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Company Unknown
Eleazer Cary Stangland
- Asst Surgeon
First Norwegian-American child to Andreas Stangeland and Susan Cary. Born in Kendall, New York, his father helped lead the first Norwegian Immigrants to their 'colony' in Kendall, New York. Eleazer left his home in Indiana after the death of his parents to continue his dream of becomming a doctor. He studied medicine at Brockport College in Brockport, New York. He enlisted with the 16th Illinois Cavalry for the bulk of the war.
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Date Added: 10/20/2006

Company A
Matthias Thielmann/Thielemann
- Sergeant
Known:Matthias family history in Germany (Prussia) and in the U.S. after the war.

Unknown: Why Matthias was reduced from sergeant to private.

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Date Added: 11/8/2007

Company I
Henry Shrum
- Private
collateral ancestor
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Company K
Isham R Carr
- Corporal
Joined December 16, 1862 at Avon, Illinois
Mustered in Feb. 17, 1863 Camp Butler, Illinois
Was captured on January 3, 1864. POW at Scots Prison (3 days) Bell Island and arrived at Andersonville on March 6,1864. I have his letter including a list of dead (#'s only) at Andersonville if you would like to read it please email me.

Ike survived Andersonville but died on September 26, 1869. Cause of death:unknown
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