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Company A
jeremiah burnett
- Private
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Company A
T J Windham
- Private
We may have a a bit of confustion here. I rec'd this muster roll from the Nat'l Archives. It says:'5 companies of the battalion were consolidated with the 15 Battalion AL Partison Rangers June 8, 1863 to form the Rgt subsequently known as the 56 Rgt Alabama Partisan Rangers. A 'post-a-note' states
'South Central Alabama' I am registering all of the Thomas
of T. J. Windhams made available to me; Good luck sorting them
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Company E
George Rufus Berry
- Private
G. R. Berry enlisted in Company E, 13th Alabama Partisan Rangers on April 7, 1863 at Fayette Courthouse, Alabama (during the Vicksburg Campaign and immediately saw action around the Tupelo, MS area. On 8Jun1863 By consolidation of five companies (B to F) of the 13th Battalion with the 15th Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers on June 8, 1863, The 56th Regiment Alabama Partisan Rangers (Cavalry) was formed; Mr. Berry’s unit was designated 'I' Company. He performed extra duties as a teamster and according to some souces [albeit not yet (knowingly) verified in documentation] was also a Wagonmaster. update:5Oct2008
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