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141st Illinois InfantryUS Flag
Company Unknown
Henry Wallace
Rank Unknown
This soldier served under his adoptive name, Henry Wallace. After the war he resumed using his birth name, John P. Butler. He also served in the 153rd Illinois Infantry.
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Date Added: 8/6/2006

Company H
William Hockaday
- Private
William was my great-grandfather. He was born in England in 1845. After he mustered out he settled in Delaware county, Iowa. He died in 1927.
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Company K
Hamilton C Lillis
- Other
Hamilton C Lillis was born Nov 1820 in Sandy Creek Oswego NY, was the son of Henry and Mary Gould Lillis. He is shown as holding the rank of Wagoner, He died June 2 1905 and is buried with a Civil War Grave Marker in Brush Hollow Cemetery, Vernon County Wisconsin.
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Company M
William H Badgley
- Corporal
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