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9th Arkansas Infantry      
Company A
George F Hedden - Private   
My Great Uncle, a brother to Aaron Hedden (my Great Grand Father) old geneology records resurched by my cousion Benieta Harbor years ago only mentioned George in one, she could never find mention of George again. I found out why, he was killed in the Battle of Shiloh.
George F. Hedden was organized at Grapevine, Arkansas on June 9, 1861, and mustered onto Confederate service at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on July 25, 1861, for twelve months' service.
He was killed in action April 6, 1862 at age 18 in one of the Civil Wars' Bloodest Battles at the age of 18.
Sam and Elizabeth Hedden (father/mother)moved from Tennessee to Arkansas between 1833 and 1843. Aaron was born in Tennessee in 1833, and the next child listed was George, born in Arkansas in 1843. They settled in Greenbrier, Faulker County, Arkansas and listed in the 1850 Arkansas Census.
Contact Name:  Jeffrey Clintion Hedden
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Date Added:  5/24/2007
Company B
George R Ellison - Private   
George was one of three brothers who served in the Arkanas Infantry. Hs two other brothers; Benjamin & James Ellison were in the 26th Arkansas Infantry.
George died f pneumonia in the Nashville, Tn hospital in 1862.
Contact Name:  Jack Ellison
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Date Added:  2/10/2008
Company B
dock owen - Private   
Hinson Hyde (dock) Owen was my great great grandfather he started in co. b (old) and was transfered into co. f before being released under surgical disability. he then went back home and joined co.f the holcombs legion in s.c. where he then went on to be wounded in the second battle of manassas (bull run) where he was once wounded again by a piece of artillery shell the 30th day of august 1862. he served with his brother, Davy (D.L.Owen) Dock lived on to be the coroner in green county,S.C. until Sept. 1919 at 83 years old. he past away on January 5, 1920 at 84 and is buried at Poplar Springs Baptist Cem. in Laurens county, S.C. While he was in service he also wrote a book called (Campfire stories, and remeberances)
Contact Name:  jason c call
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Date Added:  10/11/2009
Company B
George Washington Thomas - Private   
George enlisted on 25 July 1861 at Pine Bluff Ark. in Capt. Isom's [Cut-Off Guard] Ark. Infantry. This unit becomes the [Old] Co. B 9th Regt. Arkansas Infantry. George is seriously wounded at Corinth, Miss. He is sent home for a long recovery. He is back with his unit in Sept. 1864. He is assigned as a woggoner for his unit. He is captured on the 15th of Dec. 1864 near Nashville, Tenn. On 22 Dec. 1864 hs is a POW at Camp Douglas Ill. He is released on 20 June 1865.
Contact Name:  Phillip Thomas
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Date Added:  12/26/2013
Company B
William A Thomas - Private   
William was a brother to G.W.Thomas of this unit. He enlisted with G.W at Pine Bluff on 25 July 1861 and mustered in the same day. This was the [ Cut off Guards ] which became old Co B. 9th Ark Infantry. William died in battle at Moscow , Ky. 23 Nov. 1861. His effects were turned over to his brother G.W. It consisted of $34 pay and $25 for clothing.
Contact Name:  Phillip Thomas
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Date Added:  6/7/2014
Company C
Edmond James Green - 3rd Sergeant   
Edmond was born April 1835 in Graves County, Kentucky. In 1860 he is in Jefferson County Arkansas. He enlists 12 June 1861 in Capt. Phillip G Henry' Company [Henry' Hornets] They muster 25 July 1861 at Pine Bluff. The 9th was consolidated with the 8th Ark and on 9 April 1865 at Smithfield NC all of the Arkansas regiments were consolidated again to form the 1st Regiment Ark Mounted Rifles The records show that he was a 3rd Sgt in Co H of that unit. He has two cards in the archives of the 9th Infantry and 2 cards in the 1st Regiment Arkansas Mounted Refles. He is a 3rd Sgt. His duty took him to over 20 major battles. He was paroled at Jamestown, NC on 25 May 1865. As a note Paroled men were offered free train rides home, where the shattered rail line still existed. A large number of men were killed or seriously injured in a railroad accident at Flat Creek Bridge in Tennessee on 25 May 1865. He filed for a pension on 20 Dec 1909 and was approved 28 Feb 1910. File # 17940. We are related thru marriage.
Contact Name:  Phillip Thomas
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Date Added:  2/28/2024
Company C
John Calvin Griffin - Private   
Enlisted 25 Jul 1861 for one year in Co. C, 9 Arkansas Infantry (Henry's Hornets), Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Several furlough's for being sick. Following his discharge he was on his way home when he was bushwacked and thrown in a well (another version says he was found in a cornfield). He was identified by the shirt he was wearing as it had been repaired by his wife while he was on leave.
Contact Name:  Allen Davis
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Date Added:  3/14/2011
Company C
John Calvin Griffin - Private   
Enlisted as a Pvt., July 25, 1861 in Pine Bluff, AR for a period of one year. Appears to have re-enlisted as he is on the muster roll in October 1863. Discharged due to chronic illness. Was bushwacked on the way home and his body was found in a well. He was recognized by a button on his shirt that had been put there by his wife when she mended his shirt during a furlough.
Contact Name:  Allen R Davis
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Date Added:  3/17/2011
Company C
Joshua M. Loveless - Unknown   
Joshua M. fought in the 9th Arkansas Infantry, Co. C , which mustered out of Jefferson County, AR. Sadly, Joshua died in a hospital in Lauderdale Springs, MS, on September 18, 1863.

