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Company Unknown
Solomon Thomas
- Corporal
Served as a Corporal in Capt. David Baldwin's Company of Maj. Gen. Phineas Lyman's First Connecticut Regiment in the French and Indian War. Listed on Muster Roll of 1756.
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Date Added: 3/26/2006

Company A
Benjamin Franklin Prouty
- 1st Sergeant
Says Benjamin Prouty was in the US.Marine Corps before the Civil War. He enlisted in the 1st Conn and fought at First Bull Run. He was commissioned a captain in the 6th Conn, Sep 12, 1861.
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Company A
Joseph Albert Wetherell
- Private
Enl. Apr. 18, 1861, must. apr. 22, 1861. Private, 1st Regt. (Inf.), Co. A. Must. out July 31, 1861. Re-enl. Sept. 25, 1861, must. Sept. 27, 1861. Private, 8th Regt., co. A. Re-enl. Dec 24, 1863, in Veteran Reserve Corps, must. out Dec. 12, 1865.
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Date Added: 7/14/2007

Company D
Syvester Higby Platt
- Private
Enlisted 18 Apr 1861, Mustered out 31 Jul 1861
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Company M
Herman Junge
- Private
My great grandfather was from Breman, Germany and was duped by some of his friends and enlisted under the alias of John Rose. He was enlisted in Bridgeport, Conn and served from November 30, 1864 to June 12, 1865. He was disabled in the war. He was captured at Jerico Fort, VA in the latter part of February 1865 and sent to Libbey Prison. When he was rescued he was sent to Annapolis and later to Ladies Hospital in New York.
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