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Company A
Asbury Taylor Browning
- Private
(He was in the 5th IL Cavalry, Co A. No matter what I did I could not make his entry go into that category. And I cannot change the unit either.)

Private. Mustered in at Camp Butler, IL; taken ill with smallpox and died 20 April 1863 in Helena, AR.
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Company F
William Steele McClanahan
- Captain
William Steele McClanahan enlisted in May 25, 1861 for 3 years as an orderly. On Sept. 3rd, 1862, he was promoted to Captain. He resigned on July 24th, 1863 to take care of his aging mother after his father's death in Feb. 1863 at age 69 while fighting at Fort Donelson. William Steele McClanahan enlisted again in May 2, 1864, he again answered the call to duty this time with Company A, 138th Infantry to serve 100 days.
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Company G
John David Rippberger
- Bugler
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Company H
Charles Lee Lyon
- Corporal
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Company I
Charles H. Chaffee
Rank Unknown
16th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry
Active: 25 Dec. 1862 - 31 August 1865
McClernand's Bodyguards Jan. to April 1863
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