His brothers George W. and John W. served with Owens Battery, Ark. Light Artillery, AKA Monticello Battery, AKA the Drew Battery.
Contact Name:  Larry Loveless
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Date Added:  11/23/2007
Company C
George Little Tolson - 3rd Lieutenant   
George was born 17 Feb 1838 in Union County NC. and died 22 May 1904 in Saline, Cleveland Co. Ark. He was about 23 years old when he enrolled and was mustered on 25 July 1861 at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Capt Henry's Co. [Henry's Hornets] He was elected to 3rd Lieut. On18 Nov 1861 he wrote a letter to HQ regarding back pay and gave his rank as 2nd Lieut. He has 7 cards in his archival file. This unit became Co C 9th Regiment Ark. Infantry. It went thru many consolidation's. After a disaster at Shiloh it was absorbed into the 8th Regiment Ark. Infantry and became Co G. Action at Shiloh, Corinth, Fort Henry, Fort Donelson. After consolidation he saw action in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. He was the husband of my 3rd cousin 4x removed. He is buried in Tolson Cem. Cleveland Co. Ark.
Contact Name:  phillip thomas
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Date Added:  2/13/2020
Company D
Stephen Henry King - Private   
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Contact Name:  carlton king
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Date Added:  1/3/2014
Company E
Francis Marion Brantley - Private   
I am attempting to find information on Francis Marion Brantley's three older brothers, 1) William Weakley Brantley (served with Crawfords Regt. from Bradley County, Arkansas wife's name Emily Jane Pirtle. 2) Jesse J. Brantley, 3) Samuel Brantley. All three were killed or died in the war. I have hit dead ends on their service. Any help would be appreciated. I am the Great Grandson of Francis Marion Brantley.

Ed Brantley
Contact Name:  Ed Brantley
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Date Added:  7/31/2006
Company E
John Robert Jordan - Private   
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Contact Name:  Ruth Kubacka
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Date Added:  1/2/2010
Company G
Nimrod Whitfield Thompson - Musician   
b. 9 Jul 1843
Contact Name:  John K. Thompson
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Date Added:  7/21/2006
Company G
William Henry Thompson - Corporal   
b. Nov. 13, 1840 Hartsville, TN
d. June 20, 1923 Warren, Bradley County, AR
Contact Name:  John K. Thompson
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Date Added:  7/21/2006
Company I
Samuel Jackson Harris - Private   
Samuel joined the 9th AR Vol. Inf. on July 27, 1861 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He enlisted in (old) Co.I, or 'McCulloch's Guards', under the command of a Cpt. George F. Bayne.

On April 19, 1862 he was transferred to Co.A, or 'Bradley Guards', and stayed with them up until the surrender in North Carolina in 1865.

He was said to have played the fiddle left-handed (using the bow in his left hand and playing over the bass), which is very unusual.
Contact Name:  Jason Harris
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Date Added:  7/25/2007
Company J
John Calvin Perry - Private   
John Calvin has but one card in his file. In Co. J [new] 9th Arkansas Infantry. New cards filed with Co G. 2nd Confederate Infantry 25th Miss. Infantry. He was the brother in law of George Washington Thomas in Co. B this Regiment.
Contact Name:  Phillip Thomas
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Date Added:  6/7/2014
Company K
Robert Marion Roberts - Private   
Robert M. Roberts was originally from Selma Alabama. He and two brothers walked to Ashley county Arkansas in the late 1850's. He enlisted in Co. K of the 9th Arkansas when it was formed in 1861. He fought through the entire war and was present at Appomattox for the surrender.
Contact Name:  Joe Roberts
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Date Added:  10/10/2012
Company K
Robert L. Scriber - Private   
Enlisted: 2/10/1863 at Elon, AR for 3 years or the duration of the war. Age at Enlistment: 34. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War: Captured at Columbia, TN on 12/19/1863; Transferred to the U. S. Military Prison at Camp Chase, OH. Forwarded to City Point, VA for exchange on 2/25/1865. Admitted to a C.S.A. Army Hospital at Richmond, VA on 3/9/1865 for a routine evaluation and discharged on a furlough of 30 days. Admitted to a C.S.A. Army Hospital at Grenada, MS on 5/22/1865. Rolls of Prisoners of War, C.S.A: Surrendered at Citronelle, AL on 5/4/1865; Paroled at Grenada, MS on 5/22/1865. Residence: Ashley County, AR. Born: Louisiana.
Contact Name:  Terry G. Scriber
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Date Added:  7/9/2004
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