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143rd Illinois InfantryUS Flag
Company Unknown
David Taylor French
Rank Unknown
Not longer after his father and older brother joined Major Connolly’s 123rd, David signed up with the 143rd. He was married twice, but had no children. For more info, see the “homepage” on this entry.
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Company A
William F. Brown
- Private
William Brown enlisted on April 28, 1864 and was mustered in at Mattoon, IL on June 11, 1864. The regiment served at Memphis, TN. and Helena AR. They returned to Mattoon, IL and were mustered out on Sep 26, 1864. William was the son of Francis and Barbara Brown of Hutton Twp. Coles Co., IL. He was a farmer and resided near Hutton, IL all his life, with his wife Catherine and his family. He died on Nov 3, 1903 and is buried at Liberty Cemetery, Hutton Twp., IL.
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Company C
Carlisle Babbitt Holding
- Corporal
Answered the call of President Lincoln for volunteers to serve for 100 days only, May 18, 1864 to September 26, 1864. Age at enlistment: 14
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Company C
Richard H. Roberts
- Private
Born: Sep 27 1813 Harrison Kentucky. D: Aug 5 1894 Oconee Illinois. {Enlisted Nov 5 1864 Oconee ILL for 100 days}
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Company D
Oliver Hoffman
- Private
My great grandfather, Oliver Hoffman, served in the 143rd Illinois, Co. D during the Civil War. He was fourteen years old.
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Company I
Peter Sullivan Mahaney
- Private
He enlisted on May 9, 1864, from Newton, Illinois.
He applied for a pension Feb 14, 1880, and his widow, Winnie, applied July 12, 1922 (Peter having died in June of 1922).
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