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Company Unknown
Edward Alton
- Private
Edward Alton joined the Army, the 13th Connecticut Infantry, as a private on March 14, 1861. In January 1863, he was captured and spent eight months as a POW, escaping from the Belle Island Prison Camp west of Richmond, Virginia, in September 1863 by swimming away in the James River. He was mustered out at the war’s end, March 13th, 1865, in Hartford, but re-enlisted in September 1866, serving as a first sergeant in the Army of the West, 36st Infantry, for three years. Arthur MacArthur, Douglas MacArthur’s father, was his commanding officer and wrote of him “Faithful, true and diligent. As a man, and as a soldier, equaled by few & excelled by none.”
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Company Unknown
Eugene Davidson
Rank Unknown
Enlisted at Cornwall, CT Sept., 1864, M. Mary Howard, Goshen, 1867 or 1868. S. George Henry. Active as member & GAR Post Commander, Meriden, CT 1920 - 30's. Seeking life details and history of his military activities.
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Company A
Lewis E. Seamans
- Private
Lewis E. Seamans enlisted in the 13th Connecticut Infantry on December 30, 1861. Lewis died on October 15, 1863 at the Barracks Hospital in New Orleans at age twenty-two. His body was sent home to Killingly, Connecticut to be buried in Bartlett Cemetery.
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Company D
Orville Albert Root
- Private
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