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Company Unknown
- Private
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Company A
Baptiste Tullio
- Private
I am eager to learn more about Private Baptiste Tullio, who enlisted in Co. A, 20th Connecticut, 01 August 1863 and who served with this regiment through May, 1865. He was a resident of East Haven.
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Company B
Robert Martindale
- Private
Born in England abt. 1823 and resident of Derby, Connecticut. Enlisted on 08 SEP 1862 in Ansonia. Fought at Gettysburg. Lost his life on 23 JUL 1864 due to a musket shot to the head while on skirmish duty in the Atlanta area. His remains are interred at the Marietta Natioinal Cemetery. Actor Mathew Broderick is Robert's 2nd great grandson.
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Company D
Samuel Franklin Taylor
- Private
Samuel was born 7 Oct 1841 Portland, CT, died 17 Jun 1915.
enlisted 13 Aug 1862 in Portland, He was with Connecticut, Unit #91 91, Enlisted as a private in Company D, 20th Infantry Regiment Connecticut, Muster out on 13 June 1865 1865 in Fort Lincoln, Washington D.C. Samuel was in the Army of the Potomac under Maj.Gen. Meade; 12th Army Corps under Maj.Gen. Slocum; 1st Div. under Brig.Gem. Williams; 1st Brigade under Col. McDougall; 20th Connecticut Company D.
He was also listed as being in the 1st Brigade, 1st Div. 12th Army Corps Army of the Potomac CT 20th Army service:
Samuel preformed duty in the Defences of Washington until September 29, 1862.
His unit moved to Frederick, Md., on September 29, thence to Sandy Hook on October 2.
They marched to Fredericksburg, Va., on December 10th.
Their unit preformed duty at Fairfax Station, Va., from December 14, 1862, to January 19, 1863.
They moved to Stafford C. H. from January 19th through 23rd, and had duty there until April 27th. They were in the Chancellorsville Campaign from April 27 until May 6, and in the Battle of Chancellorsville from May 1st until 5th. Samuel's unit was in the Gettysburg (Pa.) Campaign from June 11th until July 24th, 1863, and in the Battle of Gettysburg from July 1st until the 3rd. They were near Raccoon Ford till September 24th, and moved to Brandy Station, thence to Bealeton and to Stevenson, Ala., September 24-October 3. They preformed duty along the Nashville & Chattanooga R. R. till April, 1864. They were in action at Tracy City, Tenn., on January 20, 1864 (Co. 'B'), and in the Atlanta, Ga., Campaign from May to September, 1864. They were in the demonstration on Rocky Faced Ridge from May 8th until 11th, and at Buzzard's Roost Gap May 8th through the 9th. Then to Boyd's Trail on May 10th.
Samuel was in the Battle of Resaca from May 14th until 15th, and at Cassville May 19th.
The unit was assigned to guard ordnance trains from May 24th to June 13th. They were assigned provost duty at Ackworth, Ga., till July 8., and they were at Marietta till July 16. Then to Peach Tree Creek July 19-20, and in the Siege of Atlanta from July 22 to August 25.
Samuel was in operations at Chattahoochee River Bridge from August 26th until September 2nd, and then assigned occupation of Atlanta from September 2nd to November 15th.
Next he was in the famous marched to the sea from November 15th to December 10th, and in the Siege of Savannah from December 10th until the 21st. His unit was at Hardee's Plantation January 4-16, 1865. They were in the Campaign of the Carolinas January to April; in Lawtonville, S.C., February 2. Conducted reconnaissance to Silver Run Creek, N. C., on March 14th, and Averysboro or Taylor's Hole Creek on March 16th. They were in the Battle of Bentonville March 19-21. Samuel was in the occupation of Goldsboro March 24th, and the occupation of Raleigh April 14th. His unit was at Bennett's House on April 26, and at the surrender of Johnston and his army. Finally the unit marched to Washington, D.C., via Richmond, Va., from April 29th to May 20th.
Samuel Taylor was in the Grand Review on May 24.
His unit camped near Fort Lincoln till June 13th.
I have his Bible and his camp stove.

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Company E
Andrew Fayette Barnes
- Lieutenant
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Company E
Seth Woodward
Rank Unknown
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Company F
John Fenelon
- Private
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Company F
Charles E Kellogg
- Sergeant
Charles E. Kellogg was a commissary sergeant and served from 8/21/1862-6/10/1865. His diary mentions a friend and tent mate, H. Dwight Stanley as well as what he was able to procure for his regiment to eat and the cost. There are pictures of Capt Burbank, Co, Sam Ross, Lt Col Wooster, Chaplain A.L. Forsby, Gen Hooker, and campsites.
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Company I
John McLaren
Rank Unknown
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Company K
Charles F Roberts
- Private
Killed at Culp's Hill, Gettysburg

Wife's Great Grandfather
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