. Fields, 151st Indiana Infantry.
Contact Name:  Jaeger Held
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Date Added:  3/10/2019
Company H
Levi Gebhart - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 3 December 1861 at the age of 34.
Received a disability discharge on 15 January 1862.
Contact Name:  Eric Stone
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Date Added:  6/23/2010
Company I
George Carroll - Corporal   
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Contact Name:  Brian D. Henry
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Date Added:  5/22/2004
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